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21 Ignorance

People say stuff like all White people cause pain and death and they all hate Black people and all black people are poor and uneducated that is ignorant - robertspat91

Ignorance is extremely common today. Nobody cares enough to learn facts and jump to conclusions. - SenpaiNoticeMe

22 Animal abuse

This topic has long been an issue the government isn't doing enough about

Is it just me or do everyone think that animals are better than humans

I think its just you animals are not better than humans

23 Government Corruption
24 Corruption
25 Hello

I'm getting sick with Hello, it overplayed in radio. - BeaM456

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26 War between countries

That is truely injustice
You know those god damn kings only want to expand their kingdome but they don't have the balls to fight on their own so they would send people to kill the other king and the other king send people to kill that king
What the hell?
People are killing each other for nothing.
We are humans but wilder than beasts. - radmehrzn

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27 Bullying

Bullying is another word for "People allowing others to walk over them" - kiwifruit77

I think bullying

28 Male bashing in femenism
29 Rape

By avoiding the rape this world will be much better place.

30 Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is an American politician and was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

Bernie wants us to pay triple tax dollars what would we do if he had to pay like $5,000.00 a month or year

31 Poverty
32 Laziness

Laziness results poverty and hunger. Its also the main problems in this world, Laziness leads us to the wrong path.

33 People thinking everybody thinks the same way
34 Movies suck
35 Governments don't listen to people
36 Video game fanbases
37 Political correctness has gotten way out of hand

Now it's to the point where nobody cares about white men anymore, if you want to be noticed and appreciated in society nowadays you either have to be a minority or a woman

If the 70's 80's 90's and even the early 2000's could see what we've become they'd probably be like "what a bunch of pansies"

A very bad idea in the first place. Modish, shallow, doctrinaire, uneducated, culturally illiterate, management friendly, poor excuse for a second language or bi-cultural qualification and experience, by aspiring members of the crawling lower middle classes to gain a new advantage after one they lost after the successful integration of WW2. refugees.

A simpleminded putsch and undemocratic attack by stealth( read : effective tool of Fabian gender, race, post- colonial studies bigots, cultural Marxist, cultural have-nots, aspiring administrative sadists) to wreck vengeance and deconstructionism on the very systems that democratically empowered and indulged them in the first place Read ; " patriarchy" or "empowerment" or "entitlement" or if in doubt "progressive overreach''

No amount of this is OK. The cement secular replacement of simple dignity, reasonable doubt, honesty, non- ideological, dis-interested inquiry, rational skepticism and ...more

38 Mature subcultures

Many of the people these days try to act as if they're "straight outta Compton". They're trying to make drug usage seem cool (a lot of my classmates keep joking about weed, and some are even vaping). People are hating against the Police, singing that one NWA song everyday. People weren't like this 10 years ago. - ethanmeinster

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39 Indifference
40 People thinking weed is bad for you

Weed isn't bad it grows brain cells, cures cancer, is not addictive, and no one has ever died from smoking weed, also, you can not overdose on weed. "Herb is a plant"-Bob Marley

Uneducated idiots who don't do research think this. I can't think of anything you're less likely to die of. - IronSabbathPriest

I personally prefer snorting whale lard

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