Top 10 Reasons Why Hans Is the Best Character In Frozen


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1 He is well written

Superstar vijay mass, by worldvijayfans

2 He's smart

He is the greatest. And will remain the greatest.

3 He rocks at being a villain
4 He's brave enough to try and stop Elsa

It takes a lot of courage to help a person. So That's Why he is A good charceter

5 He's not your typical Disney baddie
6 He's a good singer
7 He's polite

Is that why he tried to kill Anna?

Well Hans is like one of those fancy, rich villains. And sure he went a little psychotic when trying to kill Elsa, but you do have to admit, he did act like he was nice. - MontyPython

8 He's devious
9 He's well animated

Everyone In Frozen Is Well animated!It's Disney we're talking about! - DapperPickle

10 He's secretive

Why does being secretive make Hans a good character? - mpgami

The Contenders

11 He had a screwed up past life.
12 He's overshadowed by his twelve older brothers
13 He's the youngest Southern Isle prince
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1. He is well written
2. He's smart
3. He's brave enough to try and stop Elsa


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