Top 10 Best Normal-type Pokemon Moves

Despite their seemingly "vanilla" label, Normal-type Pokemon moves are anything but ordinary. Instead, they offer a vast array of options that can become potent tools in the right hands... or rather, the right paws, claws, or appendages of any given Pokemon. From the sheer power of moves like "Hyper Beam" to the tactical utility of "Substitute," the Normal-type classification boasts a wide spectrum of moves that can accommodate an extensive range of strategies.

The beauty of Normal-type moves lies in their versatility. Not associated with any particular strength or weakness (except against Ghost-type, where they can't touch and are immune to), these moves can fit into virtually any battle plan. They're the all-rounders of Pokemon moves, providing reliable, steady options that can often tip the scales in your favor. And with such a broad selection to choose from, it's clear why trainers across the globe have come to appreciate the unique value that Normal-type moves bring to the table.
The Top Ten
1 Metronome

Metronome is always unpredictable. One time when my Togepi used Metronome, it turned out to be Psycho Boost! And then another time my Togetic in my Platinum used Metronome and it turned out to be Roar of Time!

Well, if people would think common sense, this is the GOD of ALL moves. It can be anything, and it is hilarious when a bad move is picked, and AWESOME when a boss move is picked.

Metronome can be any move. It can even be moves like Psycho Boost or Frenzy Plant if you're lucky.

2 Return

Return has a power of 102 at maximum happiness, plus STAB moves. This means 102 x 1.5 = 153. That's already stronger than Hyper Beam or Giga Impact. Add a Life Orb to that and you get 102 x 1.5 x 1.3 = 198.9. So powerful!

And some Pokemon when mega evolved have an ability that turns normal type moves into STAB moves. For example, Mega Salamence. His ability turns normal type moves into Flying type moves and increases the power by 1.2 times. Therefore, making Return come out to a grand total of 238.68 base power. I didn't even mention the fact that Mega Salamence has a base Attack stat of 145!

3 Hyper Beam

Hyper Beam is amazing, but I wish it didn't make the Pokemon tired.

My sis loves Eevee. Please say that Eevee can learn Hyper Beam.

Hyper Beam is awesome. It's like "oh, you laugh at my normal Pokemon? HYPER BEAM!"

4 Swords Dance

Um...this move is god. It's insanely OP. If you can pull off three on a heavy hitter then you will one-shot every Pokemon, period.

5 Me First

This move is amazing and underrated. It literally copies your opponent's move and boosts the power by 50%. So basically a Stantler can use Roar of Time if the opponent is Dialga.

6 Copycat
7 Substitute

One of the best moves of all time!

8 Giga Impact

Dude, why is Giga Impact not number 1! It also has the power of 150 and 90% accuracy. Please put it at number 1.

9 Extreme Speed
10 Protect

People just aren't defensive enough to care about this move! My Pelliper used this move and won the battle at one HP the whole time!

The Contenders
11 Recover

Better than Wish, and well, it's a recovery move. What's better than that?

Can't go wrong with a free big HP recovery at the cost of one turn.

12 Quick Attack
13 Attract
14 Shell Smash

Lowered defense and special defense don't matter as much when your attack, special attack, and speed are doubled. Ridiculously overpowered.

15 Fake Out
16 Double-Edge
17 Body Slam
18 Splash
19 Boomburst
20 Baton Pass
21 Rapid Spin
22 Tackle
23 Facade

Like a Hyper Beam every time if used properly. 150 power, 100 accuracy, and 30 PP.

24 Mega Punch

In Pokemon Quest, I have a perfect Machamp. He knows Mega Punch and pretty much one-shots everybody.

25 Tri Attack
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