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1 Iconic Characters

I feel a great disturbance in the force, as if a thousand weeaboos all cried out in anger. And we're suddenly silenced. - Unnamed Google User Remade

Don't get me wrong I love anime too but I have to go with cartoons because I love how you can experiment with different art styles and get away with adult humor without the kids getting it also another thing that sets it apart is the fans of cartoons the big fans of anime think that if you like cartoons you don't like them and it's their way or the highway.

Reading some of these comments made me realize these haven't even watched
An anime properly. They watched just two episode and now they are criticizing it. Seriously get a grip. You are hating on anime in an unreasonable way like some of anime fans.

While anime does have it's iconic characters like Goku and Naruto, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo, Popeye, and other classic cartoon characters are more iconic.

2 Simple Stories

Look, people are different so you won't know what they will say. To be honest, I have to agree with them but I do not hate western animations as much though due to the fact that I watched cartoons during my childhood. Think about anime as more mature version of cartoons. (This must be the reason why my mom loves ani me but dislikes cartoons.)

They are still good American cartoons but anime fans can't accept that. They just want to hate on Western Animation and the fans and say anime is the best thing in the entire world even though it isn't

When he said anime fans, he/she didn't say every single one. Also this person isn't even doing the exact same thing. He/she is telling the truth. Anime isn't the best thing in the world and most anime fans do hate on Western animation. Just saying that anime fans do this, doesn't mean they they are saying that it is every one.

I am an anime fan who still love cartoons, so I think that, when I want to watch something for fun, I'll watch cartoons, but anime is better for a proper story.

American cartoons don't have storylines at all. Anime has actual storylines with structure, and they are simple enough.

Yes, anime has actual stories which repeat the same thing over and over.

3 Great Catchphrases

You go away to Pey. If you want to hear people praise anime like it's the best thing ever (even though it's not) go to that dumb biased list. You and many anime fans can't accept the fact that American cartoons are really good and are not just made for children. I have heard people say that tweety bird catch phrase a lot of times but that doesn't matter. What matters is that it's an iconic catchphrase that everyone knows. Just because you know some so called "catchphrases" from animes doesn't mean it's iconic.

AliCatz615 go away. No one even says that and that "catchphrase" isn't even iconic. You obviously watched an episode of whatever anime was on, heard a quote you liked, then put it here. It's a stupid quote anyway. Why would someone say they would take a potato chip and eat it. It's not funny and it's not a catchphrase. It will never be iconic or well known.

Guys were in america of course were going to use catch phrases from america. There's a language barrier between Japan and america so catch phrases wouldn't really work.

There are no catch phrases that are good

4 Funny Gags

I don't really get the humor in anime. Sure, America has dumb toilet humor, but the old episodes of SpongeBob had way more humor in my opinion.

When's the last time SpongeBob made me laugh? The last time I laughed was when season 3 ended. Every season after wasn't funny at all.

I'm a anime an cartoon and Hollywood fan. Every tine I watched a I don't Their are funny parts but with America shows they are comeplety funny as heck!

There is also quick-wit jokes and adult innuendos. Most anime fans say only American cartoons have slapstick.

5 Different Art Styles

Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time... you name it. The correct names just sprang right into your head just by glancing. For me, I've first watched Steven Universe in a hospital T.V., and its pastell-ish unique art never left my head. And after that it was easy to find it! In Anime however, I can't find a creative and significant art style. Sure some shows like Naruto and Dragon Ball were different, but most of them just squish in with the others. Even the characters all look alike, only with different hair color and eyes. So I get a little boredom every time I watch Anime.

As much as this list is just mentally retarded, this one is something I can agree. I like anime but no doubt western animation has more "freedom" to their art styles where in anime it has to stick to an art style. Not all animes have the same art style and what defines as different anime artstyles in my opinion is quality,visuals,color,etc but cartoons can be differentiate quickly with no thought while in anime it takes time. Its just many cartoon creators only want the money and not get money thru beautiful and quality cartoons like Adventure Time or... The Regular Show (I really see Steven Universe like the new DBZ in cartoons but extremely better) but I say anime is extremely different to cartoons. But in a way I see it more expandable to audiences and quality while cartoons can have an big influence and independence in art styles

You can tell apart most Western shows just by looking at them, whereas you wouldn't know the difference between two animes unless you had watched them before. Western animators are better because they experiment with different ways of drawing/animating, giving each cartoon a unique look.

If I take anime characters produced in the past year and put them against a blank background and show it to someone, they'd think they all belong to only one show

For me, anime is ugliest thing anyone can ever draw. Seriously,even flash animated cartoons look nicer than those abominations!

6 Bright Colours

BS animes have as much bright colours as a cartoon! In cartoons all they does wear the same outfit in like every episode whereas in anime they change wear something different or wear the school uniform. There hair colours are different (which people who hate anime find weird) but does it matter? They have colours which you might find very mellow. The colours in a cartoon can cause a seizure. It happened to my friend once.

O so if someone makes a list saying anime is better, its fine but if someone makes a list saying American cartoons are better, they are a jackass. how is mrcoolface a jackass? Because he thinks American cartoons are better and your a biased little prick who can't accept the fact that not everyone thinks that anime is better

They hate American cartoons because they think that loving anime makes them more special. Has to do with an inferiority complex I think

That's not what I'm saying bitch. He practically spams saying stupid stuff on why anime is better than cartoons list. Whenever people say cartoons are better than anime it's fine, but when people say anime is better he has to have his input on every item on the list. Can't HE accept that people like anime better? I mean look at his list, it's pathetic. He says stuff like they have no plot or that they are repetitive.

Naruto, one piece, blue exorcist, attack on titan, mirai nikki, no game no life, sword art online, gurren laggan. Enough said.

7 Family Appeal

Well most anime fans like animes better ( for really bad reasons) because they want it to be a sad ending. That's stupid. Cartoons have happy endings so you can escape reality and forget the troubles of the world. You don't want to watch a murder story or a sad anime to remind you of the crap that's happening now. Also emos aren't cool. All they do is cry and moan and cut themselves.

Actually, we don't like bad endings. When a favorite character dies, anime fans get kinda pissed. And anime has the strength to approach implacable truths with grave honesty. And anime fans aren't emo. Also, anime is a very large part of television in Japan, and includes many family friendly movies and shows. I also have a question. What do you mean by "bad reasons? " I don't think we choose to like anime for evil or criminal reasons, other than the sheer enjoyment of it. Your argument is uneducated, purely biased, naive, and invalid.

This is bull. I'm sorry my giant black MMA instructor likes anime. He served in Iraq and has a wife and child. One of the coolest guys I've ever met and helps special needs children.

American cartoon IS made mostly for families... Anime is more extensive and is there for all types of audience,for five year olds to a 50 yr old man but mostly for teenagera... I know lots of anime's which are geared towards "family appeal". In fact I watch them with my parents.

So there is no space for family in anime? In Naruto Road to Ninja it was practically about him and his family, if he had any. There is a lot of family stuff

8 Kimba the White Lion

One of the first Animes shown regularly on US T.V..
It was terrible, along with another early Anime, "Astro-Boy", also terrible. A few years later came "Speed Racer", which was a little better but not much.

So you're telling me that cartoons are better than Anime because of one character?

The Lion King is first and better than that Kimba

The Disney movie'The Lion Kink' was a rip off of this anime.

9 Stars On the Hollywood Walk of Fame

No one knows who voiced for anime hence why they are never on greatest voice actors lists. Instead you see Mel Blanc, June Foray, Frank Welker, Don Messick, Daws Butler, Jess Harnell, Rob Paulson, Tres Macnielle, Nancy Cartwright, Cree Summer, Tara Strong, and Maurice Lamarche. (to name a few) Yes they all did star in only American cartoons and they are all well known in the voice acting buisness and are very talented.

Because of American cartoons, a mouse, a bunny, a duck, a woodpecker and a family of yellow people all have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That's something not even Wallace & Gromit have.

Yea but they aren't known that well because no one cares excuse dumb anime fanboys who think anime is better than American cartoons when it really isn't.

Well the stars who voice anime characters are famous to.

10 They're Never Depressing

True! There's usually only like 1 episode per season that would have a cliffhanger or a thrilling ending if you're talking about a more serious cartoon like gravity falls. But the rest of the time it's just great humor, artwork, and acting.

There are also anime that takes you to a world where you can escape everything you know. Anime isn't that dramatic. Watch Acchi kocchi for once and you will realize that anime isn't really sad and emotional. In fact, anime usually blends emotions. From a trajedy to a happy ending.

It doesn't mean there can't be one sad cartoon, I'm actually curious what it would be like, and if I have a sad day, aI can always watch Cute High Earth defense Clubs love, its one of the funniest Animes I know.

Sad and emotional? Isn't that what you get with reality? Cartoons are about escapism. If you had a depressing day at work these cartoons cheer you up big time.

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11 Better Characters

This one actually makes me mad. There is no way American Cartoons have better characters. People who posted this are just haters who are trying to make people mad. Honestly American cartoon characterc SUCK. I mean seriously tell me spongebob is better than naruto, ichigo, grimmjow, sasuke, kirito, kaneki, and many many others. Anime characters how so much depth and backstories with emotion. American characters are just stupid, they have no emotion whatsoever. anime characters are inspiring like naruto, ichigo, etc... you could learn great character traits from them whereas american cartoon characters are just stupid and act dumb!

No,this is so stupid anime charaters are amazing and really relatable too. Anime has so many genres with so many different character styles and in my opinion much better design. Most cartoon characters barely resemble humans at all and have horrible proportions. And anime characters have a ton of depth and back stories. Villains aren't just stupid bad guys, some actually have noble motives but a twisted way of going about them because of their past, they are actually smart and likable too, where cartoon villains are stupid and cliche

NO NO NO no no anime is way better than cartoons and has far better chareacters. Anime has relatable characters with deep and interesting. Go on, give me one reason why annoying cartoon characters like gumball and mordecai are better than the likes of kaori, kaneki, naruto, spike spiegel, sailor moon, chihiro, goku, L and light, luffy, maka, Ezra scarlet, yona, basically the whole cast of fullmetal alchemist, kamina, chitoge, kagura, yugi, I could go on forever!
Anime is the best form of art, way better than cartoons and the characters are one of the things that make it so good!

Sure, Anime has deep characters, but it doesn't make them better. Most main Anime character are just a cute boy with spiky hair, trying to become some kind of master.

12 Better Animation

As an anime fan I have two words for this example: HAND. DRAWN.
While some like Sword Art Online do use computer animation, most anime are drawn frame by frame by a group of talented artists from beginning to end. Yes it can be a bit rough at times, but anime will always be more fluid than western animation.

This is not true, no matter how much you day it, it never will be. A single frame in anime can take hours to draw by a group of artists. However, a frame in a cartoon can be thrown together in about five two minutes. Anime takes much more skill and effort to make and looks a hundred times better too.

Yes, I said it. Anime animation is just lazy. They only have 2 different mouths. One big, and one small. And when they fight or something it's always that dumb background.

Really...? Have you watched attack of titnas? Even though I've watched cartoons I find anime animation much better and colourful than cartoons...

13 Disney The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.

Look at all the things Disney makes and the animation they turn out and the characters they have and you wonder why people say that anime has better animation and characters.

You'd never guess who owns Studio Ghibli, the makers of Spirited away. Yep, that would be Disney.

People nowadays whine about Disney cartoons because they grew up in the 90s or 00s. On the internet Frozen is just a hate cult.

I'm a huge fan Disney, cartoons, Hollywood, and Anime fan!

Gravity Falls

14 Less Predicable

This is actually so stupid. Most good animes aren't predictable at all and have amazing plot twists. Many times you really don t know whats going to happen and who is going to die. I mean American cartoons are predictable. People who argue that Pokemon is predictable so all anime are predictable haven t actually watched anime to see the amazing plot twists. Most times American cartoons have simple plots that only span and episode and the characters never actually die, whereas in anime there is actually a plot and you never know whats going to happen. For example, Itachi was cared for Sasuke in Naruto, tobi was not madara but actually obito in naruto, gin was good in bleach, hearthcliff was the creator of SAO in sword art online, and I can honestly think of many many more. The plot twists are amazing in anime, yes sometimes its predictable, but isn't american cartoons sometimes predictable too

Both are sometimes predictable, none is better than the other, we all have our opinions, now deal with it.

People who think animes are better say animes are't predictable and they don't as long. First I don't know how a show's length has anything to do with American and anime cartoons being better. Second, Pokemon is the most predictably show in the world and guess what, IT'S AN ANIME

What are you an anime hater? Pokemon is an anime for kindergarten children! Have you ever watched a real anime like Naruto, one piece and bleach?

Anime has a huge problem of over useing shonen tropes and character archertypes. Though this complaint mostly applies to shonen and harem anime. But those two genre of anime account for 90% of all anime out there

You spelled "predictable" wrong.

15 Kimba stole Babar The Elephant's plotline

Both have an animal ruler who had a parent killed by humans and they both were taken in by humans. Babar and Kimba both have to spread the word about human culture to the other animals, and both Kimba and Babar have comedic relief duos. There is also Jungle Comics Simba King of Beasts and a 1948 cartoon that focuses on a lion named... ZIMBA and he even looks like Kimba! The Kimba fanbase is one of, if not, THE WORST Anime Fandoms ever! I highly recommend researching Babar, you guys would be surprised how eerily close the story is to Kimba The White Lion. At least the Lion King fandom doesn't draw violent hateart of other lion cartoons like the Kimba fandom does.

Anime fans ESPECIALLY TEZUKA FANBRATS should look up Babar the Elephant and notice the similar storylines except Babar is open-ended while Kimba ends badly. There is no doubt in my mind that the Jungle Emperor franchise ripped off Babar the Elephant. Jean De Brunhoff should have sued Osamu Tezuka for plagiarism of his story. Don't get me wrong, I adore Tezuka and his works [except for Kimba] but Babar was first and best. Oh, and one more thing anime fanbrats, without Felix the Cat, there would have been no cartoons and without cartoons, no anime. So respect cartoons or prepare for anime getting bashed!

16 Talented Voice Actors

This is actually completely false. Anime as amazing Japanese and English voice actors. Many voice actors do American cartoons and anime. To be honest I think most of a voice actors talent shows in anime as opposed to american cartoons, In anime characters show real emotions, anger, grief and sadness, etc... It has to sound real. Whereas in American cartoons u get the cheesy crying and sadness. In anime that sadness is real, its not all funny. The voice actor has to convey the character s emotions, and are so successful in doing so I've found myself crying during an emotional moment in anime.

Yea people said that voice actors for anime are better than voice actors for American cartoons. I can just say one American cartoon voice actors name and those biased anime fans would shut up. Really, American cartoons had Mel Blanc and these people are really say Anime voice actors are better. BS I SAY! BS!

You do realize there have been voice actors who do voice acting for both cartoons AND anime, right? Besides, I like voice acting from both cartoons and anime equally.

The acting is possibly the worst part about anime, it's awful(and obviously I'm only talking about American dubs). However, cartoons have the magnificent voice acting of voice actors like Peter Cullen, Frank welker, Steve Blum, etc)

Anime fans always complain about English voice acting when we have such talented voice actors like Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Strong, Stevn Blum, Phil Lamarr, Seth MacFarlane, Kari Wahlgren, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes, Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Josh Keaton, Nolan North, Cree Summers, Dee Bradley Baker, James Arnold Taylor, Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, Scott McNeil, and yes, Mel Blanc (may he rest in peace).

17 Bigger Legacy

Laugh out loud what's funny is that America is trying to imitate anime now...

So big, the British tried to get in on the act in the 1970s.

Well actually now a days america got a bunch of anime creators and created a new anime called space dandy

18 Better Music Scores

American cartoons were often scored by legendary maestros like Carl Stalling, Hoyt Curtin and Scott Bradley among others.

What has anime got? Trash that's what

19 Animation Renaissance

I don't understand... What does The Simpsons have to do with anime?

Without The Simpsons kickstarting this rebirth, Anime wouldn't have come about.

That's actually not true due to anime existing before the simpsons' creation.

20 They Never Outstay Their Welcome

I disagree a lot of cartoons have completely overstayed their welcomes for example The Simpsons, Family Guy, Sponge Bob SquarePants, Phineas and Ferb, Johnny Test and many more.

OH please lots of animes outstay their welcome to. Pokemon, Digimon, The Dragon Ball series, Naruto, and the Bakugan series. (to name a few)

That doesn't mean they haven't outstayed there welcome. people still like SpongeBob and simpsons and don't want them to end but that doesn't stop people from saying they have overstayed their welcome

I 100 percent agree cartoons have overstayed their welcome like the Simpsons and Family Guy have been on the air way too long.

Maybe to you but to other people they may still enjoy them

21 Not As Much Fanservice

I wasn't sure where to post my opinion of this list as a whole, so I figured I'd just put it on the thing I voted for:

It's odd that nearly the entire top ten consists of things I dislike or don't care about in T.V. shows. I love complex and depressing stories as they add to who I am and my understanding of the world.

At the same time, iconic characters, funny gags, great catchphrases, bright colors, I like all of them, but I don't put very much value on them. I absolutely love some Phineas and Ferb, but when it comes to what I value in the media I consume, a great story with interesting and deep characters are what I search for.

I guess "Disney", currently at number 18, might actually be the biggest reason to love western animation, haha. Well, that and the amount of fanservice... *sigh*

To me this is just saying American cartoons are good and the title reasons why it's better is to just grab attention. It's annoying how people keep bashing American cartoons just because it's not anime or anime is better because American cartoons don't have the cliches that anime does have

Its annoying how people don't like anime because there is a lot of fan service? So what? Its illegal to like my shows but you could like your cartoon crap? Fan service Is good. Your just jealous people like anime more than American crap

Who cares if characters in American cartoons wear the same outfits every episode? It's family entertainment not porn.

Well it's the anime fans who need to find every little difference that anime has and than say it's better because BIASED!

22 Hanna-Barbera Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc., was an American animation studio that dominated American television animation for three decades in the mid-to-late 20th century, founded in 1957 by former Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer animation directors William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and live-action director George Sidney more.

Mostly because when we Hanna Barbera fans get angry, it's usually for a reason -cough cough Cartoon Network screwing over the Hanna Barbera Cartoons for Cartoon Cartoons, Adult Swim and wait for it... ANIME cough cough-. Though I will admit to liking some anime like Unico and Speed Racer. I kinda like Kimba but at the same time the Kimba fanbase drives me nuts!

At least Hanna Barbera has an excuse for characters looking alike. And this is coming from someone who LIKES anime!

23 Unoriginality

Who ever made this should die

24 Fun for Children and Adults

Anime fans always say that cartoons are only meant for children when they have only watched dora the explorer or the new episodes of sponge bob. They really need to stop using two American cartoons that were either never good or not good at all to compete with anime. There are lots of cartoons that can be for everyone. Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Simpsons, Animaniacs, Gravity Falls, Pinky and the Brain, The Classic Disney Cartoons, DuckTales, Freakazoid, Tiny Toon Adventures, Adventure Time, and Gargoyles. (To just name a few of the many that there are).

Well, my 20 year old cousin loves DBZ

25 Better Fighting Scenes

Have you even watched Naruto?

This is really stupid reason!

Cartoons are Better

Naruto sucks

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