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41 She's Blond-Haired and Blue-Eyed

I don't like tay tay at all but this is no reason to hate her I used to hate blond haired blue eyes people cause of a girl that bullied me but I got over that it's not always about your appearance! And I am not defending her cause as I said I don't like her at all she gets a boyfriend and uses him so he will dump her so she could insult him that is a reason to hate her not this - SomeFangurl

Yeah, this is a dumb reason to hate her. I hate her because she is rude, uses dudes for fame, and is so greedy. - AnimeDrawer

I hate Taylor Swift a lot, but 'blond hair and blue eyes' are not reasons for hating people. Just prove that you are a racist - Chatsa2

That is absolutely no reason to hate her! Many blond haired girls with blue eyes looks pretty

I don't like Taylor, but this is just a dumb reason.

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42 She made fun of Iggy Azalea


43 She is Too Dramatic

She has no idea what it's like to really suffer... most of us have to work for a living, and have no time or energy for the crap she would lead us to believe is important.. I don't give a damn who she broke up with, or who broke up with her... her father was a banker for Christ's sake... if you want to hear music by artists who experienced real drama, listen to Muddy Waters or Billie Holiday (people that the typical Swift fan haven't got a f
king clue about) or John Lennon, Brian Wilson, etc... I predict that 20 years from now a lot of people will wonder what was the big deal about Taylor Swift...

44 She Hates Katy Perry for No Good Reason

Katy only wanted her dancers back, not steal them and taylor swift made a big deal about it and wrote a mean song about her. And why did the song become a hit if it's dissing katy?

So true! They were originally Katy's dancers, and it was made clear to Taylor when she employed the dancers that if Katy asked them back, they would do Katy's tour instead of hers.

Taylor Swift lied about the situation. If Katy did steal the dancers, she would of kidnapped them and not even ask them, just take them. Katy wouldve been in jail if she actually stole the dancers, but is she in jail? The answer is no. She even asked the dancers if they wanted to come back with her, and they agreed. Those dancers were originally hers, so she was just contracting them back, not stealing them. And what did Taylor do? Lie about the sitiuation causing Katy to lose many fans, no wonder Katy was upset. If Taylor wasnt so rude to Katy, Katy would not have lost many fans. Taylor even wrote the song Bad Blood about her.

As if katy perry loves her

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45 She Looks Like a Walking Stick

I agree, everyone says she is this tall thin beautiful blonde girl but I don't really find her that attractive. She is awkward, the way she carries herself and acts is always so awkward. She reminds me of a preteen that hit a big growth spurt too early and hasn't grown into her body yet. I mean, considering she is tall, thin, probably has a superexpensive glam team and surrounds herself with literal supermodels, you'd think she'd be a little more graceful at least. But she is so average.

I know it's shallow to harp on looks, but I don't care how pretty she is. When added to all the other issues people have waxed poetic about, her appearance compounds my dislike for her. I wish she'd dry up and blow away.

I know. This is the thing that causes anorexia. Soon, people will want to be thin like her, so they end up starving themselves.

Much more beautiful than the stupid short and fat ones

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46 She Gets Most of Her Awards by Writing Songs About Her Ex'.
47 She's Had Multiple Boyfriends

She should get a boyfriend and get pregnant 3 times by him so she stops writing stupid pointless songs what a jerk

Hate it. She is a Woman Womanizer

48 She said she was prettier than Willa Holland


49 She said Jessica Alba was a bad role model


50 She Dates Guys for Songs
51 She is a Hypocrite
52 She stole Selena from Demi
53 She's Always Slamming Other Artists
54 All Her Friends Have There Names Changed to 'Taylor Swift's BFF'

Totally agree. It's not like she is ever there for them. When Selena Gomez underwent lupus treatment where was dear Miss Swift? Nowhere to be seen!

We don't know what was happening in private. Do not speak of things you don't understand. - GrimmShady

They are her fake friends. She only use them for attention ans popularity.


So true haha dumb bitches

55 She Isn't Forgiving

Forgiving Kanye dick head and then he betrayed her. That's the case

Oh yes she is

56 Poor Role Model

Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls and Tom DeLonge are better role models than her. Buttercup teaches girls to not be sensitive and to be strong and brave, and treat genders equally, and that it is fine to be tomboyish, better feminist than Taylor Swift. Buttercup cares about her sisters and would do anything to protect them and apologizes a lot when she makes mistakes. Tom DeLonge respects women, and doesn't sexualize them at all. He also doesn't use people for fame and has creativity in his music. He doesn't need to hang out with hot, good looking a-list dudes to be popular, he hangs out with dudes of different heights, skin colors, and some that are not even popular, unlike Taylor, and isn't racist. He doesn't bully or start drama with others for no reason, and endorses education, making his fans get interested in it. He is also very nice to his fans and doesn't try to squeeze every penny out of them. Anything Swift isn't. - AnimeDrawer

She's not a role model. There is nothing good to learn from her. She is really cunning and manipulative. Don't get fool just because she dress modestly and play the victims. Young girls will learn negetive things about boys if they listen to her songs. She is not a gender equalist. She don't really empower young people to be strong and independent.

Still better than a a lot of your idols

Agreed just listen to her songs. 'He's bad, but he's so tall & he does it so well! '

Taylor slut motto: screw personality. Looks & sex is all that matters. No wonder she gets the awful guys that makes her have so many break up songs.

57 She Doesn't Respect the Opposite Gender

Does she know what is true love? I don't think so, because all of her songs are about her love life and dissing. Her music is all about love and disses, this brings a very negative effect to her fans. She never writes a song about being positive or any other topic. Well, you might ask, isn't Adele like this. NO, ADELE HAS A PROPER FAMILY SHE HAS KIDS SHE IS SERIOUS ABOUT HER LIFE! While taylor swift uses her love life to make money. She is so money minded, no wonder why she has so many boyfriends.

I'll admit Taylor has had a lot of boyfriends an is clearly struggling in that department but everything else in your comment is rubbish. - GrimmShady

That's true. She is not a true feminist but she is actually a femi-Nazi.

She use famous people to get more popular. She need more money than how much she have.

Your just saying that because you know she's better than you

58 She Sings So Soft

I hate soft singer's I love Heavy Metal music

Just ignore it, everyone has their own style of singing and she is not a ROCK or hiphop singers

So if you don't like her than don't listen to her songs,in my defense I think her music is great

I hope taylor swift fall's off stage and dies she is a piece of b**ch

59 She wrote a song about Leonardo Dicaprio

I HATE TAYLOR SWIFT is she a pig with blond hair? Or the sassiest jerk in the galaxy!

Not tru

60 You Can't Escape Her
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