Top 10 Reasons Why Tangled Is Awful

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1 This movie is overrated

Too bad everyone's too busy hating on a certain other Disney movie to realize this.

I love this list. It's so DUMB! I speak as a fan of Tangled. So come at me!

2 It has horrible animation

How is it horrible. Hippogriffs - Sambazing

Dear Disney, it's all your fault for quitting the 2D cel traditional more hand drawn animations/cartoons in the first place.

That crappy 3D GCI animation still wasn't even all this nor that easily interesting to watch nor look at at all anyway, was it?

Great, just what we need, another less classical 3D CGI that's not at all much easily interesting enough to look at anyway….

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3 Rapunzel's dress

This list is Horrible

4 Irritating songs
5 Mother Gothel Mother Gothel Mother Gothel is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 50th animated feature film Tangled.
6 Flynn Rider gets captured

Great, just another ripoff of Luigi (from the Mario franchise) to make the movie hateful. I would rather Zachary Levi play Bass (from the Mega Man franchise) and Charmy Bee (from the overrated Sonic franchise).

7 Rapunzel's hair

Hello, It resurrects the dead.

8 Rapunzel has awful floral braid
9 It's only for girls

Gosh forbid something appeal to females!

10 Rapunzel being 18

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11 Flynn Rider is highly annoying
12 Rapunzel is voiced by Mandy Moore
13 It is not even a little bit hilarious
14 Princess Rapunzel is too annoying and cowardly

She's just yet another damsel in distress in disguise as a "strong female character." I find her more annoying than Snow White.

I don't like Rapunzel, she annoys me. She's just too...hyper, cheerful...


15 Cowardly females
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