Top Ten Reasons Why Frozen Is Better Than Tangled

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1 Frozen has a main heroine duo, Tangled doesn't

True, it shows a positive message for sisters and friendships

That is true, but Tangled is still better.

2 Anna is awesome, Rapunzel is just okay

Rapunzel was stuck in a tower and she learned a lot of skills like painting, charting stars, candle making, pottery etc to pass her time. All Anna does is whine and waste her time despite living in a palace. Spoiled brat.

You forgot Elsa, didn't you?

Hey! Don't forget Elsa.

Anna is the best Disney character ever!

3 Frozen has a better plot

Sure, from the Ice queen by Hans Christian Anderson, but it's pretty different. And Tangled is also based of a tale, but Tangled is awful. Rapunzel kills her mother to run off with a robber, Frozen beats Tangled,

Or should I say Tangled is TANGLED in this mess of it's own.

Oh really? Frozen has a stupid story and it's full of plot holes. How on earth can Elsa make clothes out of her ice powers? She changed her dress in let it go and modified Anna's dress in frozen fever with ice. How is that possible?

Frozen's plot is all over the place. Where did Elsa get her powers from? How did her dad know about the trolls? Why was Hans smiling even when Anna's back was turned? Not to mention it gets so boring during the middle part of the movie. Tangled has an interesting story from beginning to the end. Frozen is only famous because of a song and a pretty dress.

So what? Huh? Movies have different plots anyway.

4 Frozen has better animation
5 Frozen has 2 good looking girls, Tangled only has 1
6 Frozen has 3 great male characters (Kristoff, Hans, the duke of Weselton), Tangled has 0 good male characters

Flynn died for Rapunzel. Nobody in frozen can top that.

But flynn is much more better than those

Tangled has the best male character of all time

Frozen and Tangled both have great male characters.

7 Arendelle is better than Corona

Corona is way more interesting and vibrant than boring Arendelle.

8 Frozen has better jokes

Tangled for the win

Both Tangled and Frozen have the best jokes in their own different ways you know.

Olaf: Who’s the funky looking donkey over there?
Anna: That’s Sven.
Olaf: Uh huh, and who’s the reindeer?
Anna: Sven


9 Frozen has better songs
10 Tangled has a lame climax

Flynn sacrificed his life so that Rapunzel could be free from Gothel. Its much better than "oh wow love can totally remove snow". Smh

Someone has picked it apart quite thoroughly here: Php/DethroningMoment/WesternAnimation

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11 Tangled has lame villains

Gothel stole a baby and manipulated her for many years. She only loved Rapunzel's hair and kissed her hair in Mother knows best. She tried to destroy Rapunzel's self esteem by calling her gullible, naive, ditzy etc She's realistic and very distributing for people who have gone through abuse.

Hans was turned into a villain at the last moment because they changed the story. Originally Elsa was going to be a villain but they changed it because they felt that "Let it go" was too positive for a villain. Hans was smiling even when Anna's back was turned. His backstabbing wasn't convincing at all.

Hans is lame

12 Frozen has great actors unlike Tangled

If they'd kept Kristin Chenoweth as Rapunzel I'd give Tangled more credit as far as actors. But no, they replaced her with the worst of the Britney Spears wannabees from the mid-90s. Frozen however stuck to a cast consisting mostly of well-respected Broadway veterans, the exception being Kristen Bell.

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