Most Difficult Totem Pokemon and Kahunas in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Video Games

To make up for the general easiness and lack of difficulty that the Gym Leaders in both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y gave us, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon feature some very strong Totem Pokemon And Kahunas.
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1 Totem Lurantis

Lurantis was the only pokemon I actually blacked out on. I chose Popplio, so my starter couldn't do crap, and the only thing that could possibly take it out was my Ninetales

This battle isn't too bad if you started with Litten. But if you chose Popplio and don't have a strong, fast, super effective Pokémon, you're gonna have a bad time.

I Chose popplio so I didn't have the took me like 5 times.

2 Totem Mimikyu

Oh dear lord... the only reason why I was able to beat this guy on my first try was because of the fact that I used revives! Where to start...

Well, first of all, it has the ability disguise. This means that it basically gains itself a free turn to attack you since cannot hurt him on your very first offensive turn. It also means that he will ALWAYS have an ally Pokemon out before you are even able to scrap him. And a super powerful Totem Mimikyu and a Gengar ganging up on you when you can only send out one single Pokemon at once is not at all necessarily what I would call desirable.

his attack stat is INSANE. One Play Rough move usually does the trick to just about any of your Pokemon, and that's not even counting the fact that he has Ally pokemon in order to hep you out.

The scariest Boss in the Game, fought in a Ghost House in a closet that apparently should not even be there. How very fitting...

3 Hapu

I only had to use one revive in order to beat her, but I still don't like being pushed into always having to be pushed into using even one single revive in order to be able to beat somebody.

her Mudsdsale can tank attacks all day long even if you do not take its Stamina Ability into account. Add in the Stamina Abilty, and he becomes all but impossible for those like me who had a main team that consisted mostly of very strong physical attackers. Most of my Pokemon usually relied on physical moves and not special moves, and so, therefore, her Mudsdsale was a very big pain in the ass especially for me personally.

And her Flygon is always getting lucky with its Dragon Breathe Paralysis. I mean seriously, did they rig this fight or something?!

4 Totem Vikavolt

Again with the constant paralysis spam. It doesn't help that I was constantly trying to guess what his typing was. Is he supposed to be a Bug Type, A Flying Type, or a Steel Type? Thanks to this, I was constantly trying to guess which types of hits would be the most effective against this thing.

Flame Burst, one shot, dead. Rest in Peace.

I hated and loved this battle so much!

5 Totem Salazzle

I lost on my first try but only because I was poisoned and weakened and then I accidentally used one of my Z-Moves on one of her Ally Pokemon. but nevertheless, she was a very hard boss for me regardless.

6 Olivia

Whatever the reason, she was just a very hard Kahuna for me, surprisingly. Her Lycanroc was a surprisingly strong Pokemon for a midgame opponent.

She was kinda easy I just used Rotom powers and my vapoeron's Z move. I even blocked her midnight Lycanrock's Z move.

She was fairly easy for me to defeat.

7 Nanu

Not too hard, but still no laughing matter, I was never really in danger of losing to him, but he did manage to take out a couple of my Pokemon, and severely weaken a third one.

This guy was the hardest Kahuna to beat, at least to me. He nearly destroyed my team, until I got lucky and beat his last Pokémon.

8 Hala

Again, not that hard, but since I did not have that many Pokemon Trained up at the time he was surprisingly difficult.

9 Totem Wishiwashi

I really don't understand the hype around this Boss fight. Was it because I had a grass type starter and an electric type on my team? He took out a couple of my Pokemon, but he really was not that hard.

If you have a Grass or Electric type Pokemon, Totem Wishiwashi is a walk in the park. Any other type would make the battle a burdening marathon.

Your pokemon is fade with a single stack enough I said.

10 Totem Gumshoos

Trump: that's my Pokemon, it made sun and moon great again.

He made boss fights great again!

The Contenders
11 Totem Kommo-O
12 Totem Araquanid
13 Totem Togedemaru

This little butt here, besides Kommo-O, was the ONLY of the Alolan bossfights I had trouble with. It made me question, "Am I playing Ultra Moon, or is this Platinum? "

It is hard. It's from ultra, so I don't know if it counts, but I think it's the hardest anyway

14 Araquanid
15 Ribombee
16 Totem Raticate
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