Top Ten Problems With the World In 2015

2015 hasn't been a good year at all. These are terrible things that are happening in 2015. If you want, add to Turkey's list, comment, or anything. Come on, I know you wanna vote!

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1 Third world problems such as malnourishment, hunger, lack of clean water, etc. aren't being addresses quickly

Right now, we're focusing more on getting a new car or getting a new Under Armour duffel bag than helping people overseas in Africa who can't even get to clean water. It's depressing to think about, and it would be a nightmare to live. - Turkeyasylum

Every 5 seconds a child dies. It takes me a minute to read a page in a book. In that 60 seconds, 12 kids died. While I type this, kids die. I have a crazy idea! Stop shoving big macs in your mouth and getting obese, donate it to the starving Africans dying as we speak! - ToptenPizza

Affordable, reliable, abundant, safe, clean energy is required to solve this problem. Duh, can you say natural gas or perhaps nuclear?

I see it everywhere - Neonco31

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2 Crappy media

Well, as stated in my vent on sexual songs, there are tons of sexual songs ever since the 80's Disco era (the Disco part was added). Right now, it's becoming even more of a trend, and it's a norm to expect sex to be in a song. Not to mention the disgrace we all know as Autotune. - Turkeyasylum

Try digging up some underground music. There's a lot of interesting stuff still being made. Drop me a message if you want some recommendations, Turkey. - PetSounds

The media makes matters they're covering worse. Those idiots.

This idea is stupid

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3 The Islamic State gaining more control

No one can say that about others religion everyone believes in their own religion that is just an insult to Muslim people all around the world

As a Christian I agree. Not all Muslims are bad. You have to be really ignorant to believe that. But that's not what this is saying.

Not all Muslims are bad

The hateful doctrine that is Islam

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4 Destroying our own planet

Look at the big picture people. These societal problems don't matter when there isn't a planet to have them on in the first place. - keycha1n

My dad believes that global warming will always happen, but we're just quickening up the process by polluted and stuff. Is this true? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

People should recycle come on they are so selfish!

They wont fix it until judgement day. They'll regret ever being lazy - Neonco31

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5 People allowing others to walk over them

This is a big issue today. I know a lot of people who simply don't care enough to stand up for themselves, and let themselves get bullied then try to drown it out. They need to hold themselves to a higher standard than they are. - Turkeyasylum

That's why I think bullies should understand what they are doing. I get bullied myself, and trust me, it's not fun at all. - kiwifruit77

Yes I do agree that people need to stand up for them selves

I saw a friend who lvoes being teased

6 Drug addictions

Yes, drugs contain nicotine, which is one of the most addictive things on Earth, but there's way to stop them. Don't take drugs in the first place. We should be using these drugs for medicinal purposes, not to get high. Ugh... the way people abuse them... - Turkeyasylum

Most of the controlled drugs are in fact safe. It is an excuse of political parties to get more polices, judges and laws to control their power.

Please, I can tell at least half this site consists of pot smokers. And that's a good thing, not a bad thing. Drugs aren't a big problem in the world. - IronSabbathPriest

You don't normally get addict to anything but it all depneds. There's a reason why people do drugs, drugs makes people feel good and people need to feel good because come on doesn't everybody want to feel good? And one reason why people do drugs is because they're lonley or have bad life's and that there's nothing that will comfort them like people or not even food or execrise so they'll do drugs to comfort they're lonely self's.

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7 Exclusion of minorities still strong

Just so everyone knows, I am not racist, but don't you think that we have changed enough? Where I live we are not separated and we are treating each other equally. I think that, in America and Canada and England at least, we are equal enough. There are some racists here and there but that doesn't mean anything, we can ignore them and be glad that we are equal. - SenpaiNoticeMe

Don't you think it's interesting how almost everything on this list has been an issue for a VERY long time, not just 2015? - RockFashionista

People getting put in to ghettos because of religion race and how poor you are in America it's black people Mexicans and poor people in the ghettos and in Russia it's religis minorities - robertspat91

It depends what minority it is. - AGK

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8 Inequal spreading of money

It's very unfair that people with billions of money will never share their money with homeless children, woman and men.

If everyone has the same amount of money, there is no economics. Might as well not even use money. Just take whatever you want - CityGuru

Yep money is a load of bollox! If I were in control of the whole planet or something, I would get rid of money and the only thing you need to give to get the item is a friendly attitude. I know you may think I'm a weirdo. - sryanbruen

Right now, the average Qatari has 300 times more money to toy with than the person living in the DRC. This means a person in Qatar may be filthy rich, but squander all the money away and not give it to the poor. The money should be spread more equally.

Thanks for reading! - Turkeyasylum

Okay, seriously money is fine right now. :v - SenpaiNoticeMe

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9 Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

He got a small penis.

I'm like 98% sure he only got elected because at start of it all people were "hehe, he's never gonna win, hey guys, just as a joke let's vote for him, wouldn't that be hilarious? " And then he got into the finals and those people were like "oh god, what have we done?!? "

I don't like him in my world

People should love him

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10 You have to be on one side or the other in politics

What about the fact that people are voting for a candidate because they believe the small half truths that they hear. And they really should be voting for what the PARTY SYSTEM stands for as a whole. Or the fact that the difference in executive (democrat) and congress (majority republican) is getting our government to go NOWHERE. And that the fact that our president is a joke to other countries and that our own citizens have little faith in the strength of our own government.

This is why I hate US politics. I happen to enjoy the world's politics, but the USA's politics are crap because the only big parties are the Democrats (extreme left) and the Republicans (right). Other minority parties are drowned out, such as the Green Party (if you're heard of them...). - Turkeyasylum

It amazes me that people are so quick to judge someone who has differing views from their own yet are so able to turn a blind eye to those who are perceived to be of the same mindset yet are doing the very same "wrong" thing others are condemned for. It's as if feelings trump rational, logical thought.

Britain would be better if I was the leader. I'd do better than Michael Gove, anyway. The thought of him being PM terrifies me. - IronSabbathPriest

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11 Extreme overpopulation

Everybody needs to understand that almost all pother problems from climate change to pollution is actually caused by this, and unless this is fixed, nothing else will work.

Birth rates have gone down since the 80s for 1st world countries, I do agree with this though, the world is too crowded...

"(T)he world is too crowded."
Earth's entire population could stand shoulder in the state if Florida. Does that sound "too crowded" to you?
"Anything over 2 billion is too many."
According to whom?
Some tree-hugging, hemp-wearing, vegan hippie human-hater?


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12 Racism

People are being racist to black people

13 Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in the 2016 election.

This is the only real problem in this world.

She loves war

What?! I think sh is awesome


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14 Hunger

Hunger is the number one problem in Africa because of over population.

Over 870 million people in third world countries have no food to eat or a precarious food supply. More than 60% of these people are women. About 1/3rd of hunger related diseases cause 2.6 million child deaths every year at the rate of 1 death per 5 secs. - Brightside

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15 Global Warming

no. Bad

Yep - Neonco31

16 Mass shootings

Mass shooting is a really big problem of the world.

More guns is the solution to the problem here


17 Terrorism

It is devil to humanity

Trump will fix this

18 Extremism

As for the other guy on the bottom, I feel bad for him. Man, those Muslims sure love to mess things up. Multiculturalism is most definably NOT a part of Islam.

Muslim started to restrict everything that agains they religion law, I hate this. We live in multiracial country but the claimed this is Muslim country. Now our famous celebs especialy malay are wearing hijjab because they afraid of social media fitnah (accusedd) or any sentimen about how they wearing.

19 Suicide

People are dying due to narrow-minded asses! Like, seriously, come on, respect each other! There are plenty of good things about someone, but your narrow mind, well… narrowed out the vision to see those good qualities. Come on, you can change that! Suicide is also painless, by the way. People should be nicer to one another, but remember: NEVER, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! NEVER, EVER, EVER KILL YOURSELF! You're worth more than gold!

Certain people should kill themselves so the world can be rid of their stupidity. - IronSabbathPriest

No, nobody should kill themselves. I'd love for the world to rid of their stupidity but not in that way, by education. - SenpaiNoticeMe

20 Female slavery

Thank god someone is smart enough to add this. P.s. Don't forget male slavery!

Females run the world they make us and we just abuse them whats wrong with us humans

Slavery in general

who cares

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1. Inequal spreading of money
2. Crappy media
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1. Crappy media
2. Third world problems such as malnourishment, hunger, lack of clean water, etc. aren't being addresses quickly
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