Best Punk Rock Bands Starting With the Letter D

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1 Dead Kennedys Dead Kennedys are an American hardcore punk band formed in San Francisco, California in 1978. The band was one of the first American hardcore bands to make a significant impact in the United Kingdom.
2 Descendents The Descendents are a punk rock band formed in 1977 in Manhattan Beach, California by guitarist Frank Navetta, bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson.

Finally, a punk rock list WITHOUT Green Day at the top. It's PUNK ROCK, and that's exactly what Descendents are.

3 The Damned
4 D.R.I. D.R.I. is an American crossover thrash band that formed in Houston, Texas in 1982. As of 2015, the band comprises two of its founding members, vocalist Kurt Brecht and guitarist Spike Cassidy, as well as drummer Walter "Monsta" Ryan and bassist Harald Oimoen.
5 Dropkick Murphys Dropkick Murphys are an American Celtic punk band formed in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1996. The band was initially signed to independent punk record label Hellcat Records, releasing five albums for the label, and making a name for themselves locally through constant touring and yearly St.
6 Discharge Discharge are a British musical group formed in 1977 by Terence "Tezz" Roberts and Royston "Rainy" Wainwright. While the band has had substantial line-up changes over its history, the classic line-up from the early 1980s featured bassist Wainwright, drummer Gary Maloney, Anthony "Bones" Roberts playing more.
7 Doom
8 Dead Milkmen
9 The Dead Boys
10 D.O.A. D.O.A. is a Canadian punk rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. They are often referred to as the "founders" of hardcore punk along with Black Flag, Bad Brains, Angry Samoans, the Germs, Negative Trend, and Middle Class.
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11 D.I.
12 Death Death was an American death metal band formed in 1983 by Chuck Schuldiner. Death is considered to be one of the most influential bands in heavy metal and a pioneering force in death metal. Its debut album, Scream Bloody Gore, has been widely regarded as the first death metal record, while the band's more.

Not the Death Metal band, this was an early, short lived protopunk band

13 Dickies
14 Dicks
15 The Dwarves
16 Daily Terror
17 Dag Nasty
18 Dayglo Abortions
19 Dezerter
20 Demob
21 Dagowops
22 Deutsche Trinkerjugend
23 Disorder
24 Dogsflesh
25 Dirt
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