Top 10 Reasons Why Babymetal Helps the Metal Scene

This Japanese Kawaii Metalband is with Ladybaby, Band Maid, etc. one of the most controversial bands amongst Metalheads.

Of course there are bad things about them (list will come soon) but there are also 10 good things about them.

The Top Ten

1 More people become metalheads

Kids, moms and pops too!

2 Less of us get prejudged
3 They make metalheads more open minded

The fact is: Nobody thought metal and pop could mix and work, until Babymetal proved it could, by blowing fans out of the water with something vibrant, refreshing, and yet absolutely heavy. It 'shouldn't' work, but it does! The lesson of Babymetal is that metal is bigger, more flexible, and more accessible than most metalheads would ever have thought. Who knows what the future of metal will bring? Well, for one, the Fox god knows, I guess! ;-)

4 You can show their videos to kids
5 They inspire women

Unlike stuff like the Scum manifesto

6 They combine multiple music genres
7 They showed how a good marketing works

Yeah, their marketing agents made them an opening act for Lady Gaga, which made them popular. Haha, maybe Slayer and Cannibal Corpse should try this marketing strategy, too. I can't wait to see Slayer opening for Lady Gaga, LOL. - Metal_Treasure

8 They are a gimmick

The only item of this list that fits with them.. - Ananya

They are a big time gimmick - Sabbath

9 There's a new metal genre
10 The background band becomes important too
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