Top Ten Reasons Why The Lego Movie Is Better Than Frozen

The Top Ten

1 Emmet Is More Likeable Than Anna

I love everything about this movie except for the twist when it was revealed that humans were controlling them the whole time.

.Ana Is Okay But Emmet Is Better.

2 Better Plot
3 Nostalgia
4 NBA All Stars
5 Cool Designed Place
6 Everything Is Awesome is better than Let It Go

Emmet sings, Lucy plays the drums, Vitruvius plays the violin, Batman plays the guitar, Unikitty twerks, Benny plays the saxophone, Metalbeard plays the turntables, and President Buisness plays the piano


7 Unikitty is a better princess than Anna and Elsa
8 Funny Characters
9 Elsa Hurt Anna
10 Emmet Didn't Run Off Like a Baby Like Elsa Did

The Contenders

11 Emmet always stuck with the team, Elsa ran away
12 Emmet never gives up, but Elsa does
13 Unikitty Is Cute And Funny While Olaf Is Plain Annoying
14 Unikitty and Benny are better than Olaf
15 Emmet Is A Better Main Character Than Anna and Elsa
16 The Lego Movie has 2 villains, but Frozen has 3 awful villains
17 Lord Business Is A Better Villain Than Hans
18 No Singing Princesses In The Lego Movie
19 Elsa threatened the kingdom, Emmet saved the city
20 President Business isn't fat, he's big boned
21 Elsa almost killed Anna
22 Frozen Songs are poorly composed

Both of these movies suck, but I'd agree that Frozen is worse

I actually like the Lego Movie. -Anonymousxcxc.

23 Emmet doesn't need to sing

Well he does in one scene.

24 Benny is funny
25 The Lego Movie is for all ages and Lego Fans
26 The Lego movie is not for babies
27 Emmet sings better than any Frozen character
28 Frozen fans are annoying
29 Elsa never apologized in the movie, but President Business did
30 More action
31 The voice talent is better
32 Frozen is too overrated
33 The sequel doesn't have a character becoming gay or lesbian
34 Better villain in the second movie
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