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1 Linda is retarded

This show is trash. Linda and Tina are the worst written characters of cartoon history.

Linda she is annoying and selfish she doesn't appreciate anything any she sings terrible.

I hate her too

I mute my T.V. whenever she sings.

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2 It is a ripoff of the middle

The Middle ripped off Malcolm in the Middle. - RalphBob

Bad list. Wall you say is ripoff, ripoff, RIPOFF! It's not true. - Fireboy

I hate this list

That's what they all say. - miiplaza

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3 Teddy is a ripoff of Bert Large

I don't even know who that is. You can't just assume things. - LittleLemonDork

Hey dork its obvious that u are a fan cause you argue at every bad thing that is being said about the show

Fat men battle.
Bert Large wins! - kitten2015

4 It promotes animal abuse and racism

You mistook Bob's Burgers for Family Guy. - miiplaza

It's obviously for comic effect. - RalphBob

At least animals die peacefully, Family Guy would have animals torn to pieces with blood squirting out. - Fireboy

If you don't like it don't watch it! It's as simple as that. - LittleLemonDork

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5 Tina is a crybaby

Crying over stupid problems. - kitten2015

Wrong. - LittleLemonDork

6 Bob is a jerk

No he isn't. He's pretty relatable - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

He is Mario's buddy! - kitten2015

He is so mean! - kitten2015

Bob isn't a jerk he's a ass bitch who let's stupid people like his kids walk all over him.

7 Gene is too stupid

He is not stupid! - LittleLemonDork

8 This show is animated Xanax. The voice actors aren't doing characters, but rather lazy caricatures of themselves. The jokes are flat, sophomoric, and feel as if they were conceived during the first marijuana experience of a teenage hipster. Adult Swim mu

I've been wishing for this to go off air since it's pilot. Its writing is terrible- endless tropes. The only character worth listening to at all, is Bob himself. Teddy is a ripoff of Bill from King of the Hill- they directly ripped off King of the Hill several times, especially Bobby.

In addition to ripping off King Of The Hill, they ripped off Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Futurama, Home Movies, Dr. Katz, and others. All the characters are specifically written to be annoying, and it's insulting to Jewish people.

Especially Linda. Nothing is really outstandingly funny- if they changed the animation style entirely and took away Eugene Mirman and the annoying screech owl of a woman who voices the rabbit hatted kid that is a literal sociopath as a character, it would be 10x better. I actually like Eugene Mirman- but not on this show. Worst animated show on Television. 0/10. Nothing good, nothing even mildly entertaining. I'll maybe give it a.3/10 for Bob ...more

9 Louise is a ripoff of Brick, Lifty and Shifty

Your list is a rip-off. - LittleLemonDork

10 It killed the Cleveland show

It actually didn't. - RalphBob

Cleveland show was as bad as this in my opinion, but I respect yours

It is a fact. - kitten2015

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11 The creators are evil

They created Lucy. That is however an evil show. Bob's Burgers isn't. - miiplaza

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12 Linda and Tina are voiced by males

Yeah I found this to be kinda disturbing, don't get me wrong it's funny to have a male voice a female character once in awhile, but the way this characters are portrayed in a family with female characters with male voices is a little bit terrible of an idea to have in a show like this

Yeah I found this to be kinda disturbing, don't get me wrong it's funny to have a male voice female character once in awhile, but the way this characters are portrayed in a family with female characters with male voice is a little bit terrible of an idea to have in a show like this

This is the one on this list that I'm like "yeah...yeah I can see that. I'll give you that one"

For real it is weird for a male voice to be a female on a cartoon show which the person playing it seem to really get into the characters. The show is so not funny when the female,voices comes on playing,by a male voice. If you take out the mom and daughter characters or just change it yo a real female voices it will be an ok cartoon to watch.

13 It makes fun of Asthma.

Hate a show because it makes fun of asthma? Who cares? I myself am asthmatic and Bob's Burgers is one of my favorite FOX shows yet. Better than Family Guy. South Park is also hilarious. And don't be offended, it's comedy. No matter what disease you have, sometimes you have to just laugh at yourself every once in a while and it's okay. It won't hurt you. Rudy is also one of my favorite characters. It's all part of comedy and it should never be taken seriously. Don't like it? Don't watch it, plain and simple.

In continuation of my opinion because TheTopTens apparently screwed up when I submitted this.

My opinion is that asthma is just not funny to joke around with. And the character says quotes like "Fun hurts my lungs" and wheezes in between sentences in an attempt to make the audience laugh. In one song called "take my breath away" Jimmy Jr. Sings a line while smiling and it goes "and a is for asthma which is a disease that takes peoples breaths away! " almost like he was laughing. Well, Asthma is a pretty serious issue to some people, and it's just not funny at all in my opinion.

(Note: the following contains my opinion, if you're gonna start hating on my comment then don't continue reading it.)Asthma is not funny at all. What kind of show would feature an Asthmatic character that says quotes like

I can't stand Linda and the fact that she is played by a flaming homosexual man, makes it even worse.

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14 Beating a dead horse in every single episode.
15 American Humour is going downhill
16 It's boring
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