Top 10 Best Ideas for a New Pokemon Move

Here are my ideas for some Pokemon moves. There's a lot of Pokemon moves that don't exist that would be cool if they were added. If you have any ideas for yourself, feel free to add some.
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1 Repeat After Me

Psychic Type move that forces the target to use the same move the user used last. If they aren't able to learn that move then they have to use a random move they know. Has 5 PP.

Okay I misread it, it says the move the user used last and not the move that the opponent used last. My bad.

Isn't this basically Encore? Except Encore lasts more turns than just the next.

2 Zipping Attack

A physical electric move that always goes first and always confuses the target when hit. However the target loses a turn after that like they are tired. Base power of 55.

3 Poltergeist

Ghost type physical move that can hit 1-5 times. Has a bit of a higher critical hit chance on one hit only and it can hit normal types and fighting types (pretend books and stuff are falling on the target). Base power of 15.

Well hey, this actually became a move thanks to the gen8 DLC. Except it's effect is that it makes the opponent get attacked by it's own held item. I haven't used this move yet though. (and probably won't since the in game opponents almost never hold items.)

4 Fever Flame

Fire type move that deals damage and poisons. Ever get a fever? This is what it's like as a Pokemon move. Special type move with 60 base power. 90% accuracy.

5 Scream

This move could lower the target's sp. def by 2 stages and have a small chance to paralyze it. It also has 80% accuracy to balance out the paralysis. As for PP, I'm gonna say 10. That seems like a fine amount. Dark type, maybe.

6 Memory Loss

A move that increases 3 random stats up by two and the rest one. However the user forget their ability until the end of the battle. This move can only be learned by a few Pokemon.

7 Banana Toss

Grass type move where the target won't get able to attack on the next turn. 5 PP and 90% accuracy.

8 Heat Shield

A Fire move like protect but it only works when the sun is up. When hit by a physical move the user blocks the move and the target will take some damage and might get a burn. If a special move is used the move won't work but they won't take damage. Moves like growl or screech will go through this shield though. Like regular protect the more times this move is used in succession the higher the chance the move will fail. Heat Shield has 5 PP.

9 Elemental Power

A normal type move that has a different effect based on the users typing. If the user is a dual type it's first type would be chosen for it. For example, if it's an ice type, the target's speed will be lowered by 2 or 3 stages (62.5% chance of 2, 37.5% for 3). If it's a water type move, the target's accuracy will be lowered by 2 stages. And finally, if it's a Ghost type, the target will flinch. Ghost Elemental Power is good in Double Battles.

10 Final Gift

A ghost type move where the user faints but the next Pokemon gets all of their stats boosted by one and heals their health by half. PP of 5.

This one would be so very helpful.

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11 Dyna-Blow

If an ally pokemon is dynamaxxed or you are in a max raid den, this attack is a 120 base power normal type move that can hit ghost types. It is super effective in battle against the type of your dynamaxxed ally pokemon. 90 accuracy 5 pp

12 Dyna-Heal

A move that fully heals all of all the pokemon on the board of an ally pokemon is dynamaxed. If it fails it works like healing wish. It is normal type and has 5pp. If it is used twice in a row it does heal all pokemon but also works like healing wish.

A little overpowered but fine.

13 Roasting Flames

If the target is a Fire type or used a Fire type move last, this move damages the user instead. It has a 30% chance to burn the target. This move can be learned by Entai by putting it in a breeding center with a Ditto. Entai will only be able to learn this move if it is put in the breeding center during harsh sunlight. Learning Roasting Flames will take the same time as receiving an egg. It is a Fire type move with a base power of 120 and an accuracy of 90. This attack can break through Protect, but it fails in the rain.

14 Electromagnetic Pulse

Electromagnetic Pulse is a great electric move with 100 base power, 95 accuracy, and may paralyze and lower special defense. PP: 7 Max PP: 20

15 Tsunami

Water Type special move that has a small chance switching the target out. Accuracy of 100% and power of 55.

16 Udder-Blow

Milk tank shoots milk out of its udders. In a double battle it does 60 damage to each oponent. In a single 120 to the oponent. Normal type 10 pecan hit ghost types.

17 Overburn

Does 140 damage, but can only be used when an opponent has a burn. When it hits, it will do damage and lower the opposing Pokémon's attack by 2 stages.

18 Web Filter

A weird and mysterious web is spat out by the user, blocking it's team. This unique web completely shields the user's team from all special attacks for 5 turns, or until a slashing attack is used from the opponent.

Type: Bug, Status move, PP: 5, Acc: 100%

19 Aerial Strike
20 Spiky Thread

A spiny and incredibly sharp beam is shot and wrapped around the opponent, trapping them. The opponent takes damage every turn until freed.

Type: Rock, BP: 120, PP: 5, Acc: 90%
Physical attack

Basically Overheat but trades power for being able to trap the opponent.

21 Raging Firebolts
22 Powered Arsenal
23 Psychic Energy Blast
24 God Eater
25 Light Speed Kick
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