Top 10 Fashion Trends of All Time


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1 Leather Jacket

Became extremely popular in the 1950's. - JamesNicholls

Looks like Judas Priest!

Always, as long as it's real leather - redhawk766

No life till leather!

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2 Mini Skirt

Was most popular in the 1960's and early 1970's - JamesNicholls

3 Long Hair (Female)

What's long with having long hair?

I like long hair like girls, its like you're a Metal guy

Long hair is life

4 Facial Hair

It IS pretty bad looking

5 Full Size Dress

Was the universal clothing of a woman in most civilised states until the 1920's. - JamesNicholls

6 Flared Trousers/Jeans

Most common during the 1970's and the hippies of the 1960s. - JamesNicholls

7 Frock Coat

Most popular in the Victorian era. - JamesNicholls

8 Brogues
9 Hoodies

Perhaps most popular in the 2000's decade, and the early 2010's. - JamesNicholls

Popular in the 2000's and this decade.T-Shirts with designs and hoodies with logos are my favourite clothes.-DarkBoi-X

10 Top Hat

Evolved from the Tricorne hat, by the end of the Napoleonic Wars the top hat was very fashionable. Became more fashionable and taller until the 1870's, after which they stagnated, gradually became less fashionable after 1900 and fell out of casual usage by all age groups in the 1920's. - JamesNicholls

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? Bandanas

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11 Crop Tops

There used to be a girl at the school I used to go to who would have to call her mom to bring her a different shirt at school in the mornings because she would wear stuff like this IN KINDERGARTEN

Goes best with high waisted jeans - redhawk766

Love crop tops especially camoflage

12 Weird Colors of Lipstick (Blue, Neon Yellow, Silver, Etc.)
13 Camouflage Baseball Caps
14 Crimped Hair
15 Glossy Lips
16 Camouflage Shirts

Unless you're actually in or were in the military, don't wear this...It's trashy to wear this if you weren't in the military.

17 Midi Skirt
18 Completely Dyed Hair
19 Shaving the Back of Your Head
20 Sweatshirt
21 Umbrella Frock

Umbrella frock is the most popular genre of frocks. The only thing this frock does is, indicating girls privacy
( because the waist is tightened by ribbon )

22 Button Up Shirts

Stylish and Amazing 💎

23 Concert Shirts with Rhinestones
24 Bootcut Jeans
25 Tube Tops
26 Bleached Hair
27 Socks that Go Up to Your Kneecaps
28 Really Dark Makeup
29 Mohawks
30 Rat Tail Hairstyle
31 Long Beards
32 Men Not Wearing Shirts in Public
33 Covering Your Skin in Tattoos
34 Skinny Jeans
35 High Waisted Shorts

High wasted shorts started becoming popular in the 1990's and are a essential for every wardrobe

36 Ripped Jeans
37 Boots
38 Glasses
39 Jeans
40 Holly Jeans
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