Top Ten Worst Pop Songs

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1 Wiggle - Jason Derulo

The song is just purely disgusting and objectifies women. Jason's singing is just completely autotuned, and that is just what I hate. There is also product placement with Instagram and even Snoop Dogg's rapping isn't good.

Provided that this song is a little more inappropriate, the music video is a little dumber, there is a bit more auto tune, and that Jason Derulo is a bit "hotter", this song alone can put Mensa out of commission.

I don't like this song in my opinion, but also I voted for this because finally something takes the top spot for a worst song thing, other than Justin Bieber.

And THAT is what is becoming a meme?! I just saw a video and this is the background music.

2 Friday - Rebecca Black

This song is very annoying and very forgettable because of how bad it is.

Yeah yeah, it's Friday Friday alright. NOT!

Autotune soup and cheesy lyrics.

3 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift know better than give people nightmares.

4 It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul
5 Birthday Cake - Rihanna
6 Dooo It! - Miley Cyrus
7 Baby - Justin Bieber

Because they act like very skillful rock musicians are bad people and pop artists that have silly fangirls that are all like "They will always be more famous and talented than you are! You're just jealous! " are overrated as heck.

Two person should have put condom
1 Feddrie Mercury
2 Justin's father

Why do some people like this loser

8 Break Up - Mario

So Mario broke up with princess peach?

9 1-800-273-8255 - Logic

It has a meaningful moral and I love the rap parts, though. I guess the tune is just kinda repetitive.

This is a boring song and it's ridiculously overplayed.

10 My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
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11 Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha
12 Watch Me - Silento

Silento is talking and singing (horribly), not even rapping. The voice is annoying, and the song is basically unoriginal.

So "Dark Horse" has a greater percentage of dislikes than this. There goes whatever was left of my faith in humanity.

Are you kidding me Adele is above this?

13 Me Too - Meghan Trainor
14 Diva - Beyonce
15 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

It's so bad and the music video is just stupid and unimaginative. "Oh what should I do for my new music video? I'll just take off my clothes because I have no brain! " And then she never put them back on.

Look for the man who made the video to see why it's also so disgusting.

16 Marvin Gaye - Charlie Puth
17 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius

What are you talking about, this song is pure genius. (totally serious by the way)

18 Come & Get It - Selena Gomez

Ok I know some people may not like her but this is an amazing song long live selena!

19 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
20 The Way - Ariana Grande
21 Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
22 The Gummy Bear Song - Gummibar
23 Girls Like You - Maroon 5
24 7 Rings - Ariana Grande
25 Work - Iggy Azalea
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