Reasons Why Elsa's Over Obsessive Fans Are Annoying


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41 They love Elsa's speaking and singing voice
42 They constantly put Anna down
43 They love her more than Anna

Hey dumbo, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with loving Elsa more than Anna. All of you Elsa-Hating fools are just looking for ways to make Anna(who is, by the way, the worst Disney character ever) look oh-so-perfect. At least Elsa isn't a pointless Mary Sue. I'd rather watch a Jar Jar Binks standalone film than an Anna one, because Anna sucks big time

44 They think Anna's an insult to the original heroine of the Snow Queen, Gerda

In the movie, Frozen, they never ever even should've named the maid Gerda nor the butler Kai back then before.

45 They hate Anna as a canon character in the movie, Frozen

It would've been better if Anna and Elsa were better off in separate, different Disney films without each other.

46 They're obsessed with Elsa
47 They wanted to see her more in the movie, Frozen
48 They're all disgusted with Anna as a canon character
49 They dislike the idea of Elsa having to take the deuteragonist role under Anna!
50 They all think Anna sucks
51 They all wish Elsa was the lead protagonist of the movie
52 They make Anna look worse than ever
53 They don't like the idea of Anna getting the most screen time

Elsa needs more screen time than ever.

54 They all demand answers and explanations for Elsa's ice magic

Why can't the movie, Frozen be more like Tangled.

Why can't the movie, Frozen be more like Tangled?

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55 They were all bothered by unanswered questions for the movie

If Elsa was born with ice magic, then they should've told us how back then before and we wouldn't have to be disappointed.

56 They compare other past characters to Elsa
57 They think Elsa's hotter than Anna
58 They think Elsa's cooler than Anna
59 They think Elsa's more beautiful than Anna
60 They all think Elsa's cuter than Anna
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1. They can't accept not everyone likes Elsa.
2. They tear down other Didney characters to build up Elsa's popularity.
3. They can't take criticism



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