Top 10 Fashion Trends of All Time

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1 Leather Jacket

I actually do own a leather jacket (well, pleather, I don't wear leather nor am I rich enough to). I do feel like a biker chick from the sixties or like, a female version of Kenicky when I wear it! Haha!

Became extremely popular in the 1950's.

I wear one regularly.

No life till leather!

2 Mini Skirt
3 Full Size Dress

Was the universal clothing of a woman in most civilised states until the 1920's.

4 Long Hair (Female)

What's long with having long hair?

Long hair is life

5 Facial Hair

It IS pretty bad looking

Depends on the guy

6 Boots
7 Frock Coat
8 Crimped Hair
9 Dark Makeup
10 Top Hat

Evolved from the Tricorne hat, by the end of the Napoleonic Wars the top hat was very fashionable. Became more fashionable and taller until the 1870's, after which they stagnated, gradually became less fashionable after 1900 and fell out of casual usage by all age groups in the 1920's.

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11 Covering Your Skin in Tattoos
12 Powdered Wig

I may look ridiculous voting for this, but they were just so classy and beautiful!

13 Flared Pants

Most common during the 1970's and the hippies of the 1960s.

I love low rise ones.

14 Tailcoat
15 Hoodie

Popular in the 2000's and this decade.T-Shirts with designs and hoodies with logos are my favourite clothes.-DarkBoi-X

My favorite. Especially hoodies with some sort of design.

Perhaps most popular in the 2000's decade, and the early 2010's.

Is it really a contest?

16 Glossy Lips
17 Glitter Lips
18 Crop Top

Okay, I don't follow trends often, but I love these. If I was allowed to wear these, life would be great. It would finally be something new besides T-shirts every day. Plus, I think I'd feel pretty confident wearing these around or at least, more confident than usual. I'm hoping to be able to wear these soon!

The most overrated fashion trend. It's cute, but it's so overused I don't even want to wear these myself

Super cute despite what people may say. As long as you're also being modest.

19 Bootcut Jeans
20 Brogues
21 Glasses

If you don't need prescription ones, you can wear tinted ones.

A cute accessory with an outfit.

22 Bandana

Really vintage and adds a lot to an outfit.

23 Trench Coat
24 Dark Lip Liner

I love it combined with lip gloss and crimped hair.

25 Colored Mascara
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