Top Ten Reasons Green Day is Better Than Justin Bieber


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1 Green Day's songs have meaning

It seems every song by Green Day is meaningful. From Wake Me Up When September Ends, to Holiday, they all have meaning. - mmarce445

Way more meaningful songs than Justin Bieber has. Every song has a subject, Basket Case is about anxiety, American Idiot is calling out George Bush as well as holiday.

American Idiot was literally a response to George W. Bush being president and what he did to America (awful president). - Kid_ethinederland

American Idiot was literally to George W. Bush and the Iraq War which we hate.

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2 Green Day writes their own music

Green Day writes all of their music (except for a few covers) and Beiber doesn't write anything. - mmarce445

Bieber writes all of his songs. Explains, why they're terrible... - ProPanda

3 Green Day's genre is better

Rock will always live on. Now, the future, Rock will never die. - mmarce445

4 Justin Bieber treats his fans terribly

He stops a concert because he got hit by a water bottle, Green Day stops a concert because of someone bullying a younger fan in the crowd. - DJDenve8

He spit on his own fans for goodness sake! Who does that? - mmarce445

Yea he is a total spoiled brat who got arrested for drag racing with his “friends” while the members of green day are very humble.

Wait... why do we need to explain why green day is better than JB. Its common knowledge for anyone with a brain and working ears

5 Billie Joe can sing without Autotune

The only song with too much autotune by Green Day is Nightlife, but that's a 1 of a kind song (not in a good way). JB uses loads of autotune every single song. - mmarce445

6 Green Day writes better songs

Basket Case, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Holiday, Wake Me Up When September Ends, 21 Guns, the list goes on. - mmarce445

7 Billie Joe Armstrong is the best singer ever

He may not be the best but we can all agree he's better that Justin Beiber. - mmarce445

He's not the best singer ever I would give that to Freddie Mercury but Billie's at least better then JB.

8 Green Day has more songs than Justin Bieber

They've also been around longer lol - ProPanda

Green Day has release 12 albums and JB has released 4, is that enough proof? - mmarce445

9 Tre Cool is the best drummer ever

That I can agree with Neil Peart's so damn overrated when it comes to drummers.

10 Mike Dirnt is the best bassist ever
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