Top Ten Reasons School Will Be Outdated in 100 Years

School's getting old fast, in 100 years school will be outdated.

The Top Ten

1 Useless subjects

Here's a list of the subjects that are in school in 2016. This will be my opinion what today's subjects will be in 100 years.

Health - Only for people who want be doctors, not for normal people in 100 years.

Math - We will use a calculator and not those stupid strategies in 100 years.

Social Studies - We will travel a lot more and history will be forgotten in 100 years.

Music - DJs will be outdated by then so music is 100% useless in 100 years.

Gym - Only for fit people now even so who knows what it will be 100 years.

Local Language - We will only need to know the basics of our language now so in 100 years we wouldn't write without spell checker.

Science - Will be useful in 100 years. - Randomteenager

I agree, nobody needs to know math, google it! Science? You thought! "Google, how do the green dirt things live"- Me, Google says "photosynthesis", then I say "yeah, ok google, nice try, they totally use cameras to live"! - EliHbk

2 Computers

We will just sit on our computers and have fun, not do homework. - Randomteenager

3 More high school drop-outs

Yes, more people drop out of High School each year so the whole world will even drop-out of High School. People realize it's not as useful as parents think it is. - Randomteenager

4 Homework Homework

Studying for a test is a way of stress, not to make the test easier. It's a waste of time as well so school should stop with the homework. - Randomteenager

Why study when you can GOOGLE IT, and write it on your hand? Doy! - EliHbk

5 More people are committing suicide each year

Because of bullies students are committing suicide each year and schools should realize that kids are killing themselves in 100 years that world would be empty. - Randomteenager

People dying from bullies... why? - EliHbk

6 Online schools

More people are online for school now and in 100 years most be online for school if at school at all. - Randomteenager

7 You have to pay to go to school in countries

Because 58 million people are not able to go school and have to do larbor all day. They will only raise the price not decrease the price in 100 years. - Randomteenager

8 Schools don't teach you to pay your bills, etc.

They teach unimportant stuff like art but they don't teach you to pay your bills. In 100 years bills will be still important but art won't. - Randomteenager

Google it! - EliHbk

9 It's a chore

Yeah, we already take out the trash, now we have to go inside it. - EliHbk

I'd just rather make top ten list etc. than go to school. In 100 years we will think school's like larbor and not useful at all. - Randomteenager

10 Google Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

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11 Paper will be outdated

Really? Because of PAPER?! Logical... - EliHbk

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