Top 10 Problems with Illumination Entertainment

With the release of Despicable Me 3 (a particularly bad movie in my opinion and others) and their planning to make TSLOP 2 and Minions 2, I'm starting to get very fed up with this studio. I've made a post on this bad animation studio before and they really have problems. I wanted to make a list where people can discuss problems they have with this Animation Studio that they share.

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1 They are greedy

They really don't seem to care about the final product of their movie, because it will make so much money depending on how they market it. This is evident in DM2, minions and DM3. They had minions in it so people obviously saw it and it made a bunch of money! - Phillip873

2 Their animation style is very simplistic and uninteresting

I really don't like their animation style. The character designs are so simplistic that they are boring, with the exception of Gru from Despicable Me and a couple others. You really can't tell the difference between the minions personalities and their looks! - Phillip873

3 They are planning to make so many sequels

In the words of Saberspark, Illumination is like a carbon copy of Dreamworks. Specifically, more a carbon copy of Dreamworks's practices of turning movies into cash cow franchises. And not in the good way. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I wasn't trying to say Dreamworks was a bad company. I was only talking about the aspect that I don't like about them. Aside from them making sequels to cash cow movie franchises, they have made good movies in their prime.. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

TSLOP 2, Minions 2, DM3 was made, and Sing 2 may be made too. Why?! They don't need sequels! - Phillip873

4 They are unoriginal

TSLOP was an obvious rip off of Toy Story for example. And Sing ripped a bunch of pop songs from the last decade and put it in their movie to attract audiences! - Phillip873

5 They unleashed the minions on the world

No explanation needed from me. - Phillip873

6 Their stories are very weak

The stories are so simplistic and have such low conflict most of the time that they become very boring! - Phillip873

7 Their characters are mostly weak

Seriously, like the Minions, they are so similar you can't tell much between them and their personalities, they have such simple character designs. Another example is Sing where all the characters were made to pander to a specific group of people (like moms or angsty teens). - Phillip873

8 Their movies have mostly bad jokes

All their movies are full of bad jokes and constant references to movies or T.V. shows. But one of them just take it another step to obscurity.

Honestly, Despicable Me had some pretty clever comedy, but after that, the jokes in their movies were mostly just poor sight gags or dreaded "lol RANDUM" humor. - Phillip873

9 They are lazy
10 They don't care about quality

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11 They're going to make a Mario movie
12 Their animation all looks similar
13 They have a racial stereotype in one movie
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