Top 10 Best Female K-Pop Dancers

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1 Lisa (Black Pink)

Lisa is just so good! But it's just my opinion, other people have other opinions, and that's fine by me. The way she dances is really smooth and satisfying, she is the dancing K-Pop queen for me!

All of us who think Lisa is the best dancer, we are blessed. We don't need bother to compare her to other dancer. We just talk Lisa and how amazed her dance. Take a Look at comments of another candidate. Silly to see them always compare their "best dancer" to our Lalisa. Please don't blink guys. If you guys tell that she win the first place because she is popular. Then ask to yourself again, why she become popular? Of course because of her own charisma and style of dance, genius. She throw herself to every dance. Her expression, she even don't try to look great. It casually flow just like that. Please don't underestimate her. Just don't. You gonna make yourself full of hate instead. There's not without reason she is choosen to become dancer mentor in another country, not even in her own country or her country who make her name big.

People say that she dances with one style but that's her own style the way she moves looks so smooth and fluid not to mention how her body flows with the music naturally followed by her facial expressions. She also can memorize choreographs and perfect it in a short period of time. Many skilled choreographers have complimented Lisa's dancing ability one even said that he didn't know if she was the one teaching him the dance or if he was teaching her the dance. She's barely shown her skills in dancing yet many people can tell how skilled of a dancer she is. The way she overflows with energy and charisma on stage when she dances is unbelievable that's why I think she's number one for female dancers of this generation in kpop.

Other people say that she isn't the best dancer in this generation because her dance is easy not like the other dancers but actually it looks easy because her style of dancing is the one that makes it look easy and it is a good thing but sadly... People can't see her style that much, people can't recognize her... Her dance is smooth, easy to watch but it's actually hard, and not dirty to watch. Lisa is the best dancer because her dance is like apart from the song. Her presence in front of the crowd just makes it better!. Many people have complimented Lisa saying she's good dancing. I myself can see her style of dancing already. She can pull off any kind of dance including strong ones because nothing is hard for her!
Just like the members says she is the dance machine. And personally she is because she could memorize the actions fast. I have seen many videos of her dancing, it is great!. I have heard rumours that she will be a dance coach (just rumours). Just as my dance teacher ...more

2 Kim Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon may not be deemed as the most "beautiful"and popular member and of SNSD but she is quite a talented dancer. Lots might say that she is ugly but the majority of them can not deny that Hyoyeon is quite a hefty dancer. Even though many people might not consider her as the #1 best female kpop dancer, Hyoyeon is probably in their list of at least the top 50 best female kpop dancer. I even already knew that Hyoyeon is going to be in the top five when I saw this. Even other popular male and female idol dancer have recognized her dancing. She inspired many popular idols like Momo who is also a dance machine in Twice but never get credit. She is not a show off and likes to dance because she likes doing it and NOT showing it off. I'm so proud of Hyoyeon and may the best luck come to her and SNSD (who also recognized her dancing talent). SNSD fighting!

Hyoyeon is obviously one of the top 5 best dancers in K-Pop. She was swift and versatile movements, that are eye-catching and breathtaking. She could obviously take down half of K-Pop with her impeccable dancing abilities.

Hands down the best female K-Pop dancer ever. Her new style and look easily puts her as one of the most beautiful and popular members of SNSD now.

Honestly she's the dancing queen and a dancing machine. You may not know her for her studio vocals but her dancing is just so powerful.

3 Boa

The Queen of K-Pop, it's obvious she is here because she can really dance, she obviously is one of the best dancers in K-Pop, amazing charisma and balance. Well deserved, BoA.

BoA is the queen of K pop and an OG. She stepped up the industry. I love her she's on another level.

An absolute queen who deserves to be on top.

BoA is a legend, no one can deny it.

4 Momo (Twice)

I think Momo is way better than Lisa. SOme blinks like to say that Lisa is the best but I don't see it. Th way she has been overhyped I got super disappointed when I saw Lisa dancing. Momo has the ability to freestyle so easily and she has learnt so many styles that she is just amazing to watch. What Lisa can do is something all female idols can I just don't think she is that good. I think Momo is the best dancer in Kpop

I strongly believe Momo is the best kpop female idol.I also believe Lisa is good at dancing but her speciality is in Hip Hop..all the other kind of dances for Lisa seem more forced but Momo is spectacular at any kind of dance and can pull them off amazing.Furthermore we haven't really seen Lisa freestyle..In the other hand, we have many times seen Momo freestyle and she looks like a total professional.
Blinks need to stop being biased and be honest and down to reliaty.Of course Lisa is an amazing dancer but Momo's moves,love for dancing and ability to pull off every dance style make her differ from others.

The power, versatility, excellence, execution, personality, and charisma she puts in each dance style is outstanding. She can dance sexy, cute, innocent, sinful, etc., and it fits so perfectly. She can move in very smooth elegant ways as well as very aggressive energetic robotic ways, learn any dance in just one look, and she has been learning since the age of 3 to master dancing and now shes got the most perfect body control. She doesn't flaunt it or wants to prove to anyone that she's the best, shes humble, dedicated, and focuses on her group only. Even one of the best k-pop dancers in the kpop industry have all named her an excellent dancer and the best. She doesn't outshine or anything because Twice is a WHOLE not just a group of individuals. Watching pre-debut momo is a 'dancing machine' itself. The passion she puts in her dancing will always be admirable and no matter what concept or style she does, she slays hard and isn't sorry about anything. People, fans, and even non-twice ...more

Lisa and Momo are both amazing dancers. I would definitely put them at the top of the list for some of the best female dancers in pop. But in my opinion, Momo is better than Lisa in some aspects of dancing. Both of them have great techniques but when it comes to versatility, Momo is the queen.

5 Seulgi

She is simply elegant, and her moves is simple but sharp and full of charisma. She is balanced to every difference types of dance.

Miss Kang Seulgi always showing up and stealing the stage as she should! One of the best 3rd Gen dancers! Queen material!

Very Powerful. Rare among the new generation of girl groups.

Ugh, Seulgi is such a queen! She isn't SM Entertainment's secret weapon for nothing!

6 Kahi

She is the best. She is adorable one

7 Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE)

How is she not higher, she is one of, if not, the best dancers of today. Not to mention she can sing and rap. So not only she is she a freaking amazing dancer, she's an all-rounder queen.

I usually am never mind blown by good dancer but she just move different (is it even scientifically possible). She isn't just good at feminine dances but other styles like hip hop and b-boying too. Even when she does covers of other groups I sometimes even think it is better then the original. Additionally, even with barely any effort, from what it looks like, she still dances beautifully. She controls her body so well...does she even have bones? Furthermore, her dance look so soft and light, she is practically floating, while still making it sharp. In conclusion, her hair is a better dancer then many, she toe nail can probably win a dance off against Michael Jackson.

Well, I really love Chaeyeon for her amazing energetic dance moves, her great vocals and raps In my opinion, my score that I'll give to her for her dance is 11/10. KEEP UP CHAEYEON

What the heck? Why is this girl 7th? She's a amazing dancer who deserves to be 2nd or even 1st. Like, if you can't see that go get your eyes checked. She definitely beat 1st place in Studio Choom, SSOTS. My goodness. Come on, WIZ*ONE, you're with me, right?

8 Choi Yoo-jung

I think she is very god at dancing because her skill are really god.

She is good...and funny

This cutie is sooo adorable and Can dance very well, I want to see more of her energetic and fun dances, she kills it every time

9 Kang Mi-na

Nice at dancing.

10 Yooa Oh My Girl

It's maddening how underappreciated yooa is. She is probably one of the best dancers out there. She could outdance 3/4 of the people in the top ten.

Absolutely I wish she were more popular and recognized as a dancer. She's awesome

This girl is an awesome dancer, her moves are always so gracefully sharp and on point but she is severely underrated

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11 Hyuna Kim Hyuna, better known by the mononym Hyuna, stylized as HyunA, is a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and model.

She's a queen! Her stage presence is just the best and her dancing blows me away every time! Can't wait for her to comeback! We love you Hyuna!

Kim Hyuna is the best. She can rock both sexy with the touch of fierceness. I just love the way she dances. She's too confident though.

Most amazing girl in a small video dancing in black short skirt I was hypnotised she moves as a godess an beautifull snake voluptuosity...she made me disjoncted my brain and never get bored to watch her...again and again

She can pull off any dance...especially in those ridiculous heels!

12 Rose' (Blackpink)

Whatever, but she is the one who dance by her own, means other dancers have spent time in their training but as she is main vocalist...
But have dancing skills too.

Rose' has a unique voice than other female and cute as well. Here dancing skills is smoother than Lisa but Lisa's dancing skill is sharper.

Firstly I really love and admire her dance and vocals, also her visuals, she tries her hard and gives the best she can, she improved a lot!

She enjoys what she does and is willing to do anything and push herself to achieve other things. She's probably one of the best dancers in BLACKPINK

13 Jennie Kim

She has amazing charisma. All of video dance practice of blackpink, my eyes always stuck on her.

She so cute or sexy when dancing!
Even she has hater...They jealous to Jennie's natural Beauty...

She's so sultry when she dances and times her movements with her face expressions.

She should be the first one she is my most favorite one!

14 Kim Chung Ha

The way she puts her dance performances is an eye candy to watch. Effortless moves and that aura she creates while performing is necessary for an artist. The way other artists are popular they get to top but when it's actually about dancing it's Chungha for me. We all have seen her rising from the bottom because of her amazing dancing style unlike other artists under a huge label. Wacking is her forte but every other style she does she masters it elegantly. I hope in the coming time she gets on the top.

She actually deserves to be 1st or at least 2nd. A lot of people say that it's her Charisma and stage presence because of which she looks so good but those are just the elements which makes someone a good dancer. You should be able to express yourself in the best way and having a stage presence is a plus point, it doesn't mean she isn't the best. Charisma and presence are important for dance and she can freestyle way too well. I lover her!

Chungha may not be the best dancer in industry but she is ONE of the best dancer in this industry. She may not shown her real talent while she's in I.o.I but now the she's going to debut as solo artist she will show how good she is.

Well, why is everyone sleeping on ms Kim Chungha's dancing skills? How can you not talk about it? She is an amazing dancer, she can come with a choreography for a song in just a second (proof in one of the episodes of 101)

15 Jisoo (Blackpink)

Blackpink members are all super good at dancing and singing!

Awesome dancer! She works hard to become even better!

She is being more active in dance keep going Jisoo!

Jisoo try' her best on her dance moves.

16 Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

She has a real talent

Slays any concept

17 SinB (Gfriend)

Sinb's dancing skill is no joke her moves are fast and smooth she could dance 2x speed and even blindfold. And I think gfriend is also a talented group!

My beautful idols. Her dance is really superb. Check 'Wow Thing'! You can see the best main dancers in there!

She makes every dance seems like it's easy. Every move is very clean and she does it effortlesly.

Sharp choreography is really hard! No one can move as sharply as her!

18 Gong Minji

I always thought that girls could never catch up to the way guys dance but she definitely proved the opposite and minzy is beyond spectacular. She dances better than most males and she dances flawlessly than other females. Get a girl who can do both!

Not to mention, Minzy was voted as the top female dancer by choreographers from other companies themselves including SM, JYP, etc. You could always search it up if you don't believe me. Queen Minzy is the best! Her moves are so dope! Seriously, nobody can defeat her if you ask me.

She is THE dancing machine of korea... Literally only Hyoyeon steps up to her game. For me she's almost as good as Lia Kim (best dancer in korea atm) and she just has this power and flow... She truly is the best.

She is a great dancer with great voice.She is a dancing machine..of 2ne1 no one can beat her because she is the B.E.S.T..Her sexy move is her secret why she is a great dancer in kpop group in south korea.

19 Kwon Yuri Kwon Yu-ri, better known by the mononym Yuri, is a South Korean singer and actress. She debuted as a member of girl group Girls' Generation in August 2007.
20 Victoria F (X)

She has grace and style

21 Yoon Bora (Sistar)

I must prefer Yoon Bora because she has unique dancing skills and also she is the dancing machine of the most sexiest Girl Group in Korea SISTAR.Many people said that Hyorin is a better dancer than Bora, No Hyorin is lead dancer and Bora is the main dancer. You should watch Bora's performance at Hit the stage with Twice momo and Snsd' Hyoyeon.

Her figure is perfect. Love her dance.

22 Minzy (2ne1)
23 Mina Myoui (TWICE)

With her background as a ballerina, Mina's body has one of the best dancing line among idols right now. With great flexibility and body strength, she can easily makes any dancing movement looks high-class. Her cute dancing looks like high-class cute. Her sexy dancing looks like high-class sexy. Even the simplest dance movement like flapping hands looks elegant when she does it

Mina, Mina, Minari! Such a pretty beauty! Ugh, why is she so good at dancing?! Her and Momo got me into being a dancer, Awesome. Just. Awesome. Fight me.

We can say she has different dance style that's what makes her moves special, I really like, no, I love

If BTS jimin is considered as main dancer then mina definitely deserves the main dancer title

24 Im Yoona Im Yoon-ah is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and has participated in various television dramas such as You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, and God of War, Zhao Yun.

Her steps are very clear and mesmerising.
I love her the most in snsd.
She is so beautiful and amazing

She is good dance performance and acting
Beautiful face
Is very2 the best

25 Hirai Momo

I think momo is the best female dancer because she can rock cute,sexy and charisma wich is something we don't see in a lot of groups if they can rock sexy cut charisma than they are a good dancer.

She and Lisa have no words they are 1 one of the best dancers I know

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