Top Ten Worst Things About Theme Parks


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1 Queues

Definitely the worst part. But, it can't really be avoided unless amusement parks start putting a limit on the number of people that they let in, which I think is a really terrible idea.

Who doesn't hate lines? Especially if you have to wait 2 hours.

Shut up. Theme parks are awesome.

For Example I Waited For The Smiler At Alton Towers(UK) For 3 Hours In June 2014
But It Was Worth It Because The Smiler Is An Amazing Ride

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2 Overcrowding
3 Expensive Food
4 Fast-Pass Queues

How is this a bad thing? At Disney parks, this tool saves you SO much time! Why is this here?

5 Rude Workers
6 Disappointing Rides

What,u don't like rollercoasters,not even fury325?

7 Faulty rides
8 Animal Abuse

Animals are treated badly at seaworld and other theme parks

Seaworld takes care of their animals, however Marineland in Canada does the opposite.

9 Expensive Admission
10 Vomits

This should be number 1, vomits are everywhere in the theme park! urp - malamJONES

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11 Rides that cost money
12 People in mascot costumes

Did you know, your not Hugging Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella, or Olaf, your hugging a stranger in a hot costume!

That's scary

13 Inaccurate maps
14 Fast Rides

So...I wait for 3 hours for a ride that feels like it lasts 3 seconds. Wait WHAT?!

Cough cough Seven Dwarfs Mien Train cough - ThemeParkChasers

15 Frozen Characters Are Everywhere At Every Disney Park

I Don't Hate Or Like Frozen But I'm Sure We're All Tired Of Seeing Them

16 False Advertising
17 Too much focus on little children
18 Only Two or Three Attractions Are Good
19 Bad Layout
20 Parking Fees
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