Top Ten Reasons Why Abraham Lincoln Is the Worst President Ever


The Top Ten

1 He started the Civil War

Actually the south started it by attacking for sumpter - DarkBoi-X

One of the most of the most idiotic list I have ever found.

Yes he started the the whole dam war which should of never happened he totally handled it miss used his power.

At least he ended slavery.

2 He lied to the newspaper

When the Civil war started he didn't want people to know the truth - 2storm

This list undoubtedly made by a brainwashed product of the modern school system.

No they ( school system ) tells lies like how the war was all slavery and Lincoln was so great the whole war was about States Rights Lincoln denied it in the south and slavery was going to end in a few years their was no need for war - 2storm

3 He made everybody believe the war was about slavery

It was - DarkBoi-X

Na the war was about a multitude of things. While I do not agree with 95% of these items (because I made this list a long time ago), this is the one I agree with. Slavery was only a topic, because Lincoln wanted it to be. Most of the South believed it was about States Rights and how the National Government was abusing it's power. - 2storm

The war was about States rights Lincoln didn't grant the rights to the South witch there simple command was let us have are own state government and Lincoln lied about it all with saying they and invaded us - 2storm

He didn't feel sorry for slaves he wanted to send him back to Africa or somewhere else he also was a homosexual just to let others know ( not being an a- hole)

4 He made terrible choices
5 He wanted to kill every southerner
6 He was a loser
7 He was a marauder

Lincoln ended slavery, he saved the Union, and would've made the rebuilding process a lot smoother if not for his assassination. I like you 2Storm, but this list is not a list I like. - Therandom

Maybe if Booth didn't kill him he would go on in shame - 2storm

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