Top Ten Reasons Why Frozen Is Better Than Tangled

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1 Frozen has a main heroine duo, Tangled doesn't

That Anna doesn't easily have an interesting classic story at all anyway like poor Elsa really deserves to have on her own all to herself solo. I really blame the creators of Frozen for not giving any of us a more classical, more interesting story about Elsa herself other than a rather dreadful, less classical, uninteresting story about Anna finding her sister, Elsa and falling in love with a prince, Hans and turning Anna into a selfish, dimwitted bimbo in the final cut instead of of a witty, brave, selfless heroine they originally intended. However, they sure worked so hard to change Elsa from an evil queen into a misunderstood lady, didn't they?

That Anna's the extreme stereotype of "annoyingly quirky". She just always had to be the most all time annoying, irritating, eardrum bursting, headache giving insult to Gerda the same original heroine of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. That Anna's the biggest main reason why Frozen wasn't worth watching at all. In fact, that insufferable Anna's the biggest main reason why Frozen was not enough Elsa at all. Come on, you cruel, relentless creators of Frozen, poor Elsa freely deserves to be anything but a shadow of Anna, doesn't she?

I badly want any more classical, more interesting stories that freely center around Elsa because I can't stand any rather dreadful, less classical, uninteresting stories that just had to center around the likes of that obnoxious, insufferable huge royal pain in the butt, Anna at all.

Just because accidents happen didn't mean Elsa had stop using her own ice magic powers at all, did it?

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2 Anna is awesome, Rapunzel is just okay

You forgot Elsa, didn't you?

Hey! Don't forget Elsa.

Anna is the best Disney character ever!

3 Frozen has 2 good looking girls, Tangled only has 1

I'm glad Rapunzel got her own film but it's better if Elsa and that Anna also got their own different Disney canon movies, isn't it?

4 Frozen has a better plot

So what? Huh? Movies have different plots anyway.

5 Frozen has 3 great male characters (Kristoff, Hans, the duke of Weselton), Tangled has 0 good male characters

But flynn is much more better than those

Tangled has the best male character of all time

Frozen and Tangled both have great male characters.

6 Frozen has better animation
7 Frozen has better jokes

Tangled for the win

Both Tangled and Frozen have the best jokes in their own different ways you know.

Olaf: Who’s the funky looking donkey over there?
Anna: That’s Sven.
Olaf: Uh huh, and who’s the reindeer?
Anna: Sven


8 Frozen has better songs
9 Arendelle is better than Corona
10 Tangled has a lame climax

Someone has picked it apart quite thoroughly here: Php/DethroningMoment/WesternAnimation

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11 Tangled has lame villains

Hans is lame

12 Frozen has great actors unlike Tangled

If they'd kept Kristin Chenoweth as Rapunzel I'd give Tangled more credit as far as actors. But no, they replaced her with the worst of the Britney Spears wannabees from the mid-90s. Frozen however stuck to a cast consisting mostly of well-respected Broadway veterans, the exception being Kristen Bell.

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