Top 10 Reasons Why Tangled Is Awful

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1 Princess Rapunzel is too annoying and cowardly

I wouldn't say cowardly, but she is the most annoying disney princess

Rapunzel is not a coward or annoying. She knocked out a stranger (Flynn) on her own. She stood up to the scary thugs at snuggly duckling when they were fighting over Flynn. She confronted Gothel which took a lot of courage as Gothel had manipulated her since she was a baby. As for "annoying", Rapunzel had never set foot outside her tower so she was naturally excited to see everything. That girl hadn't ever stepped on grass for heaven sake. What a stupid list.

Yeah, cause she was taught to fear the outside world. Blame Gothel for that, not her.

I hate this bitch so much
I hope she dies a horrible death

2 It has horrible animation

You can even see the laces in her dress and freckles on her face. Every single thing is incredibly detailed. Lmao what a dumb list.

How is it horrible. Hippogriffs - Sambazing

You mean hypocrites? And they are just expressing their opinions. - RoseWeasley

3 It's a rip-off of the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Seriously, Disney couldn't you think of something original for a story about Rapunzel. The plot is so much like hunchback that I think that this could almost be a bad version of the great movie. Oh, and Mother Knows Best sounds like crap and is obviously supposed to be Hellfire.

4 This movie is overrated

More than agreed

Now I see why people hate Frozen. Because of the popularity. Sometimes people hate something that is too popular. And sometimes they just don't make sense and act immature at all.

Too bad everyone's too busy hating on a certain other Disney movie to realize this.

If a movie is overrated it doesn't mean you have to hate it - Sambazing

5 Rapunzel's dress
6 Irritating songs
7 Mother Gothel Mother Gothel is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 50th animated feature film Tangled.

This is the female version of Frollo. Wow, Disney, I think that you are running out for great villain ideas!

8 It’s not in 2D animation
9 Flynn Rider gets captured

Great, just another ripoff of Luigi (from the Mario franchise) to make the movie hateful. I would rather Zachary Levi play Bass (from the Mega Man franchise) and Charmy Bee (from the overrated Sonic franchise).

10 Rapunzel's hair

Hello, It resurrects the dead.

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11 Rapunzel has awful floral braid
12 It's only for girls

Gosh forbid something appeal to females!

This is sexist as I know boys who like it and I'm not a girl. - Sambazing

13 It is not even a little bit hilarious
14 Rapunzel being 18
15 Flynn Rider is highly annoying

I wouldn't say highly annoying, but doesn't his fans realize he's a robber their clapping?

I hate him...I wonder why do so many girls find him hot...he annoys me

16 Rapunzel is voiced by Mandy Moore

She is a very good singer - Sambazing

17 Cowardly females
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