Top Ten Reasons Disney Should Worry You

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1 They're Buying Everything

Gosh dang it! Why does Disney have to but everything!?!?! - nintendofan126

Next thing you know, the planet is just going to be renamed "Disney" if they keep buying everything! - kaitlynrad11

I hope they won't buy any video game developers. That would be awful.

Let the non-Disney stay non-Disney.

We should resurrect Teddy Roosevelt to stop this monopoly.

2 They're Hiding the Incidents That Occurred On the Parks

The happiest place on Earth isn't so happy. Disney is trying to sweep deaths at Their parks under the rug. It's been reported that over a dozen people have died from the Disney parks. Not to mention several other people have been seriously injured as well.

There was even an incident were an employee was killed during the America Sings Attraction and was completely Sweeped under the rug. - egnomac

3 Disney's Next Target Might Be the Video Game Industry

If they buy ubisoft, nintendo, microsoft, turn 10, gameloft, beamng, activision, 704 games, square enix, or any other, I'm with weapons on my belt and with my brutal mode on to destroy them and never come back from full rage.

With the recent purchase of Maker Studios, Disney might be aiming for the younger/older audience. So that means they might even take it a step further and buy Video Game companies like Nintendo, Activision, Square Enix, and Ubisoft. Imagine Mario in Kingdom Hearts? Or Ezio and Cloud in Disney Infinity? Nope, I don't.

I hope they won't buy any video game companies. That would suck.

No No No No No! Disney already ruined a lot of stuff! But if they buy Nintendo, I am gonna go full rage mode! - nintendofan126

4 They Only Care About Merchandise/Money

They also charge too much for stuff at the parks. At a regular Starbucks their frappuccino costs only about $3-4 but my sister paid $5 for 1 at Disneyland. Also, I paid $14 for a small Perry the Platypus plush at California Adventure. I could've just went to the mall and paid for the EXACT SAME thing for nearly 50-60% cheaper!

Disney will keep bugging you to buy new Cars toys or Princess dolls. The new Star Wars hasn't even came out yet and already they're making toys. And if the movie was awful? Oh well...we can still give you toys and clothes and products. Also, why else is Disney World and DisneyLand expensive?

5 They Fail to Admit They Copied from Others

The Lion King, Cinderella, Snow White, and the Jungle Book were all books/folk tales that came first before the movie yet Disney would always claim their movies were "original".

A lot of the story's and movies like Snow White are not made by them. They just bought the rights to them. - Mewtwo_

They just remove the sad parts - bjinmaro64

6 They're Shoving Marvel/Star Wars Down Our Throats

Title says it all. Tune in to Disney and tell me how every commercial break they show either new Marvel shows or Star Wars episodes. Disney, we get it! You own Marvel and Star Wars! Stop promoting their products to death! I can't even walk in Toys R Us or KMart without seeing a whole section dedicated to Marvel Heroes or the new Star Wars movie!

7 Only Pixar and Marvel Are Helping Disney With the Movie Industry

The only good "Disney" movies being made right now are Pixar and Marvel. The only good movies Disney made recently were Frozen and Big Hero 6. If Marvel wasn't Disney, who knows where they'll be now?

8 Their Ads Are Everywhere

You can't even go to a mall without seeing a Disney store in there or having billboards of Disney World/Land where they don't even have the park!

I constantly see ads on T.V. for Disney World/Land, AND I LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA!

I’ve been to both but probably won’t be going back for at least a while, so stop trying to force me or my family to go back again! We’ll go back if we have the chance to do so.

9 They Portray Certain Animals In a Negative Light
10 They Might Buy Every Super Hero

With the success of the Marvel movies and products, it wouldn't be a surprise If Disney tried to buy DC Comics, if their movies fail. You know what that means? We can see Superman team up with Iron Man or Batman fight Captain America. That may sound good, but in reality, it wouldn't "fit". Disney would lighten DC so that means the return of the prankster Joker (not the psychotic one we love), A more dressed Wonder Woman and Catwoman, a Tony Stark version of Lex Luthor, even the "not so dark" Adam West Batman. How does that sound?

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11 They Enforce False Stereotypes of Animals

And teenagers, too!

12 Their TV Shows Are Awful

Minus Gravity Falls, Disney is going downhill in the T.V. department. Most of their "reality" shows only last for one or two seasons before being cancelled. I can only imagine how many views their shows have. 10 people every week? Not to mention their shows are either highly predictable or reused over and over again.

Gravity falls is the only good show of it. - SamuiNeko

13 Frozen


14 They Made the Lion King, Which Is the Most Offensive Movie

No it isn't it is one of the best, GET THIS OFF NOW! - NickXH

15 They might take over/buy stores both online and in-stores

We already have too much Disney stuff on eBay and Amazon, and even at stores like Target and Walmart

Stuff at Ebay is already ridiculously overpriced

16 They're Beginning to Form a Liberal Bias
17 They Treat Workers Poorly

Workers, especially in production facilities in other countries like Haiti are extremely underpaid for their work. This is to an extent that the workers cannot provide themselves with basic needs off of the paystub they earn

18 Their next target may be the casino/amusement park industry

If they buy the casino industry then Disneyland will be the main competitor with the Vegas strip. Both are only about 270 miles apart so Disney may try to lure more people to visit Disneyland than Vegas.

If they buy the amusement park industry then Knotts and Magic Mountain may have to downgrade all their rides to attract more families than teens and young adults.

And DON'T get me started with the Disney characters walking around the theme parks. They already appear in Vegas.

19 Their next target may be boardwalks

With the success of Disney's Boardwalk Resort in Florida, they might buy out all the boardwalk resorts in New Jersey and retheme everything. They might take out all the stuff that makes the NJ boardwalk special and fun, such as the amusement piers and arcades and turn them into more adult-oriented like Atlantic City. They'll probably get rid of the good pizza shops like Manco and Manco's in Ocean City and replace them with fancy restaurants.

20 Their next target may be the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

With the success of the Olaf balloon in the 2017 parade, and having many Disney character appearances over the years, it's no surprise that they may want to import floats from Disneyland/World to NYC so they can sponsor the entire parade. Besides, Universal Orlando got balloons from the Macy's Parade to use in their holiday/Christmas parades.

21 They might buy technology companies
22 They are still talking about Frozen
23 They are making a Frozen sequel
24 They might take over Broadway

Disney had already made many successful musicals over the years, and I won't be surprised that they may buy all the theaters around Times Square (they already own 1 Broadway theater, the New Amsterdam) then cancel all the classic Broadway musicals such as Phantom of the Opera.

25 They stereotype kids in high school and middle school
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