Top Ten Reasons Why 2016s Alice Through the Looking Glass Might Be Better Than Both Dawn of Justice and Captain America Civil War

People keep babling on about Batman & Superman vs Captain America as if they are the only big tentpole films coming out in 2016. Clearly they have underestimated Alice Through the Looking Glass.

The Top Ten

1 A beautiful lead in the form of Mia Wasikowska.

Mia is definitely beautiful. And indeed Chris Evans really is ginger haired and nerdy, many find him annoying. (wouldn't you if you saw a high pitched middle aged man with nerdy glasses and ginger hair named Chris Evans? )

Yeah, no. Both of the movies will be better than whatever movie this Alice thing is. - Therandom

When British audiences think of Chris Evans, they imagine a 49 year old, ginger haired specky four eyes who is best mates with Jeremy Clarkson. When British audiences think of Mia Wasikowska they imagine a young beautiful Australian actress.

2 Stunning costume design
3 Out of this world production design
4 A much more respected ensemble cast.
5 Alice Through the Looking Glass will show the world why everyone wanted their own fantasy movie based on old fairy stories after the first Alice came out.
6 You've seen one superhero all star film you've pretty much seen them all.

This I don't agree with

7 Broader appeal
8 Dawn of Justice Will Probably Suck

And it did.

9 The previous installment was an Academy Award winner
10 Pure escapism

The Contenders

11 It's being served as an antidote to Euro 2016
12 A return to Underland justifies Through the looking Glass as probably the biggest movie of the year.
13 One last chance to hear Alan Rickman's voice.
14 Ben Affleck fail
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