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321 Can't Knock the Hustle - Jay Z

This is simply the catchiest song of all time right from when you start hearing the beat, even after seeing 3 decades this song still catches people moving their heads to it.

Simply the most catchy rap song of all time. Decades have passed and themes have changed, but one thing is for certain, this track still gets peoples head moving to it.

322 I Need Love - LL Cool J

Scrolled through looking for Cool J song... Besides momma said knock you out this prolly his,weakest song. Maybe 'the breakthrough' or 'I'm bad'

323 Sag My Pants - Hopsin
324 Dysfunctional - Tech N9ne
325 It's Been a Long Time - Rakim
326 Lilili Hosak - Zed Bazi

The best in the world new & amazing song!

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327 Tabestoon Kootahe - Zed Bazi

This is the best music all off hip hop

The best rap fars track

328 Ridiculous - Dope D.O.D.
329 No Mercy - Immortal Technique
330 Fireman - Lil Wayne
331 My Philosophy - Boogie Down Productions
332 Guns are Drawn - The Roots
333 Above the Clouds - Gang Starr
334 Cold Wind Blows - Eminem

343?! I looked for a while to find this song and it's at 343! Are you serious?! This sing is incredible! Best song on Eminem's Recovery!

I am in love with this song it gets me pumped up and is twice as better as till I collapse should be on the top 5

335 Jump Around - House of Pain

Not the best, but should be higher on this list

This is my favorite rap song ever

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336 #ThatPower - Will.I.Am
337 Daydreamin' - Lupe Fiasco

Extremely underrated artist and song

338 BLKKK SKKKN Head - Kanye West
339 GZ and Hustlas - Snoop Dogg
340 I Rep that West - Ice Cube

Great rap song, with a great beat and lyrics. Ice Cube shows that he Rep the West. The hook is also fine, almost good as "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It".

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