Top Ten Reasons Green Day is Better Than Justin Bieber


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1 Green Day's songs have meaning

It seems every song by Green Day is meaningful. From Wake Me Up When September Ends, to Holiday, they all have meaning. - mmarce445

American Idiot was literally a response to George W. Bush being president and what he did to America (awful president). - Kid_ethinederland

American Idiot was literally to George W. Bush and the Iraq War which we hate.

So true.. and same with the non-violence and death meaning in 21 guns..

2 Green Day writes their own music

Green Day writes all of their music (except for a few covers) and Beiber doesn't write anything. - mmarce445

Bieber writes all of his songs. Explains, why they're terrible... - ProPanda

3 Green Day's genre is better

Rock will always live on. Now, the future, Rock will never die. - mmarce445

4 Justin Bieber treats his fans terribly

He spit on his own fans for goodness sake! Who does that? - mmarce445

5 Billie Joe can sing without Autotune

The only song with too much autotune by Green Day is Nightlife, but that's a 1 of a kind song (not in a good way). JB uses loads of autotune every single song. - mmarce445

6 Green Day writes better songs

Basket Case, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Holiday, Wake Me Up When September Ends, 21 Guns, the list goes on. - mmarce445

7 Billie Joe Armstrong is the best singer ever

He may not be the best but we can all agree he's better that Justin Beiber. - mmarce445

He's not the best singer ever I would give that to Freddie Mercury but Billie's at least better then JB.

8 Green Day has more songs than Justin Bieber

They've also been around longer lol - ProPanda

Green Day has release 12 albums and JB has released 4, is that enough proof? - mmarce445

9 Tre Cool is the best drummer ever

That I can agree with Neil Peart's so damn overrated when it comes to drummers.

10 Mike Dirnt is the best bassist ever
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