Top Ten Reasons Why Star Wars is Better Than Lord of the Rings


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1 Star Wars is the largest and most influential film franchise ever.

Godzilla and Carry on. - 445956

That doesn't make it "better." It simply means that arrested adolescence is more pervasive than a more sophisticated appreciation of deeply parabolic literature.

2 Star Wars Episodes 4, 5, and 3 are considered to be some of the most revolutionary films in film history.
3 Star Wars has a more diverse cast than Lord of the Rings.
4 Star Wars has the greatest twist in film history.
5 Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader is one of the most complex film characters ever.
6 Star Wars has a much stronger cultural presence than Lord of the Rings.
7 Star Wars has an expanded universe that is unparalleled in its vastness.
8 Star Wars can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

True; LOTR can really only be fully appreciated by adults.

You do know that Lord of the Rings is for all ages right? But when it comes to kids, I'd say it's for more older children. - Aragorn98

9 The Star Wars soundtrack is easily the greatest of all time.

I like Star Wars more than Lord of the Rings, but when you say "there's more cultural presence" it's kinda stupid, considering just because one movie is more popular than another doesn't necessarily mean it's better. - Gruunge

10 It's very difficult to come across a filmmaker that hasn't been inspired by Star Wars in some way.

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11 Less protagonists make it out alive

My problem with lord of the rings while, I am a huge fan, is that it starts to feel less dangerous for the heroes as such few good guys die in the story, in fact only boromir and theorem that it makes the villains look weak. I fixed this problem with a fan fiction I wrote where the villains are absolutely dangerous

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