Top Ten Reasons Why the Google Play Store Is Better Than the Windows Store

I kind of hate the Windows Store, even if that's the only type of game store I have now. Besides, anyone can tell the Playstore is a millon times better. (by the way, is it Google Play Store or just Play Store? )
The Top Ten
1 The Play Store has more games

Everything on this list is about mobile games, and while that will play some factor, both the Play Store and Windows Store have much more important things.

The Windows Store has about as much Play Store Games as a cat has rainbow sparkle powers. Barely enough ( very fictional), and very rare.

2 The Windows Store has less than 5 Angry Birds games but the Play Store has all of them

All it has is Space and Star Wars; not even Angry Birds Toons. And the games are simular making it boring.

Is that a good or bad thing?

3 Windows Store has cheap games

All the games I've seen end with the suffix "-er" and look photocopied. Some of the more popular games (like Total Conquest) are just Clash of Clans with Greek Myths added into it.

4 Some games and apps are still in mobile mode

What I mean by that is all games from the Playstore have only the center of the screen with he actual app, but the left and right sides of the app are either black, have some game-related scenery, or have ads. Sometimes the scenery is nice, but full screen would be better.

5 You cannot view videos for apps

There is no option were you can see a video, so you have to rely on pictures.

6 Minecraft rip-offs

Blockworld, Survivalcraft, and Discoverycraft are just a couple of Minecraft rip-offs. They all require you to pay money, even for a game as bad as that.

I see ads for these all the time!

Google play has these.

7 Double releases

It's those games that cost money, but have the same game for free. The money one is either in HD, "3D", or deluxe while the other one/ones is just free. You could also get tricked if you only saw the free one first, then ending up with a pay-to-continue.

8 Lots of the same games

Remeber those "-er" games? They are all clones of each other except from different "companies" (bored teens working in a garage). Sorry for that sarcasm there, but I can never resist the urge to use sarcasm. Anyway, they are almost alway glitchy games with ads cluttered on the sides, mostly that slightly inappropriate pirate ad.

9 Buy item to continue games

They are one of those games where you have to buy someone/someting to continue, but it costs a rediculous amount of game money. For example, Angry Gran Run. Some people cost 80,00 or something like that, along with items. Even though that isn't a continue type, its still too much. It's like they're forcing you to buy a coin doubler or something of that sort...which is why that game has been deleted off my device for a while now.

10 Pay-to-continue games and apps

Everyone knows these games are annoying, selfish, and greedy. So far I have only seen a couple of these apps, not counting the double releases.

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