Top 10 Ideas for New Pokemon Abilities

Abilities were introduced in Generation 3 and some can make the Pokemon absolutely broken, ruin them, or just make the Pokemon a bit better. Here's 10 Pokemon ability ideas. Add some of you want just please explain what you think they could do.

NOTE: I am not saying these will happen. This is simply meant to be fun and make you think creatively. Also if you have better ideas for the effects of the abilities that someone already gave effects for don't be afraid to try and improve on them.
The Top Ten
1 Big Speakers

Boosts sound-based moves and their effects. For example boosts growl and screech by one stage, increases the power of Hyper Voice. Can't wait for my Jigglypuff to sing Metallica. Oh yeah and it won't affect Sing because that would be kinda annoying to people if it increased the turns of how long the Pokemon will be asleep for.

I'm sure there is a gen8 ability that works this way. Maybe they should rework the Cacophony ability they removed a while back into this.

2 Swaying Plants

Would make the chance of Pokemon with this ability making the enemy Pokemon flinch. I think it would be best if mostly Flying types had it.

3 High Temperature

Makes the Pokemon unable to be frozen. Mainly fire types and very warm Pokemon will have this, like Magcargo. Also decreases the damage taken Ice type moves but it's the opposite for water type moves. I don't think too many Pokemon should have it because of that.

4 Iceberg

The Ice type has a huge problem: it's completely lacking in the resistances department. This ability would decrease damage taken from Normal, Flying, and Fighting type moves. Imagine really thick ice. Hopefully this helps the ice type out. Of course Game Freak could just give it more resistances without this ability but if they don't do that at least make this ability a thing. This would of course be given to many Ice types.

I think they should just have Ice straight up resist Normal without the need for ability, but good idea.

5 Crash Landing

An ability given to heavy Pokemon that deals a bit of damage to every Pokemon that doesn't have levitate or is a flying type once it enters the battle. Doesn't hurt itself of course and this cannot be repeated.

6 Dodgy

If the enemy's move misses then the enemy has a 50% chance of taking damage like imagine the enemy Pokemon trying to keep up with its opponent but it trips and falls. Fast Pokemon will have this ability.

7 Cold Water

An ability for water types. When the Pokemon with this ability uses a water-type attack it has a chance to lower the opposing Pokemon's speed by 1 or 2 stages depending on how strong the attack was.

8 Unique

The Pokemon with this ability can't have anything copied from it: its stat changes, its moves, its appearance, or its typing. However the Pokemon with Unique can't copy those things either. Can't wait for a Unique Ditto.

9 Bad Hygiene

Ability for Poison types that causes any move related to its mouth have a chance to poison (just regular poison, not bad poison). An example of a Pokemon having this ability is Garbodor, with Snore, Belch, and Acid Spray.

10 Bubble Butt
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11 Revenge

I don't know if this is an ability already (if it is then let me know please) but my version of it will be like this: when the Pokemon with this ability is hit with a critical hit then the move they use the next turn will be boosted and will have a higher critical hit chance.

The Pokemon cannot use attacks, rather hits back at the opposing Pokémon with twice the effect after they hit you.

12 Sneaky Thief

Pokemon with Sneaky Thief have a 5% chance to steal the opposing Pokemon's item. If they're already holding an item then they will just use it immediately on the next turn. The effect depends on the item.

13 Blender

Heh, this was actually my idea and I forgot to post a discription. This isn't really supposed to be a useful ability but a more gimmicky one where the user's type is changed every other turn.

Boosts the effects of berries, I don't know.

14 Metallic Kick
15 Tectonic Smash
16 Upmost Guard
17 Vampirism
18 Dark Affinity
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