Top Ten Reasons Why Rosalina Is Better Than Queen Elsa

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1 Mario Is Better Than Frozen

Rosalina is pretty and kind

Ok, here I am pretending to be Vegeta from Dragon Ball series: "IT'S OVER 9000 TIMES BETTER THAN FROZEN! "

Note: I don't watch a single Dragon Ball Z episode
Note 2: I am still a Frozen Fanboy, sorry about that - bugger

2 She Likes Waluigi

It's people who is making Rosalina who likes Waluigi. In real Mario games, Rosalina and Waluigi never greeted each other. Sorry - bugger

Purple Luigi sucks. I hate Waluigi and Rosalina together - yunafreya648

3 She's Less Annoying
4 She is Prettier
5 She's Hotter V 1 Comment
6 She Lives in a Better World

The Mushroom Kingdom looks better than Elsa's Castle! - Danteem

7 She Appears in More Games V 2 Comments
8 She's More Mature

What about Peach and Daisy too? Huh? They're all more mature than those stupid sisters of Arendelle Anna and Elsa.

No, Peach & Daisy are even more immature than Anna & Elsa.

9 She is Original

Elsa is a rip-off to her. Rosalina wins about a 9 quadrillion times than her - bugger

10 She is Adorable

Rosalina and luma are adorable. Same thing with Peach and Daisy.

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