Top Ten R-Rated Comic Book Movies

To commemorate the release of what is quite likely the most anticipated R-rated comic book movie of all time (Deadpool, of course) I, with great pride, post this list... which compiles the greatest R-rated movies based off of comic books and/or graphic novels.

The Top Ten

1 Deadpool

This has the most inappropriate stuff, if your child wants to watch it say "no", it's best to go watch it and write a kid friendly book about it (your kid sorta know that he is immortal so add that fact), good luck trying to not make your child watch it

This is literally number 1 because this is the only one that anyone even knows

If you see any other movies that has a 4th wall break within a 4th wall break, and that's like 16 walls, then let me know. - MetalHead2001

Please everyone go out and watch it now your getting your monies worth. - htoutlaws2012

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2 Akira

A landmark in the field of Japanese animation, this 1988 animated sci-fi/action film is largely considered to be the greatest anime of all-time, and also one of the greatest science-fiction movies of all-time. Bloody, energetic, and gorgeously animated. Everything a good anime needs. - BKAllmighty

3 The Crow

Notorious for bringing its main star's life to an early and tragic end during the production of the film, 1994's 'The Crow' presents us with a haunting performance by the late Brandon Lee in what became known as his greatest film and remains as one of the best action films of the 1990's. It was also a breakthrough film for it's director, Alex Proyas, who would go on to direct the films 'Dark City', 'I, Robot', 'Knowing', and the upcoming 'Gods of Egypt'. - BKAllmighty

4 Logan

Made me cry but awesome

A Masterpiece - JPK

Should be #1 - PeeledBanana

Awesome - PeeledBanana

5 Kick-Ass

With only 2004's 'Layer Cake' and 2007's 'Stardust' under his directorial belt, director Matthew Vaughn would go on to make a name for himself with 2010's Hit-Girl-filled hit film 'Kick-Ass'. It managed to give us the glorified violence and the gratuitous profanity we were looking for, all while wrapped-up neatly inside a bright and colorful costume-laden superhero movie. How lovely. Its underrated sequel, 'Kick-Ass 2' makes for a bloody fun adventure, also. - BKAllmighty

Awesome, fun entertaining movie! - BeatlesFan1964


HELL YEAH - Dark_Perfection

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6 Sin City

Black and white films might still be dead if it wasn't for the few modern filmmakers who appreciate the gritty color(less) palette that B&W in movies creates. Of course, while 'Schindler's List' and 'The Artist' remain as the most celebrated black and white modern films, 'Sin City' is a close third. It's gorgeous, brutal, well paced, well directed, and superbly cast. Too bad it's eventual follow up film, 2014's 'A Dame to Kill For', hit a much sourer note with audiences and critics. - BKAllmighty

Very stylish and fun.

7 Road to Perdition

Many failed to realize that this 2002 crime thriller film starring Tom Hanks was based on a graphic novel. Well... now YOU know, at least, if you didn't beforehand. Directed by Sam Mendes ('American Beauty', 'Skyfall'), 'Road to Perdition' is notable for featuring the final live-action performance by Paul Newman (who died in 2008). For a great depression-era thriller that features deeply-rooted reflections on the consequences of violence and it's effect on the relationship between a father and his son, all with Oscar-winning cinematography, look no further. - BKAllmighty

8 Blade

This movie is, at least, partially responsible for the modern age of superhero movies (especially Marvel movies), so not thanking this film for that would be wrong. - BKAllmighty

9 A History of Violence

Directed by renowned Canadian director, David Cronenberg, 2005's 'A History of Violence' digs deep into the raw core of the human psyche (well, one type of human psyche, at least) and gives us one of the best (and violent) character studies ever seen in modern filmmaking. Nominated for 'Best Writing' and 'Best Supporting Actor' (for William Hurt), this film won numerous awards and was nominated for countless more, and was considered by many critics to be one of the finest films of 2005 and the 2000s as a whole.

It was also reportedly the last major film to receive a home video release on VHS tape. - BKAllmighty

10 Kingsman: The Secret Service

I don't think many, after watching the trailers, expected this film to be rated R. It just looked so PG-13-ish and colorful to be so, well, mature. But, then again, it was also directed by Matthew Vaughn (of 'Kick-Ass' fame), so we should have all known better. But that's ok since the movie is a joyride of action and fun. I know I'm definitely looking forward to a sequel. - BKAllmighty

The Contenders

11 Watchmen

Such a brilliant film, and in my opinion one of the most underrated films of the noughties. Gritty, complex, thought provoking, great storytelling & characters and shocking, this film has everything you could ever wish for in terms of a comic book movie and a Watchmen adaptation. Move over, The Dark Knight and Avengers Assemble. Your throne of best superhero movie has been snatched. - Mrveteran

Best rated R superhero movie ever!

This, deadpool, and akira are my three favorite r-rated comic films

Too low for a movie like this

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12 Dredd

This is the greatest comic book movie ever. Alex Garland is the most underrated man in movies today.

After the disaster that was 1995's 'Judge Dredd', many were turned off at the idea of seeing another movie featuring the character. Well, seventeen years later, thanks to writer/producer Alex Garland (writer of '28 Days Later' and future writer/director of 2015's 'Ex_Machina'), and thanks to the right-on performance from Karl Urban, the judge, jury, and executioner was redeemed on the big screen... in 3D! - BKAllmighty

Needs to be in the top 4

13 Daredevil - The Director's Cut

The director's cut of the film is far superior to the theatrical cut. To anyone who has not yet seen this film I give you two pieces of advice. 1) Watch the Netflix series instead. 2) If you MUST see it, see the director's cut. It's the main cut available on Blu ray.

Besides, it's the director's cut of the film that is rated R. The theatrical cut is PG-13. - BKAllmighty

This is PG-13. - RalphBob

14 V for Vendetta

Probably the most political of the lot, 'V for Vendetta' features a terrific script, clever political overtones, and top-notch performances from Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving (who plays "V" if you didn't know), and John Hurt. It's a pity that Alan Moore (co-writer of the graphic novel) chose, after disliking the adaptations of his other works, 'From Hell' and 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen', to not be credited for this film since, you know, it was actually awesome. - BKAllmighty

This masterpiece under the 5th wave?

Great movie.

Don't want to be a dickhead but people has such a horrible taste putting movies like daredevil above this...And deadpool is number one,How in hell can sincity be above Watchmen and this movie...Hell,even crow was a good movie,but v for vendetta is on another level

15 Blade II
16 Wanted

Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy together in an action movie. That sure is an interesting mix. - BKAllmighty

17 Kick-Ass 2
18 300

It's a macho movie if there ever was one, that's for sure. It's pretty darn entertaining, too. - BKAllmighty

19 The Punisher

A decent but Bad ass movie!

A truly great movie

20 Batman: The Killing Joke
21 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition

This movie's PG-13 though.

22 Spawn
23 Punisher: War Zone
24 Blade: Trinity
25 300: Rise of an Empire

No where near as good as the original '300', but I gave it a passing grade. Just barely, mind you. - BKAllmighty

26 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Still haven't seen this one. I loved the original, but the idea of a sequel kind of felt stale to me after nine years. - BKAllmighty

27 Whiteout
28 Kingsman: The Golden Circle
29 Ghost World
30 Deadpool 2 Deadpool 2
31 Venom
32 Conan the Barbarian 1982

It is in my opinion one of Arnold Schwarzeneggers’ best movies

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