Top Ten Reasons the Lego Batman Movie is Better Than Zootopia


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1 The Lego Batman Movie Doesn't Have Butt-hurt Fans

Another one of these brain-dead comparison lists... wake me up when I find something original. - Swellow

This is perhaps one of the most pointless, unoriginal lists on the entire site. - drdevil

I don't see any reason to compare two movies that don't have anything to do with each other. - Mcgillacuddy

You should delete this list and create a new list listing why The Lego Batman Movie is better than BATMAN V SUPERMAN! what does Zootopia have in common with this movie? If you wanna express your hate for Zootopia on a list, you should compare it to another recent Disney movie (e.g., Moana) or to another anti-prejudice movie (e.g., the 2004 movie Crash). Overall, Lego Batman and Zootopia don't have any connections whatsoever and this list is even more pointless than Disney's Beauty and the Beast remake with Emma Watson (yes I said it)!

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2 It Doesn't Have a Perverted Fandom

This item is more true than you may think it is. - Mcgillacuddy

I Just Hope Zootopia doesn't Get Nominated Because Perverted Furries Love It, - VideoGamefan5

>People still haven't learned that fandoms consist of anyone you can think of.

WHY - Swellow

3 Batman is Better Than Judy Hopps

This is like so weird because Zootopia is literally on your bio on the best films of 2016 and your best films you love. I guess.. after The Lego Batman Movie came out you decide to rant about it? - TristGamer

Yes, Because Batman Actually Gave A Crap About Whats Going On - VideoGamefan5

4 Its Actually Quotable

What - TristGamer

A good quote is, By joker, he said, "No, I'm not gonna help you! " - VideoGamefan5

5 It's Actually Funny

Theirs a bunch of jokes in Bateman that you wouldn't get until you're older. However zootopia has a bunch of little kid jokes

This isn't a movie that focuses on humor. What'd you expect? - Ultron123

I Was Laughing while watching the Lego Batman Movie! - VideoGamefan5

I was laughing at both. - TristGamer

Let's see the scene with the sloth, Nick Wilde's general persona, lots of the humour, the various drug references, how it's an accurate representation of today's society. - ProPanda

6 It's More Colorful

Why don't you look at the first 2 minutes of Zootopia, it shows such a beautiful layout of the whole city, I really don't get what you mean by, "it's more colorful." - TristGamer

You're so biased! Again, you used to like this movie. How does the city look awful? It's just your damn bias. - DCfnaf

Its Full Of Color - VideoGamefan5

Zootopia Looks Like If Tyga And Silento Took A Dump With Animals Together - VideoGamefan5

I agree, I hate Zootopia by the way, it dosen't have any beautiful nature, now I haven't watched lego batman movie yet, but I've seen the trailers annd it looks so much better than ther crap they call Zootopia. - darthvadern

7 Less Overrated

That's because The Lego Batman Movie hasn't even been out for a month yet. I'm pretty sure that if it wins an award, you'll probably hate that movie as well and claim it to be overrated.

Its Less Overrated - VideoGamefan5

Of course the Lego Batman Movie is less overrated, it's only been out for like a month.
Sure, it's not as overrated now, but give it time and who knows whether or not people will continue to talk about this.

Also, no offense, but it seems like half of the reasons on this list are merely outside factors that don't objectively affect the quality of either movie. - SuperSonic17

It's already gotten, as much, if not more critical acclaim than zootopia. - ProPanda

8 People Don't Obsesses Over the Lego Batman Movie
9 Zootopia is Overrated

Hey, you know what's overrated? Lord of the rings the return of the king!

You like Mario and he's overrated! - Neonco31

Yeah, see he/she doesn't hate Frozen BECAUSE it's overhated, unlike you. - ProPanda

Zootopia sucks as hell, Norm of the North and Frozen are much better! - darthvadern

To the one who said Mario is Overrated.

He is not overrated he is better than this film and you are just a Luigi fan.

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10 Lego Batman has better Villains

Ironically Jenny Slate (SPOILER the one who voiced Bellwether the main villain of Zootopia) voices Harley Quinn the secondary antagonist/villain of The Lego Batman Movie. Strange isn't it?

The Lego Batman Movie Has The Joker, Hadley Quinn (and it's better than suicide squad by the way) - VideoGamefan5

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I'm Not Really Sure if this ítem counts - VideoGamefan5

12 The Lego Batman Movie doesn't have any sloths

Well no crap. It's a superhero movie, not a animal movie!

13 More Appealing to Kids

What do colors and bad messages have to do with each other? - Cartoonfan202

The Lego Batman Movie is colorful for kids, while Zootopia gives bad messages - VideoGamefan5

Okay, thanks. I have a psychologist to recommend to you since having a real conversation seems to be beyond your abilities. - DCfnaf

14 Nick is unlikable

His basic concept was to be Judy's partner. The execution legitmately feels like he hates the bunny.

Nick is unlikeable, what does that have to do with the lego batman movie? - TristGamer

Yup, that's what makes this list awful. It only exists to bash Zootopia, a movie you used to like. - DCfnaf

He was the best cvharacter in the movie. - darthvadern

15 No "important" sociopolitical nonsense
16 Police Batgirl Is better than Judy hopps
17 The Lego Batman Movie isn't as political as Zootopia

Just think about it, a fox and rabbit togheter!?! I'm so done right now! - darthvadern

18 It doesn't have any characters who are animals
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