Top Ten Reasons Why Metalheads are Annoying

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1 They think pop fans are idiots

... said somebody who made several similar lists before and wrote that metalheads are idiots... You can see items like "They are idiots" (item #10, list - Top Ten Worst Things About Metal Fans); "Only idiots like metal" (item #7, list - Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Pop is Better Than Metal); "They have no brain because they like metal" (comment on the item "Brain", list - Top Ten Things that You Would Love to Throw to Metalheads).
By the way, I didn't think pop fans are idiots but thanks to your lists I'm beginning to consider this possibility. - Metal_Treasure

So does the creator of this list - Neonco31

Well, it's just the attitude of pop fans toward us. - Metalhead1997

If the shoe fits, as my dad says.

2 They hate pop fans

I get attacked for liking pop sometimes so...please stop. - AlphaQ

3 They are childish

I see the author of this list didn't learn anything from her mistakes on the previous pathetic lists she made about metal music/fans. Learning from mistakes is a sign of maturity and intelligence but perfumelovers definitely lacks them. - Metal_Treasure

No. It's pop fans that are childish - Neonco31

-_- And fangirling over JB isn't? - Metalhead1997

It’s true though. It’s like they’re perpetually stuck in high school and never grow up.

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4 They think pop is just plan bad

When a genre uses the same four chords practically every song with annoying repetitive lyrics with over-processed vocals to make up for the tone-deaf vocalist, you can kind of see our point. - Caleb9000

Because it is. I can't understand why the majority likes it.

Only modern pop. - Metalhead1997

5 They want to kill pop fans

Obviously the author of this list is running out of ideas - you can see the same absurd item on a previous cringe worthy list: Top Ten Worst Things About Metal Fans, item #8. - Metal_Treasure

It seems like the person who wrote this is just pulling things out of his/her ass just to write them down. - Caleb9000

This list is stupid! They don't want to kill pop fans - Neonco31

Lol I got death threats from pop fans for liking metal. - XxembermasterxX

6 They force everybody to like metal music

I don't force my music taste on ANYONE. - Metalhead1997

Not all of them - Neonco31

7 They ruin metal music

Fans can't ruin any music genre. Fans and music are 2 different things.
"I used to like metal but I hate it now" - haha, perfumelovers never liked metal. If somebody likes metal it's for life. - Metal_Treasure

8 Their comments are cringy

You are delusional. Go back to your previous lists and see evidence to the contrary. - Metal_Treasure

9 They don't know rock is better than metal

The root of metal is rock. But this is a matter of opinion. I would strongly prefer metal, as the song structures tend to be more complex and it shows a clearer range of influences. It travels into all of the ground that rock does and then some. - Caleb9000

I used to compare rock and metal. Then I realized comparing two things which are pretty similar and one was made by another isn't a very good thing - zxm

Rock and metal are equally great. - Metalhead1997

10 They think anyone who likes it has no taste.

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11 They love to start fights with pop fans

... said somebody who made this list and also several of this kind before: Top Ten Worst Things About Metal Fans, Top Ten Things that You Would Love to Throw to Metalheads, Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Pop is Better Than Metal, and so on.
On the other hand, I made over 500 lists and none of them was about pop fans or pop music. - Metal_Treasure

12 Lots of acceptance of racism, sexism and homophobia in the metal community

Uh, NO. We actually DESPISE racism, sexism and homophobia. There's a handful of artists that are actually racist (some black metal artists), but if I encountered a metalhead fitting any of these categories, expect the results of something along the lines of a Cannibal Corpse song to happen. - Metalhead1997

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