Top Ten Worst Things About Theme Parks

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1 Long Queues

Definitely the worst part. But, it can't really be avoided unless amusement parks start putting a limit on the number of people that they let in, which I think is a really terrible idea.

At least I got a FastPass. All the others were standing in that line for three hours for just the ride It’s A Small World - IceBearRules

At Disneyland I waited 2 hours for Radiator Springs then it broke down.

Who doesn't hate lines? Especially if you have to wait 2 hours.

2 Overcrowding
3 Expensive Food

In six flags, a hamburger costs over ten dollars. What?

At Disneyland, a corn dog and chips costs $8

4 Fast-Pass Queues

Disney's fast passes are free, but Six Flags' fast passes cost additional

Yeah having to pay even more money just to bypass rides can be a pain.

5 Faulty Rides

I was on this ride called The Thunderbolt in Flambards. It’s this thing that swings you in every direction. Then it almost broke down and I was scared :(

Lightning Rod at Dollywood is a fine example of this.

6 Animal Abuse

Oh look, PETA MEMBERS! I agree Seaworld should take better care of their animals, but Disney actually takes great care of the animals. Plus, releasing animals into the wild is risky as they could become man-eaters, die because they don't know what to do to survive in the wild, or be killed by poachers! But apparently, vegans are so high and mighty and can do no wrong so apparently they know best. :rolls eyes:

Seaworld takes care of their animals, however Marineland in Canada does the opposite.

Animals are treated badly at seaworld and other theme parks

Seaworld go die!

7 Rude Workers
8 Disappointing Rides
9 Expensive Admission

Not all theme parks have expensive admission. Disneyland's admission is one of the most expensive at $100. Most of the theme parks I have been to, like Dorney Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Hershey Park are affordable at $30-$40 for admission, and it's cheaper when you have those discount coupons you get from fast food places. Most boardwalk amusement parks I've been to such as Steel Pier in Atlantic City, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, and Morey's Piers in Wildwood have free admission.

10 Nausea Inducing Rides

This should be number 1, vomits are everywhere in the theme park! urp

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11 Rides that Cost Money

This is why my cousins and I bought all-day wristbands at the Santa Cruz boardwalk

It costs $3 to ride the carousel at Seaside Heights.

12 Too Much Focus on Little Children

Yeah like that's why Gulliver's World theme parks are only for children aged 3-12. Oh the nostalgia though.

Disney parks in a nutshell

13 People in Mascot Costumes

When I was at Great Adventure for Fright Fest, someone was trying to sneak up behind me to scare me. I turned around before they were ten feet from me.

A lady from my hometown allegedly got groped by a guy in a Donald Duck costume on a trip to Disney World once. It was all over the news.

Did you know, your not Hugging Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella, or Olaf, your hugging a stranger in a hot costume!

I Don't Hate Or Like Frozen But I'm Sure We're All Tired Of Seeing Them

14 Roller Coaster Accidents

This is why my parents hate these

ALTON TOWERS ALTON TOWERS ALTON TOWERS! The Smiler was a bad idea from the start and Wickerman [the wooden coaster with FIRE EFFECTS] is a disaster waiting to happen! Even Action Park is laughing at Alton Towers at this point/

Also, Alton Towers is just ONE park with ONE major recent incident.

-cough cough- ALTON TOWERS -cough cough-

15 Inaccurate Maps
16 Parking Fees

I paid $7 to park at Six Flags Great Adventure

Parking fees are not fun. At all.

17 Not Being Able to Pick Your Seat
18 Too Hot
19 Only Two or Three Attractions are Good

Canadas wonderland in a nutshell

20 Fast Rides

So...I wait for 3 hours for a ride that feels like it lasts 3 seconds. Wait WHAT?!

Cough cough Seven Dwarfs Mien Train cough

21 Putting IPs in the Attractions

I heard rumors that Inside Out will replace Journey Into Imagination and to say I am unhappy is an UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY! LONG LIVE DREAMFINDER AND FIGMENT!


22 Certain Rides May Not Be Open

(at Disney's California Adventure)
Me: Come on guys, let's ride Tower of Terror!
(My cousins, sister, and I went to ToT, finds out it wasn't running that day)
Me: AW MAN! :(

23 False Advertising
24 Bad Layout
25 Crowded with Rides
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