Reasons Horror Movie Remakes Are Worse Than the Original

The Top Ten

1 It Just Doesn't Have The Same Feeling

There's just something about the originals that you just can't beat.

I agree. The Omen remake isn't nearly as scary as the original. - IronSabbathPriest

2 Not As Scary
3 Worse Acting
4 Sequels Are Even Better Than Remakes

Agreed, cause squeals have the same actors. But remakes don't - Mumbizz01

5 It Most Likely Gets Changed Up A Little
6 The Wicker Man
7 Carrie Is The Only Good Remake

Yeah, I think so too. It is a little different compared to the original.

8 Most of Them Have No Gore
9 Terrible Plots
10 Remakes don’t capture the spirit of the original movies

The Contenders

11 Some actors don't fit certain roles

Some people just don't fit certain roles like some other people.

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