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481 Hood Go Crazy - Tech N9ne

This is the only song by Tech N9ne that I don't like - KrazzyMadd

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482 Check Yo Self - Ice Cube

How is this not higher? Ice cube is one of the best rappers ever. And this song is pure gold! - Antwon

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483 Shed So Many Tears - Tupac V 1 Comment
484 Five More Nights - J.T. Machinima
485 iPhone - Young Pappy V 1 Comment
486 Furthest Thing - Drake
487 Unforgivable Youth - Lupe Fiasco
488 So Far... - Eminem
489 Me Myself and I - De la Soul
490 I'm on a Boat - The Lonely Island V 1 Comment
491 Epic - Faith No More V 1 Comment
492 Jumpman - Drake & Future

This is an awesome song both artists are awesome and it has all the tools you need for it to become a popular song. Drake is awesome.

Are you kidding me?! Who put this on the list?! Both artists are horrible!

493 No Vaseline - Ice Cube
494 Where the Hood At - DMX
495 Let Me Blow Ya Mind - Eve

Huh? Really? This song is ion the same list w the message? Can anybody put a song on this list? How does this work? B/c I have a couple of serious suggestions because old school rap is considered the "golden era" for a reason It was a high-traffic era of new and ground- breaking sounds. The artists were so creative and very few of them sounded alike. It was a time of some immaturity too b/cog that west coast-east coast battling which allowed for a lot of artists from other parts of the country being ignored. There was one group who really did brak the mold and step out into the spotlight...bone thugs n harmony made their own lane in era. They were the first rap group to win a Grammy although fresh prince won one before but it's a debate whether fresh prince was a group. I don't know. Anyway. Much love to bone and black sheep!

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496 Blackout - Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge
497 Going Through Changes - Eminem
498 Surviving the Times - Nas
499 The Bridge is Over - Boogie Down Production
500 Same Drugs - Chance the Rapper
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