Poor Shopping Etiquette (Especially During the Holidays)

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1 Getting angry on Dec. 24th when stores run out of items needed.

It is best to try to go another store stocked with items. - lapra

Show a little common sense, and a little common courtesy, it's your fault, not the store's.

2 Leaving children for associates to babysit while the customer shops

Once again, common sense, common courtesy, they're sales people, not babysitters.

3 Threatening to call corporate, manager, etc., when the associate is unwilling to break company policy.

I promise, they would rather just give you what you want and get you out, rather than sit and argue with you, but THEY CAN'T. Company policy is policy, and they can't do anything about it.

Guess what. The bigger jerk you are, the less you are going to get, whether you are talking to a manager, or sales associate.. - heather

4 Calling a store to shop by phone and playing 20 questions.

Worst ugly face.. Lady

THIS. Just because we have a phone number doesn't mean you can call and ask for information on EVERY product and it's price. Seriously.

Call customer service. Or get off your lazy butt and go there.

5 Interrupting sales associate when with another customer.

Common sense, common courtesy.

6 Talking down to sales associates

They are not your slaves, and you are not better than them just because they are on the other side of the counter.

7 Shopping while on a phone call.

If you're rude enough to think you deserve service without the person interrupting your conversation, you should lock yourself in your home and never come outside.

Especially when you are at a Jewelry store or cell phone booth, somewhere where there are customer sales associates waiting to help you.

8 Line Jumping
9 Turning children loose to play in the toy department while parent shops

These parents get angry if you try to tell their children to stop playing with toys - which usually means tearing open toy boxes, playing with toys, and leaving books and toys on the floor - essentially, ruining things they have not purchased yet. These items cannot be sold, nor are the parents willing to cover the cost of the damages caused by their children - so the cost of returning these unsellable items to the manufacturer is passed on to the consumer - usually those people who don't let their children destroy things that aren't theirs.

Parents are awful when it comes to this kind of thing... /:
And they get mad at YOU if you say something to their kid, especially after they practically headbutt you playing cops and robbers with their siblings. - frostwiire

10 Assuming sales associates are the information directory.

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11 Demanding to speak with the manager first thing, without allowing the sales rep to at least try to help.

Just because they aren't the manager doesn't mean they are an idiot, give them a chance.

12 Trampling people on Black Friday

It is a violent behavior and therefore not encouraged. - lapra

Thats just cruel. killing someone to get about 10 off.

13 Toting your screaming child around the store with you

It is a disturbance although common to see a screaming child at a store. - lapra

My parents would have slapped me silly if I'd thrown a tantrum in a store. Maybe you should think of doing the same! - kiwigreeneyes

14 Getting angry when you have to wait in line for something.

Occasionally seen at public stores, it is the person's fault for not having patience. - lapra

15 Letting your kids handle fragile items at a store

Worse if the item is expensive. Once broken it is responsible to pay the damages done. - lapra

16 Leaving Bathrooms Messy

It is unfortunately common to see public bathrooms dirty on shops and public areas. - lapra

Is it water? Is it pee? Is it the tears of the last person to use this stall? No but really come one people peeing on the floor when the toilet is just 2 inches away?!?! And those people whole splash water EVERYWHERE when they wash their hands that's just rude to the custodian and to the people who have to use the restrooms after you

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