Top 10 Competitors On American Ninja Warrior

The Top Ten
1 Isaac Caldiero
2 Drew Drechsel
3 Kevin Bull

The Bull Is WILD!

4 Joe Moravsky

How the heck is Megan Martin and Jesse Graff ahead of one of the best ninjas ever

5 Geoff Britten
6 Flip Rodriguez

He plays great this list is 100 percent correct

This list is Wacked up Flip is 14, Rosen is 13, and Joe Moravsky is 10 come on

Awesome and kind

Most talented

7 David Campbell

He just got to get over the hump

8 Lance Pekus
9 Brent Steffensen
10 Jessie Graff

1 of 2 girls to complete stage 1. She is awesome

The Contenders
11 Megan Martin
12 Kacy Catanzaro
13 Travis Rosen

The Tennesse Trader

14 JJ Woods

Man awesome so cool

Best man ever, most athletic, coolest,and strongest person ever.

15 Brian Arnold
16 Ian Dory

Almost completed stage 3 twice

Break out rookie season

17 Daniel Gil
18 Ryan Stratus
19 Sean Bryan
20 Elet Hall
21 Rob Moravsky
22 Mathis "Kid" Owhadi
23 Adam Rayl
24 Grant McCartney

You strong

25 Jake Murray

Best and funniest ninja their is.

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