My Story Of Being A Victim Of Bullying

MLPFan I'm MLPFan and I'm gonna tell you my story as a victim of bullying in elementary school.

The whole thing started at 2nd grade of elementary school, not as bad as the later years but still. People didn't seemed to like me and would call me names for not being fluent in Indonesian (which is my national language. But my first language is English) as back then, I only now very basic Indonesian. I've always possesed an above average IQ, but I was always treated as a stupid child just because I wasn't as fluent as other kids in Indonesian.

And now, In third grade of elementary school. That time, Idol groups were very popular in my country to the point some of my female classmates that time would create little groups and perform the Idol groups' songs during school festivals. I wanted to join, but I wasn't allowed to. They said I wasn't "good enough" to join. And I was also treated like shat (censor) that time. I was drawing a picture one time, and some girls scribbled and ruined ny drawing with random colours and such. Once they were done, they left me and laughed. And everyone hated me more because I was a teacher's favourite kind of student.
I also met a friend of mine also. I knew him since our families are relatively close with each other and I first met him In a snow event my little brother and his little brother wanted to go to at a mall.

And In the fourth grade of elementary school.. well, this is where things are starting to go worse for me. I was molested by some of my male classmates (Yes! This is serious! I was molested!) And somehow, nobody cared about it. A girl also took me for granted and would force me to give her my money for her own needs. And when I don't, she will claim that I'm not her friend. Heck, almost everyone in my class was against me! One time, I failed to write something in the whiteboard and they laughed at me and said stuff like "Wow, she's such a stupid loser! No wonder no one wants to be friends with her! She's such a weirdo!" And I came to class late once and everyone laughed at me and mocked at me as well.

And In fifth grade, people started to make false rumors about me. Such as that I'm a slut despite I was never even a slut or there was any evidence that I am, and that I steal other students' belongings. And all of them were fake. FAKE. Some students are even that desperate to get me into trouble I didn't even do to the point they'll slip other students' belongings that THEY stole to my backpack and claimed that I did It. They even shoved their garbage to my backpack so I'll throw It for them.
The boy I knew from 3rd grade also transferred to my elementary school by the 2nd semester and I thought we would be good friends. But boy, I was WRONG. He was nice to me at first, but later he joined the bullies and became a douche to me, despite he was nicer than the others.

In the final year of elementary school, a.k.a the sixth grade, ny childhood friend stopped bothering me despite he's still friends with the bullies. But instead of being a jerk to me, he was nice to me and even said that he wants to be good friends with me again, and I accepted It. Eventually, he seemed to started to take liking for me, a.k.a develops a crush on me, but It was one-sided. I didn't loved him back. Plus, It seemed like It was just a small, short term crush anyway. Because there's the queen of the school year, a.k.a G/N. I mean, that girl is pretty much and hardcorely WORSHIPPED by the whole grade (except me, I never really liked her. Ugh). While she doesn't participate in bullying me, she annoys the living hell out of me because she was too shoved in-to-your-face. Everyone loved her that time. Her classmates, students from the other classes, the teachers and so on. She barely had problems and she probably gets everything she wants in real life. No real life person can be that lucky. And her super obsessive fanboys and followers made me dislike her more. Just read the post about her by tapping or clicking the blue coloured word 'G/N'. You can see how obnoxiously obsessive and creepy people be about her. They even got MAD at me for saying how I find it unfair that everyone, both boys and girls lick her shoes (It's just a metaphore, don't worry) and no one cares that much about the other students. Seriously. No one cared that much when another student, for example didn't came to school. Only said students' closest friends and the teachers would worry. So when something bad happens to G/N, everyone goes like "NOO!! DON'T GO, G/N WE MISS U SO MUCH!!".
Enough with the rant about the creepy G/N worship, now to the bullying.
Everyone, except my childhood friend and some others still hate me and bash me for no apparent reason. Wow. Oh and do I have to add how I was treated horribly for being from a different background from others?

And I graduated from Elementary school. And survived.

And In middle school, It's more peaceful now. I do get bullied sometimes, but not as bad as In elementary school..

In 7th grade of middle school, me and ny childhood friend are still friends. I also became friends with other students too. Wow, middle school is nicer than Elementary school. It's so utopian and all that..

Until, the girl who would force me to give her my money came. She was a backstabbing batch (censor). She would force me to buy her stuff and so on. I even had a rant about her here. She claimed to be my "best friend" but she would try to backstab me anyway. And for something, SHE commited. That time, A friend of mine brought a slime making set to school. But then, other friend... You know what, I'll just call this other friend as F2 (Friend number 2) and another one as F3 (Friend number 3). But then, F2 and F3 went downstairs to buy a drink. And the other students left too. So It was only me and the fake friend in the room. Fake friend took the slime set and tried to create a slime with it. She then asked do I want to try to mix It? Since I was plain, unadorned person back then I agreed and mixed the slime dough. Then, F2, F3 and everyone else came to the room shortly after that. F2 was shocked with what happened to her slime set. Instead of taking the blame, fake friend BLAMED IT ON ME AND CLAIMED THAT SHE DID NOTHING!!!!!! I tried to defend myself and was angry at her accusation, and then she said that I was trying to frame her to get away with It. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!! SHE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS TRYING TO FRAME ME!!!!! F2 and F3 were mad at me (but now they all forgot about It and are now friends with me! 😁) I was crying since people actually believed her. And then, shortly everyone else realized that there's no way I would do something like that and the one who did It Is the fake friend despite how they didn't told the fake friend on F2. So the others who knew I didn't do It tried to cheer me up. Of course Fake friend was mad that her plan to frame me failed. And then I tried to explain It all to F2, but when I got to tell F2 about who really did It, Fake friend INTENTIONALLY pushed her desk to make a loud noise so I won't get a chance to tell everyone the truth. So at the end, fake friend "confessed" (she only said that mixed it a bit. She didn't said she took F2's slime set, or how she was the one who tried to made It, or how she tried to frame me, OR about how I was Innocent!) her actions to F2. And somehow she was forgiven and despite It was "made clear" who did It, I still also have to take punishment by changing the loss. Fake friend also has to change it. But no one even bothered to take It from my respective and only took the one fake friend wanted them to believe. Thus making me also considered guilty.
I mean, good people who are FRIEND material WOULDN'T try to backstab you or try to frame YOU for a crime THEY commited.
My childhood friend was also among the people who tried to cheer me up and knew I was innocent, and he helped me the most. And that time, I realized. That I do like him. By like him, I like LIKE him. And developed a crush on him.
He was funny to me and would pull funny jokes to me and all. But eventually, his personality changed.

By eighth grade of middle school, we were classmates again. But he started to be a jerk to me. All I did once was just tease him about him being rumored to have a crush on someone and out of the blue, he was mad at me. He even told lies about me to others. He called me a hypocrite, a conceited batch (censor), a brat, and lashed me out on LINE. He did many hurtful things to me and I didn't knew what was wrong. He was even rude to me for no apparent reason. He was the one who made me laughed, but also the one who made me cry.
By the end, we did made up. But I'm still confused to trust him or not.
I was also stalked and harrassed by a creep from 7th grade until early 9th grade, but I told him to go away for GOOD and It worked. Which Is weird because in the previous times I told him to go away, they never worked but now they do! Post on the creep can be found here.

And now, ninth grade. I wasn't bullied much and everyone is now rather nice to me. A girl told me to take pictures of my homework to her forcefully despite how our school forbids it, but now she stopped doing so and etc. Also eversince I graduated Elementary school, the bullies went to different schools and so did that G/N girl. In short, the ending I got from all of the bullying is the happy ending type. And I have to admit It was a well earned one.

Some other bad moments happened during the previous years written in this post, but I don't want to write all of them to keep It slightly shorter. A few of them can be find the the three linked posts though.

So for those who are being bullied, report the bullies as fast as you can. I didn't reported the bullies to my parents and fought them off myself, but not everyone would end up getting a "happy ending" like I did. And never try to commit suicide or harm yourself because of It. It's not worth It and that'd mean that the bullies won and you lost. So don't try to harm yourself or enforce any violence. The most recommended advice from me is to REPORT the bullies as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, btw and I'll see you next time.



MLPfan! I'm a big fan of your awesome posts. It's just sad bullying happens on internet and IRL. The queen bee you mentioned is a huge Mary Sue. Glad that Sue girl is gone for good.
otoh, why didn't you report the bullies to your parents in the beginning? I'm sure they could help you find a solution

#stopbullyingNOW! - visitor

First: Yep, It's sad that bullying can happen to anyone in anywhere
Second: Yeah. I know the term 'Mary sue' normally doesn't apply to real life people, she is mary sueish
Third: I didn't because I was scared - MLPFan

It didn't help when the sue queen got to have too many fanboys and fangirls to swoon over her and they have to bash you for not "liking" her. It's just the same how you told me that not everybody has to like "daisyandrosalina". But I can see how the term "mary sue" doesn't apply to real people. - visitor

Yeah. Everyone back then was so biased to the point they worship her too much and claim that she's the best female student of the uear. I mean, there are SO MANY others who are WAY better than mary sue girl but get very few recgonition. And I'm not among those who are better than her :,(
@wariolady - MLPFan

Glad you got out of that "elitist" school. Lots of marty-stus and mary-sues everywhere! glad you got adjusted to IRL situations little by little - visitor

Yeah. Glad I got adjusted to real life situations and accepted life as how It is now. I mean, I was sheltered for most of my life. Not being able to go out except to go to and from school or when my parents are going somewhere. - MLPFan

May they rot in hell

Oh and one question. Which grade where you in when you met me? - TwilightKitsune

I was in the middle of 7th grade - MLPFan

Oh yeah, I remember - TwilightKitsune

Man, sorry to hear you had to go through all of that. In any number or shape, bullying isn't something that should be allowed anywhere. Whether it be in real life or on the Internet or whether it be happening to a kid or an adult. I give praise to your post for how you dealt with these experiences and the advice you're giving to others for how they should deal with bullying. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah. thanks a million, by the way - MLPFan

That's so sad MLPfan. Thank you for such an amazing post 10/10 - visitor

Thanks. It felt a bit hard for me too. thanks for reading the post, though. I truly appreciate it - MLPFan

Also, for those who wanna know:
The ex crush/childhood friend guy was a HUGE fanboy of G/N to the point he got mad at me for like 2 weeks or so at 7th grade for telling him to get over his obsession towards her and got mad at me once because I didn't missed that girl who he claimed as his "Beautiful ex girlfriend whose a goddess" at the same year
G/N's fanboys can be such jerks to those who aren't fans of G/N - MLPFan

Just stop all communication with that boy. - TwilightKitsune

Well I bet he supports Robert Magabe - visitor

Who? - MLPFan

Dictator of zimbabwe
he's brutal - visitor

Puts rival in camps
Made civilians suffer
Look him up - visitor

These girls in my english class point at me and laugh and whisper, and talk about other people and make themselves the center of attention. - visitor