Reasons Why Batman V Superman Sucks

I hate this movie! It sucks! The Dark Knight is way better!

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1 The Story Was Poorly Made

No it wasn't, in my case. It was just confusing and really didn't match to the characters.

It wasn't HORRIBLE, but it could've been better. - Therandom

Its not the worst, but yeah...still sucks - trujillomus

It has a horrible storyline. - Powerfulgirl10

2 Wonder Woman Was Barely in the Movie

Who cares it was BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, Wonder Woman is just a stupid hero trying to become famous again

I'm not even sure why she'd be involved. - Powerfulgirl10

Duh. It wasn't about her. - dankmaul

He's hot, but yeah she was BARELY IN IT! - trujillomus

3 Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor Was an Awful Idea

He looked like the riddler

Said people who don't know the origins of the comic character. - dankmaul

Lex Luthor is not a spastic nerd with weird obsessions. That would be the Riddler. Lex Luthor is supposed to be a cold, calm, and conniving bastard. He is none of these things. It is widely popular opinion that they messed this up. I think it's you who doesn't know anything about the comics. - JiggyJackman

God is as good as dead! Devils from the sky! Loody Loody Loo, I'm autistic too! Not to be offensive but Lex Luthor is not some autistic nerd. The Riddler, however is. If Jesse Eisenberg wanted to play The Riddler then he would have been great, but even he was questioning his casting as Luthor. - JiggyJackman

4 They Tried Way Too Hard to Entertain Fans

Nope. This list is bollocks. - dankmaul

5 It's Boring

Even the fight scenes, which I expected to be great after man of steel, were very lackluster - Jackamalio

It was boring at times. - Therandom

One of the main reasons why I don't wanna watch. - Powerfulgirl10

Said the dumb kids who have the attention span shorter than most fidget spinner's spin times. - dankmaul

6 Not Enough Action

I agree. - Therandom

False. - dankmaul

7 Ben Affleck as Batman Was a Terrible Idea

I'm not going to say he did as good a job as Christian Bale or Michael Keaton, but I will say that he was pretty awesome as the character all the same.

Worse director,actors,what could be expected more from this movie and of course the dark knight is way better - zxm

I don't know I thought he did ok here. Not the best Batman I've seen, but certainly not the worst either.

Nah, he's one of the best things about the movie. - Therandom

8 It Had a Bad Cast

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex was a mistake. - Therandom

Also false. - dankmaul

Jesse eisenberg as Luthor is probably the worst casting job ever. He doesent even remotely resemble the character, not in performance nor looks.

I personally think Bryan Cranston would have been a great Luthor. - Jackamalio

9 Aquaman Could Have Been in It More
10 Batman Looked Like a Bad Character in It

Especially when he used guns and killed crooks. ''My'' Batman would never kill, even bad guys, and he would think about it first.

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11 Superman Dies

Doomsday was supposed to kill Superman. That's how the original story was made. Still, I wished they would've saved that moment for a Superman Doomsday movie instead of just throwing it in this. - Mcgillacuddy

I cried when Superman died

He's not dead... - PeeledBanana

Its not the fact that superman dies, its that they killed him TOO EARLY. there were MANY comics before his death by doomsday, with character development. couldn't they have saved it till like the 6th DCU movie or something - trujillomus

12 Batman Killing and Using Guns
13 Superman Gets Treated Like a Criminal Because He Can't Save Everybody
14 It Ruins Batman and Superman's Friendship

They were best friends before this. Seen in comics and cartoons, they were best friends. What ever happen to them. It doesn't make sense. Really, why would this be allowed. The closes thing they got into a was a small argument. Then they make a deal out of it. Just to see who is better. Their was no point to this at all. Really stupid, nice move DC.

15 The Fact that It Ruined Superbat - Superman and Batman Friendship

Oh come on. Batman and Superman were best friends before this. Now they are trying to kill each other. Like really. Basically two heroes trying to kill each other. The close they got a small argument. Then they make a big deal out of it. You gotta be kidding me.

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