Top Ten Reasons Why Rare Should Stick With Microsoft

It seems that more people want the so-called good old days back by reuniting Rare with Nintendo despite the fact that Rare has been doing well as a first party or second party for Microsoft, and Nintendo has plenty of good developers who make AAA games already (such as Monolith Soft, Retro Studios, HAL, Intelligent Systems and EAD to name a few) so we don't want them getting too greedy. I enjoyed Rare's Nintendo games, but I also like their Microsoft work. There is nothing wrong with being a multi-platform gamer since all consoles, including those of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft today, each have made their fair share of good games and other exclusives. I'm getting tired of the "console wars" and everyone should enjoy games for what they really are. I have my reasons, and I will tell you.
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1 They make great games, even today.

They release their classics on the Xbox Live Arcade, so they will always be there to those who miss them. Rare Replay is a must have for Xbox One owners who enjoyed Rare's games, and the new Killer Instinct game is even better than the original. To name a few.

They've always made great games with great graphics for their times

2 They have much more freedom when it comes to making 'mature' games whenever they want to.

Conker's Bad Fur Day is one of the most controversial games and this was one of the reasons why Rare left Nintendo to join Microsoft. This game was never mentioned in Nintendo Power or any other family-friendly thing that other Nintendo games were sold or talked about. The Xbox seems more fitting for mature games as it's aimed more towards a more mature demographic whereas Nintendo is more kid-friendly in comparison.

Also, Viva Pinata is good for kids who are too young for the more mature games.

3 They learn their lessons

You can see why Rare no longer makes Kinect Sports titles due to the reception they had and decided to stick to their other franchises, including their best games, while still making new games.

Good thing that they stopped with the Kinect thing.

4 They're a great addition to Microsoft's list of game developers
5 Rare still makes games for Nintendo's handhelds despite the Microsoft acquisition.

Remember Diddy Kong Racing DS? Or how about Banjo Pilot for the GBA? This is all because Microsoft don't have their own handheld, yet.

6 Many of the folks behind Rare's Nintendo games have left the company anyway, so bringing them all back would not make sense.

Yeah, I personally see Nintendo & Rare as a divorced couple. With Rare employees leaving, it seems that most of them moved onto other things, including working at other game companies. As much as I would like to see many of Rare's games like Banjo-Kazooie & Battletoads return to Nintendo consoles, I think it's for the best they stick with Microsoft. Many of the old Rare games that used to be on Nintendo consoles never even appeared on the Virtual Console from Wii Shop Channel. Unless Nintendo shows interest in working with Rare again since they've cross-played with Microsoft on Minecraft, I doubt they'll get back together. Overall though, this is just said by me & nobody else, so if you agree or disagree, share your thoughts.

And this is why spiritual successors like Yooka-Laylee come to the picture. There's nothing wrong with having to find a new favorite, or sticking to the old games you already have.

7 Rare characters are able to make cameos in Microsoft's games
8 Nintendo and Sony have a bunch of great first party and second party developers and their own franchises, so why not Microsoft?
9 Achievements are fun

What I liked about Rare Replay is collecting the different achievements and adding them to your gamerscore. It makes their classic titles fresh again.

10 Stop N' Swop is added to the Xbox Live versions of Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.

The long mystery is revealed, and the whole fuss of not getting the Ice Key or whatever, is put to rest.

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11 Microsoft is better than Sony
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