Top Ten Reasons Why Disney Shouldn't Buy Nintendo

Disney's already bought enough stuff. But buying Nintendo is the worse idea I've ever heard.

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1 Disney has already bought enough franchises and ruined them.

Disney is a greedy pig. That's all I have to say.

I'm afraid that, with all that money they got from their latest box office successes, such as the new Star Wars film being the all-time highest grossing movie in the box office nowadays, I fear that they have enough money to buy a video game company like Nintendo. Do not want.

Agreed. Disney should never buy any more, yet the idea of them buying Nintendo is a horrible idea, also unlikely since Nintendo has been around way longer than Disney has, and the whole Japanese law or something is what keeps a company like Disney from buying a company like Nintendo.

They ruined star wars which was bad enough. Do you really wanna see them ruin franchises like Mario Zelda or Pokemon? - nintendofan126

If you think the new Star Wars 8 trailer looks like crap, you should get your eyes checked. - Benster7703

They've bought:
Star Wars
The Muppets
and I bet no one wants Nintendo as part of the crew. - Drawbox

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2 They would ruin good franchises

It would suck to see Star Fox ruined. It would be ruined even more if Disney crosses it over with The Lion King if they buy Nintendo. DO NOT WANT.

Even it's a what-if thing, Disney has ruined franchises, such as Lucas Film's Star Wars and Marvel. If Disney gets their hands on anything else. Then entertainment would become childish and boring. But that's my opinion. Don't hate me.

This list is pointless the crossovers and stuff have you watched wreck it ralph Bowser is in it with a bit other cameos Disney makes games for Nintendo systems too I agree Disney shouldn't buy Nintendo but this list is pointless so pointless why would Disney ever buy Nintendo it would be pointless

Remember that god awful Super Mario Bros. Movie in 1993, Disney produced it.

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3 They would turn Nintendo into a toy company

Yeah I know Nintendo use to be a toy company and they make toys for some of their franchises. But Disney would just milk it for toys until the cow runs outta milk. - nintendofan126

Nintendo makes plushes and toys

Nintendo Was a toy company, so maybe it would work out? - bjinmaro64

They'd use it as slave until it is destroyed - TwilightKitsune

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4 They would make horrible TV shows out of good Nintendo games.

Well, Pokemon already has a show. And Mario and Zelda had shows in the 1980s. And Kirby has an anime. But Disney would take it to far and milk that cow until the cow has just about had it. - nintendofan126

4 words. Well excuse me princess

Gee, it sure is boring around here, MY BOI! - bjinmaro64

It's Animal Crossing, the T.V show!
'Welcoome to Animal Crossing,
Where everyone's happy!
The mayor is always bossing,
And he's sometimes snappy!
Let's meet Rooosie!
The cutest girl in town!
She's never nosy,
She'll turn your frown upside down!

this would be horrible

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5 They might try and make a Nintendo movie

I would really, really hate to see what Disney would do to Fire Emblem if they get their hands on the franchise; They would turn Karel into a villain (which he never was), and they would turn characters such as Lyn or Hector into people of color for the sake of adding diversity, which is not what the characters intended to be, and they would give one of the main protagonists an annoying comic-relief sidekick, which I'm so sick of. Plus, they would take away what made the series great in the first place and replace them with overused tropes and cliches that we already seen in their movies. That would be just dumb and downright horrible.

If one were to make a Nintendo movie, it would be better if a non-Disney company, or even Nintendo themselves, make it.

Look, I have heard that Disney is going to release Wreck-It Ralph 2, which means this is going to be horrible, who would want to see a crazy, mixed-up video game villain break the Internet? In fact, this is bad! I do not want Mario to be in that movie, in fact, Universal is making a Nintendo theme park. So please, WiR2 should get cancelled right now.

No matter how bad it would be would definitely be better than the Mario bros movie that's for sure

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6 They would add a tickling mechanic to every game and remove normal combat to make it "kid friendly 10/10 thumbs up parent approved and cute" according to their standards.

If they did that crap I would bring all the anti-change Nintendo fans together and form a company called "GameSaviors" and buy back Nintendo. Then I would let Nintendo do whatever it wanted. - 404_name_missing

If they did that crap I would bring all the anti-change Nintendo fans together and go purchase guns, no reason. - Benster7703

This sucker got to sixth place?

Wow! - 404_name_missing

7 There would be even more ads on TV

If you're sick hearing about Disney's ads non-stop, then you better pray they don't buy Nintendo. - nintendofan126

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8 Disney will spread it's stereotypical views about animals and such onto Nintendo's franchises.

Exactly. If Disney got their greedy mouse gloves on, say, Star Fox, then they'll have Fox and his team fight against spotted hyenas instead of the wolves, pigs, monkeys, reptiles, dinosaurs, alien invasion or fish like in the previous Star Fox games, because they think that "the LYIN KING IS the BEST ever! 1".

Just imagine what they'll do to Pokemon if they did that! And don't get me started on what the PETA did with Pokemon Black & Blue! That game was an insult to what Pokemon was all about.

If they make Rosalina a dumb blonde, Imma have to slap a ho, m'kay? - PrincessKiana

9 All the Nintendo heroes would have to team up with Simba

I agree with the comment about Link killing Simba and using his heart as a heart container.

And then Link teleports in with the Ocarina of Time, pulls out the Master Sword, and chops Simba's head off forever, and eats his heart while the Zelda du du du du music plays and displays the message, "You got a heart container! Collect more to increase your life! "

But Simba is awesome although I don't want a crossover with nintendo - VideoGamefan5

10 All the Nintendo villains would have to team up with Scar or have the whole hyena population as henchmen

Not all hyenas have to be bad, you know.

It is bad enough that the Pooh's Adventures community does this with every antagonist they see. We just don't want it being turned into "official".

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11 Every character would be sugar-coated

Is Kylo ren sugarcoated?

12 They might try to make a video game

Or Nintendo making a video game based on a Disney property, such as The Lion Guard? I hope not.

After Frozen and Big Hero 6 (don't judge), I don't trust Disney. - TwilightKitsune

It would suck to see a Lion Guard game made by Nintendo. Hope this does not happen.

KH is a terrible game franchise, not good at all. Disney Infinity is just Disney's answer to Skylanders. Also, Disney is so bad for gaming that I heard that Disney Infinity is no longer in prodiction and that Disney Interactive has closed down for good.

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13 There would be a preschool spinoff show for every Nintendo game on Disney Jr.

Have nothing against preschool but there are some franchises that are not suited for that genre in the first place. But the worst case scenario is that it would have hinted dark and explicit overtones like The Lion Guard did. That would just suck. It would be even worse if it were to crossover with that show.

Noo! No LOZ remakes. There to special!

I have seen their existing dumb "Preschool educational kid-friendly" shows via retrospect.
They are horrid.

I would HATE if they did that crap to earthbound. - 404_name_missing

14 They might make some Nintendo franchises into reality shows

When was the last time Disney had a good reality show? The only reason people watch Disney is because of Gravity Falls. Nobody's gonna watch any of the reality shows based off Nintendo if they make them. (And I hope they don't) - nintendofan126

A Nintendo version of Descendants? No thanks.

Noo please don't do it don't ruin Mario or Zelda or animal crossing or geez I'm ranting

OH MY GOSH, don't say such things! - bjinmaro64

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15 They might make a Nintendo and Disney crossover

What is wrong with that is because The Lion King would be involved in the crossover, and we don't want that.

Disney in Super Smash Bros.? No thanks.

This is a bad idea. A very bad idea.

That would be weird - bjinmaro64

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16 They would use Disney Channel stars as a potential voice cast in a show

No. That would be absolutely horrible and put me of Disney forever.

Now this is legitimately the first REAL issue on this board.

I don't want to see Miley as Peach at all - ParkerFang

Like Selena Gomez as Princess Daisy. Thank God Viacom didn't own Nintendo!

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17 They would ruin good franchises especially by making musicals out of them.
18 They would get even more hate and criticism than they have now

Right. This is one of the reasons why Disney should never buy Nintendo.

Not every gamer loves the Walt Disney Company to tell the truth, and the thought of Disney buying Nintendo would be very upsetting to Nintendo's non-Disney fanbase.

I like Disney and Nintendo but Disney buying Nintendo is a BIG FAIL

A lot of people love they non greedy nintendo though - bjinmaro64

19 They would make everything cringey

It would suck to see what Disney would do with Fire Emblem. Think of ten horrific possibilities:

1. They would depict Karel as a villain or antagonist instead of the anti-hero turned wise mentor he happens to be in Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword and Fire Emblem 6: Binding Blade respectively. That would suck, given that he never had an antagonistic role and was an ally to the heroes in both games he's in. In addition, Guy would be seen as the "Saint of Swords" instead of Karel, and would be portrayed as his heroic archenemy instead of his pupil on his same side in the game. That would just suck and would make the series mediocre at best.

2. The lords would recruit Harken in this storyline instead of Karel, while Karel is portrayed as one of the antagonists. Just because you prefer one character over another doesn't make the other character "evil".

3. Lyn would be changed into a black woman for the sake of Disney's obsession with putting diversity ...more


No offense to anyone and I really didn't mean to use the words 'black' or 'white' here. It would be just cringey if Disney race-swapped any of Nintendo's characters in my opinion.

20 Disney will try to give some of Nintendo's heroes or other non-villain characters the "adaptational villainy" treatment, like they did with Kaa from the original story.

Some Nintendo characters that are heroes, allies, friends of the hero, or even anti-heroes would be considered 'villainous' in Disney standards due to their appearance or personality. This kind of worries me, since I like some of those Nintendo 'heroes' and I'm worried about them getting the 'Kaa treatment'. (Kaa was actually one of Mowgli's friends or mentors in the original Jungle Book novel that Disney's movie of the same name was based on. Disney just changed it to a villain because they couldn't accept a snake as a heroic character) I'm especially worried about a certain 'Sword Demon' getting this treatment if Disney would dare to get their hands on Fire Emblem and make an adaption of it; I don't think he would fit.

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1. They would ruin good franchises
2. They would turn Nintendo into a toy company
3. Disney has already bought enough franchises and ruined them.
1. Disney has already bought enough franchises and ruined them.
2. They would add a tickling mechanic to every game and remove normal combat to make it "kid friendly 10/10 thumbs up parent approved and cute" according to their standards.
3. Disney will spread it's stereotypical views about animals and such onto Nintendo's franchises.



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