Worst Rap Songs of 2014

Now that 2014 has ended. Let's check back on the worst rap of 2014.
The Top Ten
1 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj Anaconda - Nicki Minaj Cover Art

Anaconda is a member of the Pop family. And by the way, why so much Lupe Fiasco on this list?

2 All I Got - Hendersin All I Got - Hendersin Cover Art

The real answer to this poll is all of the above, because rap just needs to be flushed down the toilet where it belongs.

3 Remission - Lupe Fiasco Remission - Lupe Fiasco Cover Art
4 Hot N*gga - Bobby Shmurda Hot N*gga - Bobby Shmurda Cover Art

It’s a vine song that is somehow more pointless and forgettable than Hit the Quan

Listening to that song was a waste of 3 minutes 19 seconds of my life. I mean seriously, what did it even contribute to hip-hop?!

The song is even worse than its title

5 Deliver - Lupe Fiasco Deliver - Lupe Fiasco Cover Art
6 Mission - Lupe Fiasco Mission - Lupe Fiasco Cover Art
7 Wet Dreamz - J Cole Wet Dreamz - J Cole Cover Art


8 Apparently - J Cole Apparently - J Cole Cover Art

Why are J.Cole's forest hills drive songs on the list. They were big hits

9 Fancy - Iggy Azalea Fancy - Iggy Azalea Cover Art
10 Wiggle - Jason Derulo Wiggle - Jason Derulo Cover Art

Sexual trash

The Contenders
11 We Dem Boyz - Wiz Khalifa We Dem Boyz - Wiz Khalifa Cover Art

Try counting how many times he says "Hol' Up" in this song.

I actually like this song

12 I - Kendrick Lamar I - Kendrick Lamar Cover Art
13 No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd Cover Art

These guys are the worst rappers in history! They're even worse than Soulja Boy!

This list sucks now. Maybe it will get better. Instead of good rap songs, there should be more like songs on this list like this one.

14 P**** - Lupe Fiasco P**** - Lupe Fiasco Cover Art
15 All I Need is You - Lecrae All I Need is You - Lecrae Cover Art
16 Lifestyle - Rich Gang Lifestyle - Rich Gang Cover Art

In a world where 6ix9ine exists, Young Thug isn’t the worst rapper of all time, but he’s definitely the most annoying, say what you want about Lil Pump, at least he’s understandable.

17 Bend Ova - Lil Jon Bend Ova - Lil Jon Cover Art

All this guy did is scream, just like 6IX9INE.

Lil Jon? Tyga? Put together? It’s HORRIBLE!

Tyga is in it. ‘enough said.

It contains a feature by Tyga. Lil Jon, it’s time to stop. 🤦🏻‍♂️ - Brian Griffin

18 Really Tryna Do - Icejjfish

IceJJFish probably has the worst singing he has ever had in any of his songs which is something considering how bad his singing is in other songs. The music video is laughably bad. The lyrics to this song are unknown and it’s very hard to understand what he’s saying in the video. The “oohs” are very annoying. He makes many annoying noises in the intro of the song.

The music video looks like something 6ix9ine would do.

This is worse than On the Floor, TBH. - Brian Griffin

this sucks - AlphaQ

19 No Role Modelz - J Cole No Role Modelz - J Cole Cover Art
20 Coco - O.T. Genasis Coco - O.T. Genasis Cover Art
21 Cut Her Off - K Camp Cut Her Off - K Camp Cover Art
22 On the Floor - Icejjfish On the Floor - Icejjfish Cover Art

The vocals are terrible, IceJJFish sounds like he is constipated. The singing doesn’t even match with the beat of the song at all.
The production is really low quality. The music video is terrible and badly shot. The album cover looks terrible and seems to be made in MS Paint.

Thank god, this song deserves to have a lot of dislikes.

SO MUCH OFF-KEY VOCALS! (Yeah, I know it’s mumble rap).

23 V 3005 - Childish Gambino V 3005 - Childish Gambino Cover Art

Puts me to sleep unintentionally. - SelfDestruct

24 Pills and Potions - Nicki Minaj Pills and Potions - Nicki Minaj Cover Art

Stupid song from a stupid prostitute that is a donkey look-alike.

Most of its singing

25 Fight Night - Migos Fight Night - Migos Cover Art
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