Top 10 Robot Wars Series 6 Competitors

Series 6 was the first series of Razer's title defence, and it had a lot of good fights, along with solid competitors, and some controversy here and there.
Same as before. Bots ranked on design and performance. Also Spoilers.
The Top Ten
1 Razer

Razer return after finally winning the UK title. It's title defence goes off to a good start, with the only real "Scare" being when it got flipped by Cyrax, and even then it could self-right. It powered through it's heat and Semi-Final, beating Terrorhurtz in the Grand Final, before fighting Tornado for the title. However, Tornado had adapted itself to take on Razer, and with it's innovative anti-Razer cage Tornado kept itself safe from Razer's crusher. Razer almost got Tornado into the pit, but couldn't quite get all the wheels over the pit. Personally, I felt Razer should've got the decision, but it went Tornado's way, and Razer finished a respectable 2nd.

2 Tornado

The most promising newcomer in Series 4 may have crashed out early in Series 5, but got the 12th seed here, and the team return with some new enhancements to the bot. The most notable upgrade has to be the interchangable weapons. The bot can have a spinning disc, a lance, a scoop or (we'll get to that), depending on the opponent. Combine that with the machine's strong drives and it powered through the competition, beating seeds much higher than it like Hypno-Disc and Firestorm. In the Grand Final it faced Razer, where it used an Anti-Crusher Web. This prevented Razer doing major damage to it, and as a bi-product kept it out of the pit. It won the title on a judges decision, and made for quite the shock of the lowest seed defeating the highest seed.

3 Firestorm IV

The third-place finishers from the previous series return in hopes of going one step further. In it's heat it got through without struggle (though it did comically drive into the pit after beating all it's opponents in the first melee). Took out two fearsome spinner-bots in the Semi-Finals, and then fought Tornado. Unfortunately Firestorm lost the ground game as Tornado's wedge was lower to the ground. And using it's superior pushing power Tornado used that to it's advantage and pushed Firestorm in the pit. Firestorm then fought for 3rd place (again) against Terrorhurtz. Despite getting a good few whacks from Terrorhurtz's axe Firestorm, outlasted it's opponent and took 3rd place (again).
Performance wise Firestorm is consistent to a fault, and it would've been lovely to see it take home a UK title at least once. Oh well.

4 Terrorhurtz

John Reid had been in several previous series, but had little to no success with Killerhurtz, and even Terrorhurtz debut in Series 5 saw it get taken out by a very impressive Fluffy. But in Series 6 it returned with a surprisingly powerful axe. Instead of relying on a spike to punch holes in armour it used a heavier bladed head to bludgeon robots to death. The fast repetitive nature of the blows was strong enough to shake loose electronics in bots, but also caused the robot to go a bit haywire. It battered robots like Panic Attack and Bigger Brother, but then lost to Razer in the Grand Final, and was beaten by Firestorm in the 3rd place play-off.
I think it's safe to say Terrorhurtz won over a lot of new fans in this series.

5 Dantomkia

A newcomer to the show which made waves in it's first appearance. It was a sleek and fast flipper bot, that had good drives, and a flipper powerful enough to chuck robots out of the arena. However, when it fought Chaos 2 in the heat final everyone thought the more experienced team would take these newcomers to the cleaners. But in a shocking turn of events Chaos 2's flipper lost power, was unable to self-right, and Dantomkia flipped it clean out of the arena. Then it lost an underwhelming fight with S3, but made a strong comeback beating Wild Thing and 13 Black. It then ultimately lost to Razer, but for a new team to come in, defeat a former champion, and make it all the way to the top 8, that's some good going.
Also won the Most Promising Newcomer award.

6 Bigger Brother

After nearly going all the way in the previous series the Bigger Brother team return as the #2 seed. In it's heat it got through fairly comfortably, it's only real challenging fight was against Behemoth, which it won by pitting. In the Semi-Finals however it had problems against Dominator 2 and lost. It then beat Hypno-Disc and Spawn Again in the Loser's Melee, before getting absolutely battered by Terrorhurtz.
The machine was still driven well, and the flipper was as powerful as ever, but I think by this point the armour needed improving if it was going to hold up to the stronger weapons that were coming in.

7 13 Black

A machine similar to Hypno-Disc, except instead of one big flywheel it had two. As there was one on either side this was an intuitive design as it could attack from the front and back. It was faced with a fairly tough heat, with robots like Thermidor II, Stinger and Fluffy. It managed to win the heat, even beating Stinger. But in the Semi-Finals it fell afoul to Firestorm, and then lost to Dantomkia in the Loser's Melee. It's a bot that doesn't like being flipped, though using the spinners to try and crab-walk was a creative way to show controlled movement.

8 S3

After an impressive showing in the previous series S3 returns again. The vertical flywheel is as strong as ever, though the robot's shape did make maneuverability tricky at times. It still caused some good damage, especially against Shredder (part of that robot got stuck on the ceiling), and it got a surprise win over Dantomkia. However when it faced Firestorm it was flipped up against the wall, and was in such a weird angle that the bot's centre of gravity was higher than the wall, and it just ended up toppling over and out of the arena. Good at tearing up bots with weak armour, but struggles against a good flipper. The team never returned after this series.

9 Hypno-Disc

Hypno-Dsic returns once more. This time the competition is much better equipped for dealing with Hypno-Disc's attacks. It's flywheel still had that knockout power to it, as demonstrated in it's heat where it beat bots like Bulldog Breed and Barberous II fairly quickly. When it got to the Semi-Finals however it became evident that the bots wouldn't get knocked out so easily. It lost to Tornado after getting pushed all around the arena, and in the loser's melee it was the first bot to go.
This was definitely Hypno-Disc's worst performing series, but still, the fact that in four consecutive series it had never failed to win a heat, that's some pretty good going right there.

10 Spawn Again
The Contenders
11 259

Long standing roboteer Adam Clark had been ever present throughout Robot Wars, but had never won a battle up til this point. Then he brought 259. A bot in the similar vein to Nightmare of Battlebots, with a giant vertical flywheel, that had great speed and torque to it, and could toss robots all over the place. It was massively impressive in it's first round melee, taking on everyone, then in it's fight against Wild Thing it started strong. Then disaster, the weapon belt came off and the spinner stopped working, and without a main weapon there was very little it could do. Later it lost drive completely and Wild Thing took the judges decision.
When it worked it was capable of great damage, but was very much a glass cannon. 259 will remain a "What could've been" scenario. Actually I stand corrected, it wouldn't have stood a chance against Razer.
Also won the award for Best Design.

12 Wild Thing 2
13 Barber-Ous 2
14 Raging Reality
15 Shredder
16 X-Terminator
17 Disc-O-Inferno
18 Chaos 2
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