Top Ten Reasons Why the Early 2010s Were Better Than the Late 2010s

The 2010s are almost over, and I know how much everyone hates this decade. But I feel like 2010-2012 was a simpler time that most people forget about. However, 2016-2019 has been really bad and doesn’t deserve to be remembered. Here’s reasons to why the early part of this decade is much much better than the late part, and I think most of us can agree on this.

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1 Trump Wasn’t President

Ah, here we go again with another stupid I hate Trump B.S. man grow up I know you hate him, but it gets old fast just to hate on him so much. This list doesn't make any sense! The early 2010s and late 2010s are the same decade's jackass! I mean, things change over time, get over it, jeez... Moron!

Jesus christ what's the next list gonna be? Reasons why Yesterday was better than tomorrow?

Better than NObama.
*Isis nearly completely defeated
* Improved relationships with North Korea
* Increase in jobs
* Trying to protect us from criminals who illegally immigrate here.

Exactly, Trump has mostly done more things in his first 2 years in office then Obama did in his first few years, Obama did some good too but not that much and did a lot of bad. Trump is better right now but I don't really support him that much. He's mediocre to me. Obama was bad but could of been worse.

Yeah but Obama was and he was much worse than Trump is now. At least Trump can deal with ISIS and helped the economy. What did Obama do again? - B1ueNew

Well, he fixed many issues done by Bush such as a recession started in 2008, the Iraq war ended. But his second term was nothing because the Congress was mainly ran by the Republicans.

2 Less Phone Addiction

People still were constantly on their phones but 8 year old's didn't have smartphones and youtube channel's

The first three are actual points the other are thinks that people either like, hate, or don't care either way, so they could easily be reasons that people before now to then

Whoever added this can go back to 1819

I agree with this but this isn't that strong of a reason

3 Fewer Shootings

Need I say more

Shootings in 2011-2015: Aurora, Sandy Hook
Shootings in 2016-2019: Orlando, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, Parkland, Santa Fa, Pittsburgh, Thousand Oaks
This literally explains why America has a serious gun problem. - JoeBoi

Shootings and violence has always been a problem. Stop acting like it's just now all of a sudden happening in America. - B1ueNew

That was just in the west - darthvadern

4 No Mumble Rappers

It's not just mumble rap that made the late 2010s a terrible time to be a popular music fan. A lot of pop singers tried to make their songs have trap elements and they come out as either boring or flat out terrible. Not to mention that a lot of songs at that time were just depressing and very monotone. But at least it wasn't the worst music era ever.

Then don't listen to the mumble rap. We had Kendrick, Kanye, Cole, Travis, Joey Bada$$, Drake, Tyler, and SO MANY others. Mumble rap was just a stupid trendy thing that didn't even last long.

Listening to annoying pop songs that were about partying is probably better than listening to mumble rap.

There were still crappy rappers like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne so no.

Good point, but the early 2010s still had pieces of crap like LMFAO, Katy Perry and of course, Justin Bieber.

5 Better Music

I disagree with that, 60s 70s 80s 90s and early 2000s, had better music! Then that of the early 2010s, the music was more real and not auto-tuned now, in days auto-tune and more auto-tune.

This is entirely true. I think that some people are brainwashed to modern music.

Even though there were still many bad songs back then, at least they were fun stupid songs. Most songs today have very little effort (if any) put into them.

This is 100% true, even though all hit songs from the early 2010s sucked, and music just keeps getting worse all the time.

6 YouTube Was Done for Fun and Not for Money

It has always been done for money. - B1ueNew

At least Geography Now exists - darthvadern

Basically an extension of 2000s youtube, no clickbait or any of that stuff - Aha223

I blame things like Patreon and Youtube's recommended system.

7 No TikTok,, or Vine

Yes I agree only msn and bbm and skype and xbox live and... on and on

Yeah, this is pretty obvious - Aha223

And furries ran rampant on the internet. Sure, Vine and were crap, but TikTok is amazing. - 404_name_missing

There were still bad trends. - B1ueNew

8 Better Cartoons

2010 is when I think Western animation started to go downhill.

While I think cartoons from the 2000s were better, I do agree.

Bad cartoons also existed

Early 2000s had pretty much the same cartoons as the 90s

9 No Stupid Internet Challenges

Yes there were. - B1ueNew

Internet challenges always exist - ElSherlock

Of course nobody even dared to eat tide pods back in the early 2010d. - JoeBoi

When will these things just stop happening? And why do people think they are good ideas? - Aha223

10 People Were Funnier

Nowadays, people are making jokes about Ebola, Cancer, 9/11, School Shootings and other serious topics. - JoeBoi

Title says it all - Aha223

The Contenders

11 Rappers Weren’t Taking Over

YES! Exactly! Finally someone agrees with me! Since a while ago rappers are everywhere. It's pretty much mainstream.

They were sort of, but good rappers. I'm just sick of everyone from drake to taylor swift trying to be rappers, and don't get me started with the Lil's.

12 No Lil Meerkat

Imagine taking him seriously. - B1ueNew

13 No Fortnite

I would try to disprove the common misconceptions associated with Fortnite, but a lot of times, the people who hate Fortnite will not listen to reason and will continue being snotty "I only play smart games like Undertale" elitists. - 404_name_missing

Stop overreacting about Fortnite. - Userguy44

People still hating on this game. Like bruh. - B1ueNew

That is true.

14 You Wouldn’t See Anyone with a Fidget Spinner

Why do people act like these things are bad? - Aha223

Fidget spinners are dead anyways. - Userguy44

15 No Submarine Man

He and Lil Meerkat aren't even popular. - Userguy44

16 No Cardi B

But there was Nicki Minaj.

She would've turned 18 around this time, though.

17 Better Movies

The first "Wreck-It Ralph", an awesome movie with fun characters, came out in 2012. "Ralph Breaks the Internet", its "sequel" with bad characterization of both WIR's characters and the Disney Princesses, new characters that were bland if not annoying, and driven by a blatant feminist agenda, came out in 2018.

Early 2000s had some legendary Pixar movies - Randomator

YES! The early 2010’s had fun movies. If they were cliched they would work around them and would be unique and ENTERTAINING! The late 2010’s have boring cash grabs that are crappy and boring - robertoiglesias271

There were less superhero movies and more movies that were original so yeah. I agree. - B1ueNew

18 David Bowie Was Still Alive
19 Patreon Wasn't a Thing

The Internet was a better place before patreon.

20 Memes Were Less Mainstream
21 People Joked About Diseases and Mental Disorders Less

Oh no, Some edgy humor no. How sad. - B1ueNew

This is the most bs list I've ever seen. What's next top ten reasons why 4:00 is better than 5:00

Oh no someone made some edgy jokes. How sad. - B1ueNew

22 No Lego Movies

The Lego Movie 2 was a dumpster fire and it made me want to stop the movie multiple times.

1. The Lego Movie came out in 2014.
2. It was amazing - robertoiglesias271

23 Better Games

Kinda disagree. But there were still many good games. - B1ueNew

24 People Had Stronger Wills

If I invaded the place earlier than this so called "Year of 2018" by the mortals, I wouldn't have won as they had stronger wills back then - ThanosTheMadTitan

25 Fnaf Wasn't a Thing

Minecraft was though and Minecraft sucks. - B1ueNew

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