Top Ten Places You Don't Want to Go to But Can't Say No

The Top Ten

1 School

Yeah, we have to study for 7 hours. Okay. But 3 hours of homework? Daily?
The only interesting period in school is Lunch. - Animefan12

2 Church

I'm an atheist so I can say no - JazzPunk

I love church! And since my parents are non-believers, I could've said no any time I wanted to. - keycha1n

You can't say no, it's the house of god! - McKing1003

3 Barber Shop

I... Actually like the barber shop - Pony

4 Doctor
5 Your Brother's Talent Show
6 Gym

The money I would pay to get out of gym forever! - keycha1n

7 Dentist
8 Home
9 Work
10 Therapy Sessions

The Contenders

11 Principal's Office
12 Your House
13 Detention
14 Temple
15 A Random Funeral
16 Bank
17 Your Arch Nemesis and Sister's Wedding

Thank goodness my sister isn't an adult yet. - Minecraftcrazy530

18 Walmart

I would go here to buy school supplies

19 Department Store
20 Boring Festival
21 Sports practice
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