Top Ten Reasons that is disapointing because the Spider-Man trilogy is not continuing

The Top Ten

1 It was one of the most popular and successful trilogies of all time

We never even got to see the lizard or vulture or black cat who were supposed to appear in the 4th film and the sinister six who was supposed to appear in the 5th film

The Lord Of The Rings?
Star Wars chapters 4, 5 and 6?
The Hobbit?
The Hunger Games? (Count the two parts of mockingjay)
Marvel Universe?
Harry Potter Movies?
The Godfather?
And the most importatan of all time...

Well now there is a new Spiderman series bitch.

2 It's too soon for a reboot ,The Amazing Spider-Man will appear in 2012, only ten years from Spider-Man (2002)

Not only that, it was also only 5 years since Spider-Man 3.

3 Sam Raimi was the perfect director for these movies
4 Simply because we loved it

The three were great movies, good video games were made for them... - rock2metal

5 Every Spider-Man episode was waited with big enthusiasm and high expectations

And when I seen the first episode I said :Thanks Sam Raimi - MatrixGuy

6 Spider-Man was a big box-office all the time

Spider-Man (2002) $806,700,000
Spider-Man 2 (2004) $783,577,893
Spider-Man 3 (2007) $885,430,303 - MatrixGuy

7 It was the summer hit of every year appearance
8 Tobey Maguire was a great Spider-Man : funny, responsable and moral

In Spider-Man when Peter is trying to recover his power: realizes he may have recovered his powers he says "I'm back! I'm back! " and than falls down on a car, saying: "My back. My back... " - MatrixGuy

9 Kirsten Dunst great match as Mary Jane
10 This generation grew up mostly with this Spider-Man cast

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11 We won't get to see more of Venom

Venom died. - Dman1972

12 We never got to see Carnage

Yeah, if you read the news reports about spider-man 4, they were moving full speed ahead with using Carnage, which would have been a great follow up seeing how Venom was in Spider-Man 3

13 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Was Bad

Seriously, in 90 minutes the movie got all the relation and scenes that mary jane and peter was in the three movies, with gwen and peter, and harry and max don't appear enough in the movie

This movie made me go "seriously! This is the franchise that replaced the original? " It's not nearly as good

This movie isn't the next spiderman movie, is the NEXT TWILIGHT SUPERHERO MOVIE

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