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Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.


I could write a 10 pager on how beautiful I think Elsa is but I'll try to keep it brief. There are moments I tear up because of how beautiful I truly find her. Her crystal like blue eyes, her sparkling dress, her glimmering blonde hair, her beautiful smile or even when she's sad, to the point where I just wanna jump through the screen and hold her close to assure her that she is loved. Then in Frozen Fever I don't know how they did it but they made Elsa even more beautiful in the short. I am completely in awe of her elegance and her fun-loving personality that she's been wanting to express for so long. Her beautiful new dress perfectly reflects her own beauty. Elsa is also beautiful on the inside. She shows nothing but love and compassion to everyone around her especially her sister whom she loves so dearly. I'm a 21 year old guy and I have no problem saying I am so in love with Elsa. I cannot wait to see more of her in Frozen 2.

I love her as character and a beauty. She's very graceful and has got a model body (and the best outfit). Her hair are simple amazing and her face is aristocratic. To be clear... Rapunzel and Anna are cute. Elsa is beautiful. - Claudiaita

It may a bit of a shame Elsa's at number six of this list, but, who cares really? Anyway, she is, in my opinion, the prettiest still, while there are equally, just as pretty and hot and as beautiful princesses and queens on this list, sure, Elsa though is a truly one of a kind and very unique case. Her looks and her powers and her sweet smiles and her laugh and her amazing singing voice, are just the tip of the iceberg, on why every man would dream about her and dream of having her as a potential love interest and girlfriend, perhaps, if possible and why every little girl should see Elsa as a perfect or near-perfect role model for strength and to never quit on being there for those you love in your heart. No matter what Elsa's flaws are on the downside, who cares? She's the best of them all, tops.

I really love Elsa shes an extremely beautiful young women and her powers are really COOL! Get it? Never mind. Anyway shes really loving an d caring towards others and it was a shame she had to live in fear because her natural and real self is really fun. I believe she is adorable and cute and she reminds me a bit of Dove Cameron. Her hair is lovely along with her sparkling, bright and incredible beautiful eyes. Overall I think she is the prettiest princess. TEAM ELSA!

I definitely think Elsa is one of the most beautiful princesses, both inside and outside. Her hair is a beautiful shade of platinum blonde that makes her other features pop, like her big, icy-blue eyes, thick lashes, awesome eyebrows, and her smooth peaches-and-cream skin. Her body is very curvy, tall, and model-like, which allows her to rock that dress. Besides looking great, she is also one of the more selfless princesses. She stayed separated from Anna for years just to keep her sister safe, and risked being killed to save her once more. Although it may not always appear obvious, Elsa shows at the end of the movie that she has a heart of pure gold and is far from being as evil as others assumed.

In a way, she's like the Marilyn Monroe of Disney universe, even if they have different personalities. Super popular, captivating, stunning, drop dead gorgeous, killer body, lovely face, iconic dress and platinum blonde tresses, down to her perfect outside appearance and her lonely, troubled soul. I'm so glad that she is saved and redeemed. She deserves it after years of selfless act, fear and repressed childhood. The current Elsa is proof that even a horrible past can't erase who she truly is, forever a warm, sweet and loving person.

Elsa is my new #1, even above Belle, my previous favorite. She's so gorgeous. And she's definitely the most complex and interesting Disney animated princess ever written, even if she's technically a Queen (which only adds to her already amazing appeal). That and her great screen presence... Every time she's on screen, I just can't take my eyes off of her. So, so, SO gorgeous.

What is Elsa? This kind, beautiful, talented and super gorgeous creature should have no business struggling for acceptance and love. And the fact that she does, makes me weak in the knees. Freeze me, curse me, I would shower her with all the love she needs until she's sick of it. I'm a guy who hates the idea of falling in love with a fictional character, but she's making it really hard not to.

Even my mom who doesn't know who Elsa is, was amazed by her beauty during her Let it go transformation. And that's saying a lot because she had never ever commented about Disney princess being beautiful. She even said she loved watching her and asked me to send her a longer clip of her Snow Queen scenes. When I said I don't have anymore, she commented why didn't they (Disney) make the scene longer because the girl (Elsa) is so beautiful laugh out loud

Elsa is just, WOW! She has that beautiful hair and big blue eyes, and she is so graceful! Even more than Aurora! She just has the best qualities, she cares so much about her family mainly her sister she suffers staying in her room forever and never can just, oh I don't know... LET IT GOO! Sorry I had too but anyways she is awesome she has the caring, beauty, intelligence, strength, and independence that all of the Disney girls should have!

To me, Elsa is the prettiest. She is elegant, beautiful, and just AWESOME. Her hair matches perfectly with her blue sequined dress and blue snowflake heels. I like the way they did her hair, it gives an elegant look. At the coronation the hair is also beautiful. She's way better than Anna who's sometimes a little bit messy and un-elegant.

Wait, what? She should be first because she is attractive, this braid, these blue eyes, this platinum blonde hair makes her so hot with that sparkling dress, this amazing smile, she doesn't need a prince to rescue her but the love of her sister it's all she needed, and her ice powers are so pretty too. Anyway is a beautiful young women and she is one of the best animated females of 2013, FOREVER ELSA!

Here in South Korea, Elsa is called "Goddess". Even though she's only a fictional character, everybody's totally crazy about Elsa and so am I. She's hot, charming, kind hearted and the most beautiful character ever in Disney History.

Graceful with prominent, slim curves. Sparkling Aqua eyes and, like Aurora, a distinctive and slightly mischievous smile. Her platinum blonde hair is pulled back in a wild, tousled braid. She is an interesting character: She's one of the most selfless princesses, yet still wants to be accepted for who she truly is at heart.

The reason she's so beautiful (mostly, at least) is because they designed her face to look like Idina Menzel's. Don't get me wrong, her hair and eyes and pale skin that create her icy look look absolutely GORGEOUS, but you gotta admit, without the "Idina" look it wouldn't be the same.

Before Elsa, between the beautiful type, the sexy type and the cute type of female characters... Most princesses usually fall into one category. But Elsa is all three. How is that even possible?! And here I used to think Disney princesses aren't my cup of tea, well at least now I have one that I really adore.

So beautiful, an icey beautiful!

Elsa has the adult figure being 21 which I really like. She's extremely cute and adorable. She's very beautiful with her lovely big blue eyes and her buff dress. Her eyes are dreamy and cute and her hair is perfect. Over all she is extremely cute and beautiful

I think that Elsa is the most beautiful Disney princess because of her amazing big sparkling blue eyes. Her smile is so cute! I think Anna should be more up though. I like Anna but I LOVE Elsa! She is very attractive for guys especially because of the transformation sequence in 'Let it go! 'She doesn't need a guy as she can be independent and can look after herself. She is caring and secretly naughty and sly which I find really adorable. She is my favourite Disney character and I LOVE Adina Menzels voice. TEAM ELSA!

! Elsa is the best Disney princess. Not only is she breath takingly beautiful but she is also very relatable. All the responsibility and anxiety she has to keep in but she just wants to be free of it all. Not to mention her AWESOME ice powers!

Unfortunately, she's the victim of what Nostalgia Critic jokingly-yet-accidentally referred to as "the Hipster Effect": it becomes trendy for everyone to hate something because it is perceived that everyone likes it; leading to the paradox that everyone hates it for no real reason.

Queen Elsa, from Frozen, has this amazing voice, hair, dress and superpowers. No girl can look like the beautiful Elsa (No offense). Also, she doesn't need a handsome prince to save her or love her. All she loves is Anna, her sister.

She looks so gorgeous, ethereal and heavenly like a Goddess. I think that's the highest compliment I can give anyone in terms of looks.
And there's that personality. I love a thoughtful introvert like her. Elegant, selfless and troubled like the damsels of the past, yet kickass and independent like heroines of today. She walks such a fine line between classically feminine and downright badass. I could watch her all day and never get bored.

Elsa is ranked first on my list! She is so elegant! There is not only beauty in her but also in her powers. I mean, just look at her eyes, they are like crystals! She deserves to be on the top of the list!

She is so beautiful. I love his awesome blue eyes. Her lips is so sensational. Her hair are my favorites and I cannot forgot her adorable dress. In my point of u elsa is the best princess because of her looks, self respect, confidence, attitude.

Elsa isn't my favorite character, but she is gorgeous! Her blond hair, blue eyes, and perfect body. And, lets be real, who doesn't love that dress? It's not like any other Disney dress! Hair, eyes, makeup, perfect. Great job Disney - superfan