Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Profile Pic

Profile images are like an art form. They express something. But how to choose? You probably also wonder whether to keep yours.

The Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Profile Pic

1 Do I like it?

Yes, I do. I added it about 3 years ago and I'm not planning to change it. And this is the only profile pic I've ever had on this site. - Metal_Treasure

The #1 question. You're entitled to your opinion and make your choices. - Cyri

My whole series of photos from awesome album covers? Yeah I think so. - LightningStrike

Naturally. I wouldn't keep it if I didn't. - Britgirl

2 Does it look good?

Pretty much. I wouldn't even have it for a minute if it didn't look good. - Jasmine21064

To me, yes. But to others? I guess it depends on your views on cute butterflies. - Britgirl

Wouldn't this be the same as number one, if you like it means that it looks good; of course any avatar you pick are going to have its haters - germshep24

I think so, but it's subjective. However, many users told me they liked it a lot. - Metal_Treasure

3 Do I want this image representing me?

Well I'm kinda like the infamous one here and sith lords are seen as bad so I guess so - darthvadern

I think that depends on perspective, Darth Vader is seen as a cool character, with redemptive qualities, on one hand he was the puppet for the Empire, but on the other he did take out the emperor so is he really bad - germshep24

Yes. Clovers represent luck, which luck represents my username. - Luckys

Don't just find some random picture of grass if it's not your passion. Find something that fits you, your passions, or your life. It'll sit better in your head. - Cyri

Yes. I’m a huge Three Days Grace fan and have made several lists on the band. - 3DG20

4 Does it fit my content?

Yes, because like I said, I have made several Three Days Grace related lists. - 3DG20

My content is pretty diverse so perhaps it doesn't fit directly my content but it fits my ideas of life, relationships, diversity, aesthetics, infinity, and more. - Metal_Treasure

It does fit your content, I mean it is something that looks kind of like an infinity sign, meaning your content expands multiple types of content, your name on the other hand throws you in the metal fandom category, well that and jewelry, but it is a pretty iconic user name - germshep24

Example: My content will soon involve dragons more if I get ideas. - Cyri

I am new to making lists though I have joined this site in 2016 - Ihateschool

5 Will I change it?

Probably not any time soon, but if I do change it, it will probably be another Three Days Grace picture. - 3DG20

A profile pic can't really become iconic if you keep changing it, though if you keep it themed maybe people will get excited to see what you change it to next.

I know I'm a bit attached to mine that it freaks me out when I see another with it on another social site - germshep24

If I make a better one down the line, perhaps. The profile picture I currently have up was supposed to be temporary in the first place, I simply stuck with it longer than I thought. - nerffan8000

I'm not planning to change it anytime soon. - Metal_Treasure

6 Will admin approve?

It is kind of a silly question because more than likely they will approve it, unless your pic idea is a marijuana leaf or something else that's controversial - germshep24

This is why someone hasn't made his fanfics his profile pic, in all likelihood. - Cyri

Yes because my picture is not against the rules. - Ihateschool

Yes since it's just an animal! - ArcticWolf

7 Is it offensive?

I don't think anyone would be offended by a picture of Paul McCartney. LOL - Misfire

Definitely not. Unless someone thinks a picture of Marty McFly is offensive. - Ihateschool

It's literally SSBU Brawler with a butler outfit on. Obviously no. - Jasmine21064

If you add the text "Nazis are god" and mean it, it's offensive and you should not use it. Or be anywhere near me. - Cyri

8 Is it interesting?

It is more if it will get people you like to gravitate towards you, because most images with intrigue someone.
Even if you don't have a picture if you around long enough people will wonder why you don't a a picture and if you just chose a color why out of everything your picture is just a red block - germshep24

When you're new, people often see profile pics as ways of seeing if you're in "their crowd." Or at least I do. They're good looks into personalities. - Cyri

Gangster Mitch is more than just interesting. He is elite - Randomator

It's interesting to some people and others I don't know. - Yoshiandaglover

9 Does it have more than one meaning?

Meaning comes from the eye of the beholder, one person can see a mario picture and think o they're a Mario fan others can see it as a representation of the user character - germshep24

It's a Snail cat- - subscribe2pewdiepie

Not really... - ArtisticLuna

Arctic Wolf - ArcticWolf

10 Does it fit my interests?

Yes! My profile is dedicated to South Park because it is one of my favorite shows! - Limeyy

I love butterflies. - Britgirl

What do you think? I think it does. - LightningStrike

Yeah, I like the game my profile picture is from. - thatboy6ix

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11 Does it look colorful?

No, and that's just the way I like it. - Cyri

Definitely! But not excessively colorful. - Metal_Treasure

Its got a nice pop-out background. - Pieclone

No, it's in black and white. - Misfire

12 Why did you choose it?

Because I like puella magi madoka magica and Kyoko Sakura is my favourite puella magi madoka magica character. Also it looks cool in my opinion - UltraLunalaX

Because Jimmy is my favorite South Park character and South Park is one of my favorite shows! - Limeyy

'Cause it looked cool. - Jasmine21064

It looked pretty and cool so I decided it - ArcticWolf

13 Does it attract you sexually?

I don't need to attract anyone on this site sexually because I am in a serious relationship. - Ihateschool

I bet I know who added this item... - sadical

That is a weird question to ask of your profile pic lol - germshep24

What... the hell?

14 Did you draw it yourself?

I've been drawing for a long time, but I wanted something my profile picture to be something weird so. - subscribe2pewdiepie

I edited it myself but I didn't draw it - darthvadern

No, but I plan to change it to something made by me. - Jasmine21064

I Edited It A Whole Lot But I Didn't Draw It - Oliversky

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