Top 10 Reasons Why the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Worse Than Spider-Man 3

Both are considered to be awful Spider-Man movies but only one of them is truly atrocious.

The Top Ten

1 It almost made Sony go bankrupt

This movie is so bad that it almost made Sony go bankrupt. SM3 might be hated but at least it didn't nearly make Sony go out of business.

2 Harry Osborn's actor is terrible

At least James Franco was fun to watch but trying to sit through this awful emo Harry's actor try to act is boring.

3 Spider-Man is a prick in the entire movie

Other than him saving a little kid most of the time Andrew Garfield in general portrays Spider-Man as a Spider-Prick this movie is no exception.

Andrew Garfield is a terrible Spider-Man, Toby Maguire was way better.

4 The fight scenes are awkward and awful to watch

Very terrible - MegaSoulhero

They're so awkward and disjointed that watching a Sam Raimi Spider-Man fight would be far more entertaining.

5 None of the characters are likable

I couldn't find a single likable character in this movie.

6 The ending is forced

It ends with a cliche cliff hanger that was forced in at the last minute.

7 The music is atrocious

God... the worst movie soundtrack I've ever heard.

Oh come on! I like Hans Zimmer - MegaSoulhero

8 The dialogue is worse

So worse that it's not funny at all.

9 The villains have no motivation to hurt Spider-Man

Don't get me started on Electro who starts as a obsessive fanboy but then just suddenly hates him because plot exposition. The villians in Raimi's trilogy at least HAD a reason to attempt to kill Spider-Man.

10 The plot is more convoluted

So convoluted and all over the place that it's cringe inducing.

Both films were messy, but at least Spider-Man 3 was trying. This Amazing Spidey movie tried to shove too much into the narrative and every problem with Spider-Man 3 was here, except worse. - DCfnaf

The Contenders

11 It Was Made To Set Up Sequels And Spinoffs
12 No effort was put into it
13 Spider-Man was irresponsible
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