Top 10 Robot Wars Series 7 Competitors

Following on from Series 6, the seventh series of Robot Wars had a lot of promise, but unfortunately it didn't deliver. The move to Channel 5 meant it got lower viewing figures, a lot of old favourites didn't return, and an infamous scandal put a damper on the series. But it wasn't all bad. The bots were still great, and there were a lot of fun fights to be had out of it.
Bots are once again ranked on design and performance. Also spoilers.
The Top Ten
1 Storm II

The winner of the New-Blood tournament which gained automatic entry into the series, as the 16th seed. Storm II was like a souped up Tornado. Unfortunately this team had an ongoing battle with the producers. The active-weapon rule was implimented, so they had to add a lifter to the bot. Either way the bot didn't need it, as it was so powerful it could push and slam robots all around (even getting The Steel Avenger out of the arena). It even beat Tornado in the Grand Final, before fighting Typhoon 2 for the title. After dominating the fight, it went to the judges, and Typhoon 2 was given the win in possibly the show's most scandalous decisions.
The reason why Storm II is number 1 is that it was the rightful winner of Series 7, and many Robot Wars fans acknowledge that.

2 Atomic

Atomic in Series 4 started out as a bulky and rather flimsy flipper, then it returned in Series 5 with better construction and decent flipper power, and in Series 7 the improvement is a quantum leap. It had probably the most effective flipper in the series. A solid plow to deflect spinners, and high pressure rams to chuck robots clean into the air. It managed to get an out of the arena flip in all of it's fights. In it's fight against Typhoon 2 it looked like the perfect design to take it out, however a freak accident caused the flipper to malfunction and the bot got stuck on it's back, where Typhoon 2 caused it a great deal of damage. Had it not broken down it could've easily won the series, and even given Storm II a good run for it's money.

3 Typhoon 2

The Air Cadets from Edinburgh entered a heavyweight version of their highly successful middleweight bot. It was a full-body spinner capable of getting up to scary fast speeds and knocking out robots in only a few hits. The thing is though, it had a lot of luck on it's side. It's weapon didn't work in the first fight, and had Atomic not broken down in the Semi-Finals Typhoon would've lost. In the Grand Final against Storm II it found itself on the right side of producer favouritism. After getting bossed about in the fight, the judges declared Typhoon 2 won on damage, whilst overlooking it's own weapon chain coming off.
I can't deny that the robot is still excellent, and a worthy winner, but it's a shame it had to be through such producer meddling.

4 Tornado

The champions from the previous series return to defend their title. As the active weapon rule was introduced this series they had to lose some of their interchangeable weapons, but gained some new ones in the process. These included a scoop with a flail, and an electric lifter (the latter not being much use). Despite that the robot remained relatively unchanged, and was still as effective as ever. Power-housing through the competition, and beating the highly favoured Gravity. It faced Storm II in the Grand Final, however was less powerful and ended up losing on a judges decision. It then fought X-Terminator in the play-off, which it won, and finished 3rd overall.

5 X-Terminator

X-Terminator has been around since Series 3, but has never really had great success. However, in Series 7 the team ditched the axe which they had for so long, in favour of a vertical spinner. And this movie was for the better. It wasn't the biggest or thickest, but it was good at tearing parts off robots piece by piece. And it had a very low scoop, allowing it to get under wedges, bend the metal upwards with the spinner, and render them useless. It managed to flip Killer Carrot 2 out of the arena, as it did to the very good German bot Tsunami. It made it all the way to the Grand Final, until it met Typhoon 2. The power of Typhoon's spinner was simply too much, and it got wrecked. It then fought against Tornado in the play-off, but the damage was too severe, and X-Terminator finished 4th place.

6 Firestorm V

Whilst a lot of the old favourites didn't turn up this series, it was good to see Firestorm still there. It's always been one of the most well-rounded and consistent robots in the show's history. It got through it's heat with virtually no struggle, flipping the likes of Reptirron the Second out of the arena, and even Ripper, a machine that in any other heat could've easily been a semi-finalist. Firestorm made it to the top 8, but alas, the run came to an end when it fought Storm II. Firestorm lost the ground game, couldn't get in underneath it, and Storm II pushed it into the pit.
I always considered Firestorm to be something on an under-achiever in Robot Wars. The best robot that never won a series in my eyes.

7 Gravity

This Dutch entry looked fairly unassuming, just another wedge flipper. But the power it displayed, it was almost on the level of Apollo, but 12 years earlier, which made it that much more impressive. It made a big splash when it threw Hydra out of the arena, smashing it into a camera, then defeating 13 Black. It also had what was at the time the fastest knockout against Dantomkia. The run ended when Tornado proved too strong for it, puncturing it's tyre and pushing it down the pit.
Really, the robot's biggest weakness was it wasn't the most solidly constructed. But when you have a flipper as powerful as this, it was still quite the spectacle to behold.

8 Bulldog Breed

Another team that has been around since Series 3. Bulldog Breed has mostly been a good flipper bot, but in it's previous two series it was unfortunate to get drawn against Hypno-Disc both times. The team came back better armoured and with "No Fear". It barely escaped disqualification in it's opening melee, after the team broke the rule against entanglement devices by placing netting over the pneumatic rams. But after getting let off with a warning it then managed to get through it's heat, and in the Semi-Finals it had what I consider to be the best fight of the series against Tough as Nails. It then fought X-Terminator, and it got absolutely battered. And given X-Terminator's big phobia of flippers it was unrelenting destruction as well.
Still, despite the messy end I'm happy Bulldog Breed managed to get as far as it did for just this once.

9 Dantomkia

The Most Promising Newcomer award winner from the previous series returns as the #5 seed. It's battle tactics remained relatively unchanged. Get right in there and flip bots out of the arena. It managed that on Scorpion (though it did take some damage from it's spinner), and IG-88 in only 11 seconds. Unfortunately it then met Gravity in the semi-finals, where it only lasted roughly 6 seconds before getting yeeted out of the arena by the more powerful flipper.
Now knowing what to expect the team's nerves from the previous series died down a bit, and seemed to go into fights with more confidence this time around.

10 M2

A newcomer to Robot Wars, M2 proved to be quite the well rounded bot indeed. It was a barrel shaped flipper bot that was fast, had a strong flipper to it, and it had a hell of a lot of flips per fight. It was also quite a neatly driven robot. In it's first fight it got a double out of the arena, then it took out Pussycat on a judge's decision, then won a tense game of survival against Tiberius 3. In the Semi-Finals it was drawn against Atomic, and despite getting flipped a lot it kept recovering, and even flipped Atomic back a couple of times. Eventually it's tyre gave out, and Atomic was able to flip it out of the arena.

For a first time entry this was a really good showing.

The Contenders
11 Bigger Brother
12 Pussycat
13 Kat 3
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